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The Secret Life Of Fairies

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posted on May, 26 2022 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: sapien82

I noticed the paper's authors still think of schizophrenia as a disease. There is also a lot said about the synthesizing of the active "ingredients" of the plants.

I wonder what difference there is between natuaral and synthetic. Back in the 1970's there was the clear light which was said to be synthetic. Though ergot poisoning is said to be unpleasant.

My educated guess is all these substances work on the physical body and the physical body's consciousness rather than "spiritual awareness" which is said to be the function of the chakras. If so, then it follows that it is the body's awareness as an organ of perception that is altered in some way. I recall an ATS member saying these substances were helpful to certain people who were mapping the human mind. I spose the human mind being the body's consciousness.

I spose another difference between natural and synthetic would be the plant's consciousness is not there. Something to think about.

Maybe a homeopathic connection. Homeopathy's principal is like cures like. To cure nightshade poisoning in a child, Dr Christian Hahnemann diluted the nightshade berries and admisistered that to save the child (from memory).

So if the good scientists are using psilocybin to cure scizophrenia, I would wonder at what dosage? They would probably never admit to homeopathic principals.

If anyone is interested here is an english translation of an introductory lecture on homepathy given at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Homeopathy has been gutted of it's best remedies and demonised in the west, thus the Muslim link: Homeopathy PDF.

posted on May, 31 2022 @ 07:50 PM
All these things I write about are not really that strange nor are they "way out there". Nor out of reach of "ordinary" people.

I guess it boils down to two things when all is said and done if you want to follow me into the 'out there'.

Book learning - the pseudo-knowledge. What can I say except unlearn it. Especially the "sacred" texts of philosophy and science.

The impossible and possible. Unlearn that too.

Aproach the non-human with an open mind, try to understand them. Kindness works too.

And just to be contrary perhaps the best of advice; if you want to approach the great unknown, the unspeakable, approach the unspeakable as a child.

"Come unto me as little children" - geez I hate quoting sacred texts : )

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