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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans 90
  2. Fauci Emails Published 81
  3. Biden Just Asked If He Still Thinks Putin A Killer--WATCH his Response 80
  4. CDC Caught Cooking the Books on China Virus Breakthrough Cases 78
  5. Trump: Going to Take Back the Senate, House, White House SOONER THAN YOU THINK” 77
  6. President Joe Biden Just Threatened U.S. Citizens who Refuse the Covid-19 Vaccination. 76
  7. there has to be consequences 76
  8. The Connecticut Department of Public Health Released ingredient List of Moderna Vaccine. 74

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. What happens if the Arizona audit finds enough fraud to change the results? 540
  2. Anti-mask wearers are smarter than mask wearers, concludes MIT study. 448
  3. Fauci Emails Published 323
  4. Trump: Going to Take Back the Senate, House, White House SOONER THAN YOU THINK” 308
  5. there has to be consequences 297
  6. If I follow the science, where does it teach about more than 2 genders? 278
  7. Nobel Laureate Says “No Chance of Survival” For Vaccine Takers 259
  8. Armed Leftist Group Warns: 'We Will Kill Everything White in Sight' 248

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  1. Good news on Ivermectin 0
  2. A different take on an old mystery 7
  3. Myanmar when a serveilance state takes control and you are an enemy 3
  4. Short interview with Congressman Tim Burchett 1
  5. Hello from the US; Former member who is returning and glad to be here 5
  6. unindicted co=conspirator 13
  7. I have grown as a person Family Tea 2
  8. Some People Should Be Culled 18
  9. Unlike President Trump - President Biden has No Strengths to Compensate for his Weaknesses. 32
  10. Interesting picture from Belgium 23