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White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden mid-sentence as he asks question at wildfires briefing

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posted on Sep, 15 2021 @ 08:45 AM

originally posted by: Bloodworth
The deep state put Joe in as an empty suit.

Cant blame joe, everything he says is written for him.

The deep state/Democrats went for a power grab under trump to secure everything.

Democrats control the media
Democrats control silicon valley
Democrats have packed the courts
Democrats control the FBI
Democrats control hollyweird
Democrats control college academia

And in coordination they can cut feeds, bury news that damages Democrats, they can even control elections now.

When Democrats brought up voter fraud they were given 2 years and millions of dollars to investigate and present their evidence.

Within the first 2 weeks after Bjden won , no court judge would even let a case of voter fraud be brought forward.
Judges would not let time be given to gather evidence and would not even consider a case.

That should worry people

That is a huge double standard and the rapid speed at which the courts deemed no voter fraud should have raised eye.

can't blame joe? LOL

Sorry, I know he is just an empty vessel for the Dems to push their nonsense but to say you can't blame him? LOL the man is not innocent by any means. He is to blame as much as those pulling the strings. Not only this presidency but even his past actions.
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posted on Sep, 15 2021 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: Nunyabizisit

hard to disagree with one thing here: it's quite a rant.

still, i wouldn't behave like they do, and for me it's actually insane to believe in anything without at least trying to do your own research. independent research, not throwing questions at walls of your own echo chamber.

that's something that most americans never do. it's a nation that was conditioned to be a bunch of lazy, avoid-thinking-as-much-as-possible-it-hurts idiots. they can't be bothered to have their own opinion, let alone to be able to explain it and defend it based on facts.

and to be clear, i'm not talking about street-interview-level i-don't-know-how-many-angles-a-triangle-has morons, because there are people like that as well, but i like to think most americans are actually reasonably smart. not scientific-research-level smart, but smart enough to understand they're being f.cked.

but they're lazy. they can't be bothered to think outside the box and they would rather focus on mindless entertainment than learn something new. they hate learning new things.

let me repeat: they hate learning new things.

it's why putting them out of their comfort zone won't do anything for your country. some may vote differently, some will figure out that their vote never mattered in the first place, but many will actually actively try to do everything possible to make the situation even worse for you, because they'll want their comfort zone back, even if it's delusional.

you can actually see it for quite a few years now. the whole TDS is the perfect example of what happens when you force them to face reality. they were living their dream in the past, but internet and social media makes it impossible without complete and total annihilation of any views different than those spewed by propaganda machine.

does it feel like you're winning now? with Joe, or rather his masters, actively trying to destroy everything?

you think you have a few more years? keep waiting for Trump to return and you'll have no freedom to fight for.

what if Trump is part of the problem? what if his only task was to give false hope to those that would otherwise oppose the government, to buy them some time so you won't want to act until it's too late?

you're most likely being played.
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posted on Sep, 15 2021 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: jedi_hamster

I agreed with much of your post, until the last 3.

When have I EVER even discussed Trump returning, except to say that it won't happen.

I don't even want it to happen.

We must find a better person with similar policy positions.

We are ALL being played.

That is the exact message in most of my posts.

It is not being done by Trump.

He has no such ability.

He has no power at all anymore.

(Other than the TDS still infecting most democrats)

Democrats have 100%.

posted on Sep, 15 2021 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: Nunyabizisit

doesn't matter if it's Trump, aliens or Santa.

people are acting like even the chance of violence due to active resistance isn't acceptable, and that's just wrong - government is actively attacking your freedoms and any refusal of cooperation may already end badly for you. you think they'll stop there? you think your country still has hope, you just have to wait a bit longer while sitting on your ass?

your only hope is to move your ass.

and to be clear, i am NOT proposing a bloody revolution.

all i'm saying is, you have to stop your government, by whatever means necessary. and you're running out of time. if bloody revolution is the only way forward, bummer - you should've acted sooner.

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