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Sergei Naryshkin - About Polish claims to Western Ukraine

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posted on May, 25 2022 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: turretless

"We must thank the President of Poland for revealing the true face of the "free world." At least now no one has any doubts about whom the US and its allies are relying on in promoting their ideas of freedom and democracy, as well as what unenviable fate they were preparing for Ukraine and its citizens."

I suppose we must thank Putin for promoting his ideas of "freedom and democracy" for the citizens of Ukraine?

Honestly, can you get any more ludicrously twisted?

posted on May, 25 2022 @ 04:37 PM
a reply to: quintessentone

Has Poland invaded Ukraine yet?

Didn't the fake Polish invasion orders that russia forged indicate that the invasion would start 2 weeks ago?

Was it delayed while Polish troops try to figure out whether to follow the forged orders of a retired Polish General?

Or were the Polish troops just too busy preparing the 250 tanks that they recently donated to Ukraine?

posted on May, 30 2022 @ 07:13 AM
Russophobia in the French political circles is growing

May 30, 2022

According to Sergey Naryshkin (the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia) according to information received by the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, the Kyiv mayor's office is considering an appeal from the French authorities to rename Moskovskaya (Московская) Street in the Ukrainian capital. The administration of President Emmanuel Macron offers the Kyiv authorities a choice of three possible options: Charles de Gaulle street, Paris street or French street. Such a move would allegedly express the so-called "unprecedented level of special relations between countries."

France's shameful proposal is essentially an undisguised manifestation of extreme Russophobia and complicity with the Nazi regime in Kyiv. This is clearly evident against the background of the fact that Paris is quite satisfied with the existence in the Ukrainian capital of the avenues of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, the former leaders of the OUN-UPA, recognized in the materials of the Nuremberg Trials as accomplices of the German fascists during the Second World War.

I would like to draw the attention of the French people to the fact that even in the most difficult periods of bilateral relations in Russia, they did not think about deleting France and its historical figures from Russian toponymy. Residents of Moscow will never stoop to renaming streets and squares, universities and schools bearing the names of Charles de Gaulle, Romain Rolland, Maurice Thorez, the heroes of the Normandie-Niemen regiment and the Paris Commune, and many other prominent representatives of the French people. The Russians have deep respect for them, despite the Russophobic sentiments within the French political class.

posted on May, 30 2022 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: turretless

Did renaming streets give putin feelz?

He must have really hated what happened in the former East Germany.

Or Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia...

You get the idea.

Hey, here's an idea, write an article claiming that the U.S. has ordered the burning of all russian books, renaming of all russian related streets, and has ordered the immediate execution of anyone who says even two words in russian.

Do you think the madman's head would actually explode?

You could be responsible for saving what's left of russia if it works.

posted on May, 30 2022 @ 09:43 AM

originally posted by: Subsonic
I'm of Polish ancestry and my grandmother was born in Lviv. Lviv was, and has for nearly all its history up until 1939, been a part of Poland, not Ukraine (or USSR). Even today, most of Lviv is ethnic Polish, not Ukrainian. Fact is, large chunks of Ukraine are not Ukrainian at all but rather Polish, Russian, and Romanian, and those folks are still ticked about it. Ukraine has long been a war waiting to happen considering it's largely made up of land stolen from other countries, so none of this should be any surprise to anyone with historical knowledge of that region.

Lviv and Volynia are the 2 regions in question. These issues go back centuries to the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and it's subsequent "partitions" by Austria, Russia and Prussia.

posted on Jun, 10 2022 @ 04:11 AM
Zelensky appears to agree to the transfer of Ukrainian sovereignty to Poland

June 9, 2022

According to Sergey Naryshkin (the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) according to the information received by the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, the dreams of the Polish authorities about the return of the "Eastern Cresses" are being embodied in concrete actions.

Warsaw is strongly pushing the regime of Volodymyr Zelensky to transfer to it de facto control over the most important state functions and institutions. With the consent of Kyiv, the Poles are currently, in particular, hosting a backup data processing center of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (STSU). It was brought to the attention of the Ukrainian leadership that this allegedly would improve the efficiency of the said department.

The main task of installing the STSU equipment on the territory of Poland was taken over by the technological company SILTEC, affiliated with the local special services. Methodological support and support for the ongoing operation is provided by representatives of American digital giants - DELL, IBM and CISCO.

In other words, Kyiv deliberately opens the Polish-American tandem access to information of national importance, including information about taxpayers and, as a result, the real financial situation of Ukraine. In business, such a "deal" could be categorized as an M&A [Mergers and acquisitions]. But the state is not a private corporation, and in this case we see that the Kyiv junta has already agreed to the annexation of Ukraine by Poland and voluntarily surrenders state sovereignty to it.

posted on Jun, 22 2022 @ 02:35 PM
Polish priests 'fool' Ukrainian catholics

June 22, 2022

According to Sergei Naryshkin (the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) according to incoming information, the Polish authorities are consistently implementing plans to appropriate the western regions of Ukraine. Polish footsteps are heard more and more clearly not only in the corridors of Ukrainian state institutions, but also under church vaults.

As it became known, the Conference of Polish Bishops (the central governing body of the Catholic Church in Poland) is seriously discussing the issue of absorbing the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. In practical terms, for this it is proposed to “edit” the provisions of the concordat concluded between Warsaw and the Vatican in 1993 and ratified by the Sejm in 1998. It is planned, in particular, to amend the sixth article of this agreement, designed to lift the ban on the activities of Polish Catholics outside of Poland. The Archbishop of Lvov, in turn, is scheduled to be given a seat in the Conference of Polish Bishops.

According to the data received, the fundamental point for the Polish authorities and clergy is to “removal” from the concordat any hints of Poland’s recognition of the eastern borders established after the Second World War. These "unfairly defined boundaries", as noted in Warsaw, cannot serve as an obstacle to the return of "historical Polish lands" to the bosom of the mother church.

The Conference of Polish Bishops expects that the Roman Curia will support such a variant of church "integration", and in fact - church annexation. It remains to be hoped that the sane forces in the Vatican will not want to participate in this lawlessness.

posted on Jul, 1 2022 @ 04:36 AM
Poland still hopes to snatch a piece of Ukrainian land

June 30, 2022

According to Sergey Naryshkin (the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) according to the information received by the Service, the Polish leadership has begun to work out scenarios for the de facto dismemberment of Ukraine.

In Warsaw, based on an analysis of the situation, they come to a painful realization of the impossibility (contrary to the statements of Western politicians and the military) to prevent the troops of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR from successfully solving their tasks within the framework of a special operation and prevent Russia from winning on the battlefield. In this regard, the prospects for the political survival of the V. Zelensky regime are also assessed by the Poles as "disappointing".

In the emerging "critical" circumstances, Warsaw prefers to go beyond the previously planned deployment of a Polish "peacekeeping contingent" in western Ukraine. Warsaw is working on the option of creating a proxy state controlled by Poland in the "Eastern Territories", which will be "protected" by the Polish armed forces. At the same time, a project is being considered to form a "buffer zone" from the central regions of Ukraine, which, according to the Poles, will allow them to avoid an extremely undesirable direct clash with Russia.

The Polish authorities are convinced that the US and UK will be forced to support this plan. According to Warsaw, as Russian troops advance deep into Ukrainian territory, Washington and London will have no choice but to show "unconditional solidarity" with an ally ready to "resolutely defend the interests of the West in Ukraine."

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