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Top ATS Topics: 90 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---The Great Awakening--- -Part- - §39§ - 110
  2. Verdict Rittenhouse Not Guilty 109
  3. Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Hero - and apparently his judge sees it 105
  4. Dirty,Rotten,Good For Nothing Rats ...sad update 93
  5. The Biggest Story Not Being Talked About - The Pfizer Whistleblower 93
  6. **BREAKING** Jussie Smollett found GUILTY of hate crime hoax 89
  7. I cannot believe MY cognitive dissonance! 88
  8. What is with the left and its defense of pedophiles 86

Hottest News Topics

  1. SUV plows into christmas parade in Waukusha WI. Shots fired too. 1 hr north of Kenosha. 837
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse's so-called victim just admitted under oath that KR shot him self-defense 283
  3. Kyle Rittenhouse is about to testify. Livestream here 268
  4. Head Of EU Commission Wants To Ban Nuremberg Code. 152
  5. Leaked Texts PROVE Trump Circle Tried To STOP Capitol Riot 133
  6. Khazakstan collapses president flees the country 108
  7. Real life taken. Father kills boyfriend after rescuing daughter from sex traffic ring 104
  8. Did Biden actually say this "Russia-Ukraine ‘minor incursion’ 98
  9. Michelle Obama Says A White Woman 'Cut Right In Front Of Her' In A Line—Like She Were Invisible 91
  10. It seems BLM and Antifa are officially domestic terrorist. 89
  11. Quebec Government will now begin fines for the unvaxxed 88
  12. Project Veritas Exposes More Of CNN's Pervert Culture 87
  13. #arrestfauci tops the charts on twttter 85
  14. Maxwell guilty on 5 of 6 counts 81
  15. Breaking: CNN Fires Chris Cuomo Following Recent Suspension 80

Newest News Topics

  1. Singer and Actor Meat Loaf Dead at 74 6
  2. Union Pacific calls for 'Strong Deterrence' vs Train Robbers 14
  3. NCAA changes transgender athlete participation policy amid calls for reevaluation 31
  4. We are in trouble IRS Facial Id's to access tax returns 2022 46
  5. Did Biden actually say this "Russia-Ukraine ‘minor incursion’ 98
  6. Just the beginning Over fishing in the oceans are real 26
  7. Drone over Swedish Nuclear Facilities 3
  8. United Kingdom Britain says it is supplying anti-tank weapons to Ukraine 72
  9. How the 3G Shutdown in 2022 Could Screw Your Car! 26
  10. USA Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] Statements on 5G 8
  11. U.S. airline CEOs warn of 'catastrophic' disruption from 5G rollout 33
  12. Plans for Kazakhstan 'regime' change announced 3
  13. Canada deploys special forces to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Russia 57
  14. Tokyo 1-17-2022 Monday morning North Korea fires 2 more missiles 19