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Top ATS Topics: 90 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - The Truth Won't Be For Everyone - -PART- -7H1R7Y s3v3n- 165
  2. The goal of the COVID - unveiled! 111
  3. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - G-D WINS - -PART- -- (38) -- 111
  4. Lab Founder Shows "Vaccine" Spike Protein Damages Vital Organs 108
  5. Everyone STOP! Look at what REAL Americans did! 103
  6. Ted Cruz Saved America At 3:30 AM Last Night 100
  7. I am now disabled. 96
  8. Clintons & Mueller implicated in newly released emails of hiring hit man on Seth Rich 95

Hottest News Topics

  1. George Floyd Mural Destroyed By Lightning 205
  2. The goal of the COVID - unveiled! 188
  3. Pentagon confirms explosion at Kabul airport 187
  4. Biden V Mandate violates 14nth amendment. 135
  5. Tucker Carlson Spied on by NSA 128
  6. Kabul Airport has thousands of fleeing civilians on Tarmac 125
  7. LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Cullman, AL 8/21/21 118
  8. Video emerges of mass protests against communist dictatorship in Cuba: 'We are not afraid' 114
  9. Internet taken down in Melbourne , crowds really big 109
  10. Long suspected, finally acknowledged 105
  11. South Africa heading into state of anarchy. 91
  12. Appeals court rules 21-year minimum age for handgun purchases is unconstitutional 90
  13. Marine Lt. Col. relieved for duty for speaking the truth to the corrupt hierarchy 90
  14. ‘They Can’t Arrest All of Us’: Rand Paul Implores Defiance of Covid Mandates from ‘Petty Tyr 88
  15. Hundreds of California recall ballots, drugs, loaded gun found in passed out felon’s car 72

Newest News Topics

  1. Vaccine passport illegal in Ontario 21
  2. Hilary Clinton appointed as chancellor of Queens University Belfast 29
  3. Woman chronicles nine hour wait in Winnipeg ER, 20
  4. MSNBC Interviews Vladimir Putin 25
  5. Internet taken down in Melbourne , crowds really big 109
  6. Good news FB stock drops after company warns Apple’s privacy changes to have bigger Q3 impact 5
  7. Wuhan scientists planned to release coronavirus particles into cave bats, leaked papers reveal 47
  8. Soldiers Have 3 Months to Get COVID Vaccine or Face Discharge, with Few Waiver Options 59
  9. Christmas ham shortage looms due to abattoir restrictions, warn supermarkets and meat industry 19
  10. Antifa protest in Leipzig 10