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"Juliana Says"

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posted on May, 21 2022 @ 03:19 PM
There were two lovebirds sitting in a window. And the world, it didn't know about them birds. And the world, it left them birds alone.

A highway got built behind the house that housed that window. Traffic shot by down below. Noise polluted the air. The birds moved on.

Those two birds, they journeyed together through an urban nightmare. They got the hell out of that urban jungle, looking for peace. The birds found jungles everywhere and the vines, oh they were so thick! How's a bird supposed to hold a hatchet? Hows a bird supposed to cut a path through the vines?

The birds got along all right. It was as lovebirds they perished, eaten by jungle cats.


-Juliana says, "Ah, you know what my problem is, doctors? Nothing exists. You doctors and this hospital and everything, you're all projections of my subconscious mind!"

"Maybe," says Dr. Bob from the other side of the one-way glass window through which he watches the violent patient Juliana strapped to a bed.

"I want to go candy hunting!" shouts Juliana gloriously as she dances through her own head, squishing grapes recklessly.

Dr. Bob says, "Hey, Dr. Bill, what do you think of all these shenanigans?"

Dr. Bill says, "Don't ask me man. I wanted to be a dentist but my friends pressured me into therapy. Getting me to cure the mentally ill is like pulling my teeth."

Dr. Bob says, "Well this girl is really smart and she needs our attention. You should help, whatever your personal situation is."

Dr. Bill said, "Oh, all right. I'll try to make things better with this one. I'm sure we can cure her if we put our heads together."

Dr. Bill and Dr. Bob put their heads together to create a giant t-rex head of a head and it was big enough to cure even the most delicious insanity.


Story Fragment two, pulled together from things that really happened.

It started at the zoo. The gorillas ran wild and that wasn't fair for anyone. People got hurt that way.

The patient drove free of the zoo to find friendly neighborhood watchmen looking out for crazies. These watchmen were cranking up the jazz when they found their female.

Patient flees, terrified, the local police force. She runs wild in Hanover looking for a 301. She runs the 301 without molestation, then is molested later by the mall fountain. Terror ensues.

Patient is finally pulled into the care of Dr. Bob and Dr. Bill when the terror results in an eruption of destructive/abnormal behavior, alerting all present authorities.


Juliana wanted to know, "May I please have a snow cone 2day?"

Dr. Bob says, "Today you and the other patients will be leaving our facilities for a field trip. If on this journey a snow cone makes itself known, we shall give you the snow cone."

Juliana says, "Alright all right then. The yellow snow cones are my favorite."

Juliana and company boarded a very mysterious bus designated BUS. Some them was beating on the windows beating beating on them windows.... Tryin to bust out.

Juliana wasn't looking for physical freedom. Juliana was looking for the freedom from the physical. She had searched many bottles and many bongs and many tunnels and many zoos and many mystic texts for that one.

This look she got from one of the company, Juliana returned that look and then extended tongue. The look was scarier coming from Juliana.

Dr. Bob says, "The snow cones is callin' jose name Hey-Zeus."

Juliana looked at the snow cone manufacturer's booth. She looked at a right large roller coaster off to the left. She says, "I'll have a lemon snow cone please."

The yellow snow cone distributor says, "Hey there sexy momma hows about givin' a fella some kinda time?"

Dr. Bob paid the snow cone distributor and says, "Hey, man, she's with my psycho circus. Back off, pal, or my chivalrous code shall force mine fist upon thine nose!"

Juliana took the snow cone and consumed rapidly because she was ready for new roller coaster rides. She ran off in a flash, as her favorite comic book character had been known to accomplish many a time.

Juliana says, rolling with the coaster, Shout-talking, "Hey man what a high! Thrills n' chills and we're all happy!"

The loonies didn't have such a bad time in their hospital. They got occasional field trips and adrenaline rushes and what does anyone get that's better?


Juliana in a chair. Juliana writhing in a chair. Juliana writhing, screaming, kicking, in a chair. That sponge, I think it's wet. I think the sponge is wet...

Juliana in a bed. Strapped into that bed, Juliana. The dropper's neck looks a magical kind of menacing.

"I'm ready to pull some teeth," says Dr. Bill. Awkward laughter follows.

Juliana's gotta get away, get away, get away! Oh, she's screaming, oh she's so alone now, oh who's gonna untie her? oh who's gonna save her? oh who's gonna getchagetcha who's gonna get my baby-girl?

Juliana strapped firmly to the bed. Pupils pupil poooping. Juliana's ready now for the deep sleep, wide-eyed...


Rushing through the hangnails, we're on that run together tonight. They dangle ready to fall ready to impale. We're invincible hands held this way.

Juliana's got me by the wrist, I got her by the wrist. Walking on air together yeah baby. The bubbles is a' poppin' below, but our bubble ain't never gonna pop.

Sucking on the witch's teat. The witch, she is still hunted, always misunderstood. We're misunderstood together and that's genius that's bliss....

There's always hope. Sign your name, don't die for shame. Hang in there and don't let it go.

There's that feeling, oh, you're being surrounded by the thems the stallions they're gonna stampede all over you. Watch out, honk your horn, watch me watching you, spooky!

Juliana's got me by the wrist. Juliana's.... She's got me... She's got me...

the End.

- by me.
edit on 21-5-2022 by WalkingHolic because: put the End. and - by me.

posted on May, 22 2022 @ 08:35 AM
One question if I may:
Did you have a nap in a poopy field if find a big shroom grow somewhere?

I don’t know why but I really, really enjoyed this Short Story!
I’ve read it five times withiand keep getting tidbits of your mind just zooming through what we call Conscience then it’s like your following Dorothy over thoru rainbow.

You mind works in wonderful ways as far far as I’m conserved.
it’s all most like slipping into other realities or adipping a toe into other dimensions….IDk!

Please try to annother….. really!
Ivery much want more from you, this brought me back to some of the Alice in Wonder land.
They Cheshire Cat and then then then your visionary
ofputting them in words we fantastic!

please don’t stop, you seem to be on to something!

I going to read it if get mor times.
i get more out of it each tine i do.

Dont stop , I enjoy your style!

Keep witting!!!!

a reply to: WalkingHolic

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