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NSTA Guide Advises Against the Use of Parent, Male, Female, Mother and Father

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posted on May, 25 2022 @ 06:59 PM

originally posted by: Annee
Good. We need to progress as society progresses.

I really hate: "It's always been done that way".

I'm a Guardian. I find it very annoying when a form says only: "Mother" "Father".

Your views are not progressing towards anything good. Your views are regressing us towards a dark future.

This is literally what YOUR VIEWS are causing...

Such views are destroying, and have destroyed lives of young people.

There are only two sexes, two genders. Your gender, or sex is not "whatever you want to think you are."

The minds of children are very malleable. You indoctrinate children into being nazis, and 90%+ of them will grow up to be nazis.

You indoctrinate children that they are transgender, and try to make it sound like "it's so much fun to be transgender, etc" and 90% of those children will believe this farce.

As many children grow older, and if they have not been brainwashed to undergo sex re-assignment surgery, they realize the mistake they were led to believe. But many others are not as lucky and later regret their transition. Many of those children, young adults and even adults kill themselves because they cannot revert the damage this false ideology indoctrinated into them as children or young adults.

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