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The Biggest Conspiracy Theory No One Talks About

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posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 06:24 PM
a reply to: neutronflux

Cloth masks are worthless ... and no idea why everything got italicized

posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: OccamsRazor04


You made a post where you used people using cloth masks or no masks as evidence N95 don't work.

Did you read what I posted. Let me help you.

originally posted by: neutronflux
a reply to: OccamsRazor04

Quote where I said N95 masks don’t work IF:

Individuals are properly fit tested.

Are physics fit to wear them.

Are trained on how to properly don, wear, remove, dispose of.

How the discipline to properly don, wear, remove, dispose of.

Have a supply to change out mask ever hour or so.

Have the proper mask for the proper physical activity. Hard to keep as mask in place loading lumber on a hot day on a truck.

Have a proper waste stream, and are properly handled.

OSHA Requirements for Occupational Use of N95 Respirators in Healthcare

Procedures for selecting respirators for use in the workplace. Surgical N95 masks must have NIOSH approval. To see if a respirator is NIOSH-certified, look for the NIOSH logo as well as the test and certification approval number, or TC number. The logo and TC number can be found on the respirator’s package or the user instruction insert, and sometimes they appear directly on respirator components, such as the respirator filter or cartridge. If the respirator is not NIOSH-certified, do not use it in a hazardous area.
Medical evaluation/clearance to determine if users are physically fit to wear a respirator.
Employee training, initial and annual, to ensure users are familiar with surgical N95 respirators, their proper use, donning procedures, and protective limitations.
Qualitative or quantitative fit testing, initial and annual, to determine which respirator model/size provides a proper fit for the user.[ii] Refer to OSHA’s video on how to conduct fit testing for more information.
Procedures for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, inspecting, repairing, discarding and otherwise maintaining respirators.

Even been behind a trash truck full of used masks? Dripping liquid? With spray flying off as the travel down the road? Or dust or mud flying off from gunk picked up driving through the landfill?

Now. Did German push for everyone in the country to wear N 95 masks? How is there daily infection rates? New records, is that false.

I only wear a mask if absolutely forced to, to gain access to a facility I need services from. Maybe wore a mask a dozen times since last March. I recently tested negative for covid related antibodies. How was i wearing a mask protecting anyone?


Seems you ignored what was posted, the context, and what was asked for you to answer.

Now your trying to change the subject.


You attacked someone who was saying N95 masks WILL work when used properly, and you supported the OP who says they do NOT work at all.

Not attacking anyone. Just pointing out the outline of the respiratory program dictated by OSHA for employer to use masks to prevent death in illnesses.

The average person has been medical cleared to wear N95 masks? Properly trained? Have the proper supplies to change out masks as needed?
Have the discipline.



So if you actually believe properly used N95 do work you should probably not attack other posters who are saying that

Ok. Then answer the F’n question…

Quote where I said N95 masks don’t work IF: (see sighted source)

And why did you change your post with no reason given….


If you want to point out that N95 do work,

No. I pointed out for N95 to be effective at preventing death and illness a person has to be healthy enough to wear a mask, properly fit tested, trained / disciplined to use one, have a proper waste stream with proper handling of used masks. What percentage of the population falls under the above. Probably very few at a nursing home.


but it's not feasible for them to be used by the general public in every day life I would say you are absolutely correct.

Ok. Then why mask mandates.

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posted on Jan, 13 2022 @ 06:33 PM
Way bigger than the absolute fact that we are actively visited and genetically altered.
Another slightly more dangerous flu should absolutely be priority. Don't mind what the Agency leaves unredacted. Let's talk about the new flue as being "The Biggest Conspiracy". Go! Swallow the right/left bait thing and it will all be much easier.

posted on Jan, 20 2022 @ 02:10 PM
I think they want us to think that we are prepared for biological warfare so when they release a way deadlier `variant` or new virus everyone will be infected because they are all using faulty protocals....

For that matter, where is the proof that 6 feet does anything to protect you from infection.

Those plastic shields everywhere...

Going through a certain set iof doors or isles certain direction...

Its all the illusion of prepardness and protection so there will be no stopping the actual depopulation agenda virus which this is all a big preparitory `dry run` for...

Why arent they recomending biowarfare gear???

Biggest conspuracy ever

Great post S&F. I have a resperator too which can completely filter out smoke from my wood stove, scent and all. Ill take my chances with that.


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