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Top ATS Topics: 90 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - The Truth Won't Be For Everyone - -PART- -7H1R7Y s3v3n- 165
  2. The goal of the COVID - unveiled! 111
  3. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - G-D WINS - -PART- -- (38) -- 111
  4. Lab Founder Shows "Vaccine" Spike Protein Damages Vital Organs 108
  5. Everyone STOP! Look at what REAL Americans did! 103
  6. Ted Cruz Saved America At 3:30 AM Last Night 100
  7. I am now disabled. 96
  8. Clintons & Mueller implicated in newly released emails of hiring hit man on Seth Rich 95

Hottest SciTech Topics

  1. Blood clots, strings, metals and mystery objects in the blood of the vaxxed 189
  2. Live Stream of La Plama Volcano Erupting Now. 187
  3. It is 1000 degrees F in the Pacific NW right now. 150
  4. Medical Vaccine Conspiracy I guess... 148
  5. Massive Earthquake Swarm In La Palma: Upgraded to yellow alert 128
  6. If long term side effects manifest in 5 years from the vaccines.... 81
  7. Did Anthony Hopkins’ Fake Vaccination? Shot Gets Squirted on the Ground 70
  8. A dwarf planet coming within 11 AU of the sun over the next 10 years 70
  9. NASA Researchers Discover a Parallel Universe That Runs Backwards through Time - Alongside Us 69
  10. Cancer’s ‘Achilles Heel’ Discovered By Scientists 68
  11. YouTube repeatedly deletes this powerful Congressional testimony by Dr. Pierre Kory on Ivermectin. 65
  12. How to Reverse Type II Diabetes / Dr. Jason Fung 56
  13. Harvard epidemiologist says the case for COVID vaccine passports was just demolished 43
  14. Israel Just Used Fully AI Controlled Drone Swarms in a World First 42
  15. Comet or something hit Jupiter 42

Newest SciTech Topics

  1. Flying Microchips The Size Of A Sand Grain 4
  2. Nano Technology, how expensive cost? 8
  3. William Shatner to fly to space on New Shepard rocket 27
  4. Worried about mRNA Vaccine and Cancer Rates Correlation 38
  5. Sonoluminescense: Sound-induced Stars form in Water 17
  6. Black Tornadoes in Lava Fountain 5
  7. Little bigger than a grain of sand, it 'flies' and is intended for surveillance 23
  8. Cool looking bird 26
  9. Mag 6 hits Melbourne australia. 26
  10. Bicentennial Man or Terminator 5