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China: MI5 and FBI heads warn of ‘immense’ threat.

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posted on Jul, 10 2022 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: McGinty

Much food for thought.....👍

I believe that the primary motivating factor in 'Western' government is to maintain the status quo and the control 'they' have over 'us'.
But I have grown to have serious doubts about whether there is a co-ordinated and organised plan to do this.
'They' simply aren't clever enough.
I have no doubt they try to manipulate events as they occur to further this aim and control but no deep, thought out, secretive plan.
'They' concede things here and there and they take things back here and there....there's an ebb and flow to it, but nothing major ever changes.

For all that its the same in China with a very small elite aiming to maintain control there are some major differences.
There is a difference in their collective psyche.
'The West' is more concerned with individual rights and individualism per se whereas Chinese seem to have much more of a collectivised outlook on things.
When combined with their national and ethnic sense of identity its quite a potent force.

Personally I think China seeks pre-eminence by increment over a sustained period of time.
And it does this in every field imaginable.
They may as you stated attempted a bit of levelling the economic playing field by deliberately targeting and damaging 'Western' economies is varying ways.

There is no doubting that Chinese policies over the last two or three decades has transformed their country, modernised it and dragged literally millions upon millions out of total, abject poverty.
Its something we sometimes forget and rarely give credit for.
I don't think they want to jeopardise that.....but I also think they have a feeling of national purpose, almost a Manifest Destiny.
They certainly seek to be the overwhelmingly dominant power throughout Asia, possibly even further afield.

posted on Jul, 10 2022 @ 06:55 PM
China is a very geographically isolated country. Consequently, China has little knowledge of the outside world. Consequently, China has very little ambition for world domination.

posted on Jul, 11 2022 @ 02:23 AM
a reply to: JokersUnite

Well that’s a relief. Do us a favour and remind Xi of this, will you.
Thanks in advance from the rest of the world

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