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Top ATS Topics: 90 Days

  1. My Last Thread - Carry On Wayward Sons (and Daughters) 182
  2. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx- 135
  3. President Biden is Making Enemies All Over the World at an Astounding Sickening Pace. 90
  4. Christian Man Ejects Covid Tyranny Enforcers From Church 88
  5. 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors File Lawsuit for Violation of Nuremberg Code - CoVid PCR- FRAUD 88
  6. DB Cowboy says goodbye 87
  7. Biden falls 3 times getting on Air Force One....just embarrassing 85
  8. Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans 82

Hot Current Events

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. - They Don't Know Who We Be - -PART- -7H1R7Y sIx- 5545
  2. Israel and Palestine at it again. 314
  3. Nobel Laureate Says “No Chance of Survival” For Vaccine Takers 259
  4. World Doctors & Nurses Putting Out Dire Warning: Stay Aaway From mRNA Vaccinated People 209
  5. 15 Year Boy Old Dies From Heart Attack From Vaccination ! 170
  6. Shroedingers Vaccine... it's all becoming laughable beyond belief. 165
  7. WHO’s Chief Scientist Served with Legal Notice for Disinformation and Suppression of Evidence 165
  8. They're Going After The Children and Infants 162
  9. Republicans threaten to break up Facebook after Oversight Board decision 144
  10. This is why I fear mRNA vaccines. 142
  11. Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might. 140
  12. Sick sick sick...... 137
  13. Two Danish patients have brain hemorrhages following AstraZeneca shot 135
  14. The Connecticut Department of Public Health Released ingredient List of Moderna Vaccine. 125
  15. Suez Canal blocked after 400m-long container ship wedges against both sides of waterway 124

Newest Current Events

  1. Judge- "Vaccinate" Or Don't See Your Kids 17
  2. My vax journey starts tomorrow 23
  3. Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans 86
  4. First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 54
  5. Where are all the dying animals?. 39
  6. Study shows 29% of the 42 people who have died after catching the new strain had BOTH vaccinations 79
  7. Chinese Military Bio Warfare exposed by Hong Kong Virologist Dr Yan 42
  8. Midazolam (execution drug) stock piled and used during Covide-19 pandemic (end of life protocol UK) 42
  9. Bret Weinstein interviews mRNA creator, trying to warn people about these vaccines 58
  10. Passengers On First Fully Vaccinated North American Cruise Test Positive For Covid-19 73
  11. CDC Caught Cooking the Books on China Virus Breakthrough Cases 59
  12. Investigation concludes: RCMP's use of A.I. facial recognition technology was illegal 10
  13. The Reality of the COVID-19 Vax & the Great Reset 37
  14. Heart inflammation in young men higher than expected after Pfizer, Moderna vaccines 103
  15. WEF's Cyber Polygon Cyberattack Simulation - July 2021. 23