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Armed Leftist Group Warns: 'We Will Kill Everything White in Sight'

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posted on Jun, 12 2021 @ 02:59 AM
a reply to: BobbyJoeSmiths

This needs revisiting.

Many whites won't be happy with equality because they are used to the advantages that slavery still brings them.

We're all still waiting for you to give us some examples of how we all have benefitted from slavery in any way shape or form.
Real, actual examples.

It's easy to post woke, political soundbites.....not so easy to offer any sort of supportive evidence.

Get with the program and readjust your attitude.

What, or we will be sent to the re-education camp.
Stinks of Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia and Mao's China to me.

So, Whites better get with the program or risk something very bad.

Like what?
Please give examples.

I tend to take things like this as a threat.....and I personally meet threats head on.
Its a good job that calmer heads than mine prevail.

Many whites won't be happy with equality.....

I'd love to see true equality, that'd mean the class system that holds so many people of all races and creeds back would have been dismantled.

....because they are used to the advantages that slavery still brings them.

Again, examples please.
Quite the one for repeating political dogma verbatim aren't you, shame you are incapable of backing any of it up with anything other than more empty, unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Black people are tired of cops killing and allowed to walk free.

So are the vast majority of white people, even those who you seem keen to stereotype here on ATS.

I am not a racist. I detest racist.

Yet your posts clearly tell another story.
If anyone posted anything remotely like your rabid anti-white posts about black people they would be banned.
Racism takes many forms....including black racism against white people.
That you fail to recognise this speaks volumes about you.

Every single black person I know - and I assure you I know a hell of lot of black people.....and some brown people and even a smattering of yellow people - think people like you are a joke and literally piss themselves laughing at you and your self-righteous, sanctimonious, woke attitude.
Its a constant source of hilarity to them and they never stop trying to wind me up and take the piss about it all.
But that's just the British sense of humour I guess.

It would be good if you could try to reply to at least some of the points raised and try to enter into some sort of reasoned dialogue.

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