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My UFO Sighting Experience

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posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 06:57 PM

originally posted by: TheAlleghenyGentleman
That is exactly the encounter I would like to have.

No “hey jump on board and my four finger green friends will give you a ride.”

No terrible mantis being.

No grey heebie jeebie creature at the foot of your bed.

No missing time.

Nice event.


Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever have an encounter. I didn’t think I’d be that lucky.

It was an opportunity to observe. They were working to get away from me, or that’s the sense I got. I got the feeling I wasn’t supposed to be seeing what I saw, but it was ultimately ok I did provided I learned the right lessons from it.

Maybe that’s the deciding factor - what a person does with it. For one reason or another, a person views a UFO. Let’s say those viewings are rare, and 99% of sightings are simply someone being in the right place, right time, or it’s a malfunction. If that’s the case, then those who have a sighting are definitely rare and lucky. They have been presented with information that is rare. What they do with that opportunity dictates how things go after the fact - meaning do they post it on YouTube and turn it into some empire about how awesome flying saucers are until they turn into a merch tent and cash out? Or, do they turn the sighting into an opportunity to grow human knowledge and perspective at scale? The second isn’t profitable on the surface - peace isn’t profitable. However, it is the only way to enlightenment and the true expansion of knowledge.

Maybe that’s why Bigelow did what he did after seeing a UFO as a child - used the experience to drive something forward.

For me, the ultimate message is to share with people about their consciousness, the value of peace, and how truly powerful a sentient being is and to use that force for good.

I’m not perfect at that yet, but, I’m getting better and working on it, actively.

posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 07:25 PM
a reply to: VulcanWerks

Suck less, words to live by.

posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 07:26 PM
What are the most reasonable explanations for your sighting?

Are you certain it could not have been some sort of drone testing or balloon?

There are some quite surprising aerial constructs being designed by the private sector.

posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 08:04 PM
Given many threads like this die quickly because it’s not “sensational”, I want to offer one more post that I hope people see.

The OP, and it’s message, wasn’t easy to share.

The message isn’t profitable, provocative, masculine, or anything else. It’s just what I learned from my experience with “them” - and it’s incredibly important. And lost on many.

Peace. Coexistence. No fear. Grow. Be different - positively. Be good for Humanity, do good for it. Be artful. Love. Anything is, truly, possible.

None of that message is in line with current climate, sadly. The things I mentioned don’t sell, so we don’t have them. I’m fortunate enough that, as of the time of this writing, these two hands have overcome circumstantial and self-imposed obstacles (we truly are our worst enemies - individually, and collectively) to not need to profit from this experience - though I admit I thought about it. But, it wasn’t the right thing to do. It isn’t the right thing to do. And, given background and connections, I could probably do it.

The currency from sharing, positively, a profound learning doesn’t only include money. It’s actually gratitude, oddly. A thanks for being shown something, and then sharing, positively, the impact of that learning. Priceless.

Instead, I say what I have to say, here. Maybe I’ll write a book on my UFOlogy journey someday (because everyone says it), or use my experience to power something else. Or, maybe, just to power me in different ways that culminate in a future that fits my eye. One that allows me to reach my personal goals for my family and legacy - but done in a way that provides something of value to people, via something I also value. I don’t know what else a person could do to find Earthly fulfillment than that - or, at least, that’s enough for me.

Despite a corporate job, being a life-long competitive athlete to this day, and naturally having a calculated demeanor in many settings… the real message is peace, love, tolerance, and coexistence.

That’s what “they” mean to me, and imparted on me.

It’s not “manly” to say that.

It is enlightened, from my perspective, to see things from the coexisting perspective. For all we know, we are unknowingly harming them. Ponder that - it’s worth the time.

Lastly, since we’re all Earthly and Human, I will retain my competitive streak, calculated demeanor, and willingness to defend myself, and my family, vigorously in any conceivable manner that is required. 😃

Thanks again for reading my story, and I hope it made you think a little bit about your own circumstances.



posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 09:11 PM

originally posted by: ZED332L
a reply to: INnEedOfgOD I with my wife saw one about ten years ago also. It does change your outlook " when you actually Know they are real".

I've mentioned this before, but some time before black triangles became a thang (pre-Belgium 1989-90), my non-UFO-interested wife, with a friend, saw a massive one that seemed to cover one third of the visible starry night sky over a recreation field (so presumably quite low, otherwise 'impossibly' huge). Pencil beams of light were emitted that seemed to be 'searching' the area. No sound; lights on each edge with one central; and - in her own words - "ridiculous" in the sense that it didn't seem to 'belong' to our reality. At least that's how I interpret her reaction. Amused/shocked at first, she and her friend were soon terrified enough to run away as fast as possible.

No local reports, no other witnesses; she's glad she was not alone, of course. Utterly bizarre.

As for changing outlooks, it didn't have the effect you'd imagine, rather she casually accepts that extraterrestrial craft are entering our airspace - or our 'reality' if that better suits the experience. No fanfare, no overwhelming urge to research ufology, just a casual acceptance of ET visitation - which wouldn't be MY reaction of course! Personally I have seen nothing unusual or useful in terms of Ufology, although I have experienced paranormal/poltergeist activity at my in-laws' Cornish house, but that's another story.

My stance on ET hasn't changed - I still need to experience a sighting for myself or await incontrovertible proof of such, although my wife's experience has made me keep my eyes and ears open for global UFO reports. And sorting the wheat from the copious chaff can be an exhausting job!

Nicely written OP, by the way. The author definitely has a way with words that made it compulsive reading.

posted on Jul, 3 2022 @ 11:13 PM
a reply to: VulcanWerks

i have a small number of sightings, under 4, 2 of the 4 were lights way up in the sky, the other one was this orange orb when i was camping and the other and most human of all i say a small silent black triangle less than a block a way lower than the street lights.

it looked like it was pinned to a spot in space and just rotated around that, like gravity and normal flight methods or propulsion could afford a small silent craft, it let me get a gooood look at it same as my passenger and a guy who happened to be out. it went ABSOLUTLY still than shot STRIGHT up like 50 feet at a speed i cant even guess than come to an INSTANT stop, that by the way is imposable with physics as we know it.

it rotated flat end first and shot off with the longest part of the BT leading like aerodynamics were a joke and sped away so fast it was like it would seem like it vanished if you blinked at the wrong time.

out of all the 4 the BT is the scariest because it was clearly human, and clearly doing illegal ISR missions soaking up god knows what off the cell and wireless internet

how many PRIVATTE governmental cutout has this odd 'ufo like' abilities and obviously wee have had that ability for some time, and i bet you gold to doughnuts it isnt running on any sort of internal combustion power source, it would HAVE to have something that by definition either break or bends the rules of physics enough to allso a small craft to do amazing things.

did you know private companies are not subject to FOIA.....

their private ventures are theirs do build and use as they see fit and bought buy god knows what civilian contractor that happens to run off a USAAF base.

who ever had that tech would have already won the war, the owners could make sub luminal speed projectiles the size of a gold bar to do a signature strike and no explosives would be found and it would be a massaive blast.

what ever power source could be used as a weapon its self, it would have to mess with the basic fundamental fields around us like inertia and gravity that you would crush whole armies with a gravity beam or fraction of the speed of light 100s if not 1000's of bounds of force from a few heavy bounds like 20 or so and no armor or bunker is going to save you, it would have to be asteroid proof.

so if this craft can fly like i saw use its propulsion method as a weapon and carry a TOP TOP TOP SECRET power unit that can play with the fabric of reality than nothing can ever beat it. game over if they belong to the US or whatever we are called now(i think we won the battle in WWll but lost the war and the 4th riche poisoned American education and space exploration to their own ends, look at jack parsons or ANY of the PAPERCLIP guys esp Von Braun

he used work conditions on prisons of all ilk and would crucify a out of line worker Infront of everyone left there for days to die.

most of the craters named on the moon are named after SUPER nazi's and are still held in such high company that even something like be part of the SS and running a WMD factory with slaves from concentration camps would go over well but they just hand wave it away

i am not a flat earther and i believe in space as 3 normal special dimensions and one of tine but understand we may exist on a brane or we are a hologram project via another dimension, crazy stuff but there are apparently 10 total spatial dimensions and one for time and space as we know it may be some crazy higher dimensional shape like a Kline bottle

for the craft to do what i saw it would have to be able to mess with the very thing reality and everything is made of and some how used it to power and fly a craft silently and perfectly still.

i think it is scary know humans have something that if they share would usher in a new age, but there is to much money to be made and very very and more likely a huge danger.

anyone who works with these things at wherever they keep them would have to be single loner quite people so they wouldnt be missed, or even live there the security would have to be CRAZY they might even have space stations or bases on the moon with all the RICH aerospace type metals and lower gravity, GARENTEEEED safe from prying eyes and if it were burried in the pitch blank bottom of a deep polar of the moon and you would have a perfect manufacturing facility, perfect security, no looki loos and it also happens to be the high ground as earth is 220K miles down the gravity well, using a large rail gun or other mass driver you could simulate asteroid hits if done right.

remember when we had the rash of claimed to be boloids it made the new and the same thing happened over all national labs so these fast green fire balls and i believe they said they it may be space craft but who was launching that many space creaft in the 50's?

posted on Jul, 4 2022 @ 01:16 AM

originally posted by: 19Bones79
a reply to: VulcanWerks

Suck less, words to live by.

You get it.

Sucking just a little less, daily, is all it takes.

posted on Jul, 6 2022 @ 02:39 PM
I have an experience I can't explain.

It was just getting dark out with plenty of light still out.
I had gone outside to take out the trash, and on my way from the trash dumpster to walk back to the steps to go to my apartment that was downstairs.

I saw at lease twelve glowing orbs in the sky in a line, they were about the size of the setting sun.
I freaked out, went to get a neighbor out there so he could see it too.

took two minutes for me to coax the neighbor outside to see it, and by the time i had gotten outside they were gone.

In the sky were at least a dozen helicopters all flying in different directions in the area where i saw the sun sized objects.

posted on Jul, 6 2022 @ 03:26 PM
Thanks for sharing your story. Here is mine, the only difference is that it happened in Los Angeles, a few miles from Downtown L.A.

Summer of '94 (I was about 12 years old) and it was around 11pm. Everyone, including myself was fast asleep (we were not well off so my family lived in a single apartment, very crowded). I remember something waking me up, not sure what it was. From my bed I was able to look out the window facing south. When I opened my eyes, I saw something shiny and metallic hovering near a palm tree approximately 80ft from my window. I got up from bed and walked towards the window to get a better look. It was silent and the first thing that came to my mind was they are probably filming a movie and this prop is being suspended by something. I had never seen an episode of Star Trek but I was familiar with the way the ship looked like. This one had little windows and there was light coming from inside. My dad woke up and I remember him telling me, what are you doing by the window, get back to bed. I replied that I was looking at something and I needed a camera. I had this cheap little yellow camera that we had from Woolworth's (if anyone remembers that store) so I reached over to grab it and by the time I looked back, it was gone.

I did some research later on MUFON to see if there was any sightings around that time and sure enough there was. I believe one account I read was an object was seen going towards Santa Monica (beach).

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