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Incase you missed it: Bill Gates, declared dead in 2013. MISSING FOR 7 YEARS!

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posted on Jul, 6 2022 @ 03:30 PM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

You know, there are some 'very' unique characteristics between the 'actor' Bill Gates and One of Joe Biden's doubles, granted i'm still doing a mash up to see how close they really are.. I didn't notice that before until I accidently had a series of pictures on the same screen of both of them, while doing some research into replica's and cloned actors.

It well known that the white house usually uses up to 3 different actors for a President when there is real life threats or real danger against him. They have done this for decades, and also is why they will use multiple routes for transportation of said president(One of them is publically known to draw attention, and the other two are 'secret', as it throw's off people who might target said President). Sending what looks to be legit one way, and the real president the other. This has been going on pretty much as long as people can remember. Since the Assassination of JFK it has been a priority to have double's on hand for any and all presidents.

This isn't old news, but it still leaves me wondering who's running the country since they have used actor's in place of presidential meetings and speeches which is suppose to be behind closed doors, and gated by security.

After looking into a lot of research, I have seen that Bill Gates (actor or real: still undetermined til 2013 MDF comes out for the public with July's complete data) has actually made deals with Every 'Developed' country in reguards to the pandemic. I listed this info in another post, about the canadians. ATS : Canada pushes boosters If you scroll down a little he's literally acting as either a VP or President by doing these deals.

So there's a lot that we need to consider, remember when Hillary decided to talk to PM Trudaeu without actually being a representative? There's a lot of illegal crossings, and the fact that our government lined up for this shrill tells me there's something more. There was a LOT of money exchanging hands for this 'pandemic research, control and vaccines'. Of which almost every bit of it goes against virology 101. "Don't treat a pandemic as it is occurring, you will only strengthen said virus and cause stronger mutations." We learned this the hard way with several animal species including chickens: as well as human species. I mean it sucks, but if you treat during a real pandemic. You are going to kill more people then the virus otherwise would. We screwed up the chicken virus so bad, that any chickens that are born need to have their shot almost immediately or they will die within 24hrs.

This issue occured when the chicken plague essentially was spreading and there wasn't enough 'vaccine' to treat all of the chickens at once. So with limited supply farmers were forced to vaccinate only 'half' their flock because it was considered to be 'fair' when there is a supply crunch. But by the time it was over, the virus literally overwritten the vaccine and became so powerful a basic 'chicken flu' became deadly within 24hrs of them catching the virus. This is why you hear stories of the 'bird flu', when strains are so bad their only resort is to cull them all to try and prevent spread, because it means the virus mutated even stronger then the vaccine is capable of handling. Because currently there's not really much else they can do for the birds, despite this virus being around for years and scientist stopped researching cures for it.

This is why the covid vaccines were designed to weaken a person's immune system. For how long is anyone's guess, because this means the virus should it go deadly will kill whomever it is 'deadly' before it could turn into a wild fire type of virus, fast and lethal spreading. Weakening the immune system of everyone, allows a virus to become weaker. They knew there was going to be hesitancy, so this was their only true option to 'fight' covid. Anyone who's studied not just virology but agriculture and farming(where there is actual PROOF) will tell you this exact same thing.

While this is a slight drift, I don't believe Tony Fauchi is even smart enough to comprehend that. Neither is Joe Biden, but Bill Gate's on the other hand is, this shows after his massive investment into farmland as a virology student. Its literally the only reason why BG would be interested in owning farmland, not just for his 'vaccine salads', but because its living proof of things people are taught in virology. So how can he 'alter' those courses without a 'trial run' with the one thing that is constantly plagued by it.

But its weird, some of these moves might be what Bill Gate makes for the reasons listed above. But there's a lot of things that don't make sense. People go "he's too popular, people would of noticed if he changed." But that's the thing, what if they *did* notice he changed, and because of that he was forced to give up Microsoft? Why else would his wife randomly divorce him, I'm not going to sit there and pretend she didn't know what was going on. When a man is screwing other women, a woman SMELLS IT ON HIM. No amount of washing gets that scent off them. It is literally left to the woman and wether or not she sits there and lives in denile. I think this divorce is literally because he is not the REAL bill gates.

Someone like Bill Gates who rather divide his company up then comply with other possible outcomes, (appointing a second head/leader for the second part of the company to make its primary decisions, while he still remains on payroll). He didn't even give co-ownership of intel to the guy he stole everything from back then when it was court ordered to divide the company because it was a monopoly). He didn't just come out of no where and 'step down'. Keep in mind, Bill Gate's was ruthless enough to steal all that technology and never give anyone credit where it was due even when it cost him half his company. Now tell me that him stepping down was *his* idea. Where his 'buddy' the guy he stole a lot of crap from finally gets credit for his work. You tell me, that isn't suspicious. He spent his entire life swindling and stealing from others, ain't no way unless he was discovered and called out.
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posted on Jul, 6 2022 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: BlackArrow

Earlier we posted that has posted that Bill Gates died on July 29, 2013.

Perhaps this was the date of death on the certificate that was issued after Bill had gone missing for 7 years, after which he was pronounced dead. So we went back to July 29, 2005 and searched what was going on with Microsoft and Bill Gates at that time.

Now I accidentally came across this interesting little tidbit on 100s of sites, as my 'internet' or google decided to block "Bill gates know's why the cattle died and it isn't heat" article I was looking for in response to another page. So I started digging, and apparently its all over the net. We know for a fact they used a 'double' to advertise his vaccination. But maybe they also used a double when they couldn't find the guy.

Now I grew up with the information that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates didn't have biological children. Yes I was that 5years old using a 'tandy' PC. I only 'heard' about his kids more recently, as they actually never really came up in the past. But claims recently indicate that they died in 2013 at the age of 49.

This is where it gets even interesting. Bill Gate's Children will not inherit the wealth.

On this article it declares that these 'kids' of his won't be inheriting a dime of their 'so-called' father's wealth. (Perhaps because the 'actor' has other uses for that money - then to ensure his family's success, as most rich people do with 'terms and conditions') Why would Bill Gates not leave an inheritance to their children in this world when # is as screwed up as it is? A trust can easily be designed as an 'emergancy only' fund with ways on how the money can be spent. So i'm not buying that unless they aren't actually his to begin with?

But what is even easier, is that there was a kinda rather disturbing video aimed at children to make Bill Gates look like a super hero, saying how horrible the world would be if he 'disappeared'. h ttps://
While currently i'm not any sort of conclusions(due to lack of evidence), I do think there's something else fishy going on under the surface here. usually only marks a person dead if a death certificate has been issued. If he didn't die, where was he for 7 years? What about his wife? Why is her father and family literally blacklisted and blocked from research?

One of the weirder things to consider is how this 'family dynamic' is going since he partied with epstein. If that is the 'real' Melinda there's now way she wouldn't of known about his philanthroping hands on other women. Which she claims is the said reason for divorce. I think that something happened to 1 or both of them.

At this point I have no proof, no evidence, just a conspiracy in reguards to one of the richest men. What type of things did you hear growing up? Did you grow up believing that Bill and Melinda adopted? Did you know they went 'missing', and missing again.. and again, and again over the years. They have disappeared for long enough to literally allow people to forget the way they actually look in real life. 7 years can change a person's look or even a persons memory on what a person looks like completely.

So i'm curious if anyone else actually heard anything 'weird' about the Bill Gates disappearence. Because I think its weird that he constantly disappears and then goes 'here take control of my company', 'btw kids you ain't getting my wealth i'm giving it to a charity', 'now me and Melinda are getting divorced'.

Has anyone actually encountered a dated (pre disappearance 2013 - and yes we did have the internet in 1998 as well as online news sources then) mention of him having a single child let alone 3.
You can’t be serious ?
Their children (3) are all biologically their’s . is ran by the Mormons & that in it’s self is reason for concern.
One of the blessings of being that wealthy is the fact that you can stay hidden from society if you like.
If you were a multi billionaire, would you not pay huge money for anonymity ?
I know I would .
This theory of yours is a fun alternative history, but nothing more , as all your questions are easily answered.

posted on Jul, 7 2022 @ 08:37 PM
Bill did bring us the flying toaster screen saver if my memory serves me well.

There. Toast.

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