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Breaking BAASS, Assessing AATIP and Doubting Thomas ‘DeLonge’

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 06:34 AM

This is the last in a trilogy of threads that take a sceptical and satirical look at the shenanigans surrounding TTSA. A story with a genesis linked way back to Bob Bigelow and some of the colourful but shady intelligence individuals associated with him.

These are the links to the previous threads.

Part 1 : Bigelow, UFOs, MUFON and ‘DeLonge’ Road to AATIP

Parts II : Beyond Bigelow & BAASS, After AATIP and on To the Stars

Three years after its launch there’s a whole army of believers and manipulated 'social media influencers' out there. All trying to convince everyone that some form of ET disclosure is coming from the US government. All thanks to the floundering experiment that is the entertainment enterprise called TTSA.

If you have never considered that the US government, a billionaire, a bunch of spooks, elements of the media and a newly launched company could be involved in psychological deception operations then all you need to do is look back at history….

Here’s a handful of examples of American deception….at it’s mildest. There are much worse examples.

Howard Hughes. Glomar and Project Azorian

In March 1968 a mysterious event caused the Soviet Golf-class K-129 submarine to sink in the Pacific Ocean, North West of Hawaii. Soviet efforts were unable to locate the wreckage in the murky depths. The US was more successful.

Project Azorian was a secret CIA operation to recover the submarine in 1974. Las Vegas based billionaire Howard Hughes was co-opted to provide a cover story. The story, promoted by TIME magazine and other media outlets, was that Hughes’ newly formed Summa Corporation was building a huge ship the Glomar Explorer to mine the ocean floor for minerals. Its real mission was to recover the sunken Soviet sub from the depths of the Pacific and the secrets it held. Even though we know about it now, the full details of why K-129 sank and what exactly was recovered remain unclear.

Two years earlier something else was recovered from the same area of the ocean ….

American intelligence recognized the potential to use UFO tales as cover stories for their real-world activities as far back as the early 1950s, when CIA Director W.B. Smith noted the utility of flying saucer sightings for psychological and counterintelligence operations.….

In 1972, the U.S. Navy submersible Trieste II recovered a valuable object from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Based upon his research into the Glomar Explorer recovery operation… the object recovered by the Trieste II had been stored in an on-deck refrigeration unit and placed under manned guard-- had bodies been recovered? And what, exactly, was under guard?

…. UFOlogists suspected, what they found on the ocean floor had arrived from space…..


What was found did indeed come from space. A photo storage pod, dropped by a US spy satellite had been recovered. Not an alien spaceship.
See P.169 of : This PDF [download]

Studio Six - The CIA’s Fake Film Company

● In 1979 during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. The CIA set up a fake film company called Studio Six productions. The plan was to send agents to Iran posing as a Canadian film crew. Their mission was to stealthily assist US diplomatic staff hiding at the Canadian Embassy in Tehran to escape. It worked. Hollywood even made a factually inaccurate film about it called 'Argo'.

The Hunt for Bin Laden’s DNA

● During the 2000s, a free vaccination project was set up by the CIA in Pakistan. The objective was to obtain DNA samples from the local populace that could confirm the presence of Osama Bin Laden in the area. Bin Laden was later killed by US military. It didn’t end well for Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi either.


● During 2006 an internet hoax called SERPO, relating a story of 12 astronauts visiting a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system, was being disseminated. Why this story was ever released remains a mystery to this day. But of those involved were Richard Doty. Dr. C. Green and current VP of TTSA, Harold Puthoff.

….. "I don't know who besides the two of you know that Hal, myself, and Rick are working an issue together on Serpo (with the two of you...who are mysteriously missing from the addressee line.) No one else...ever in the entire period has ever sent a note like this linking specifically the three of us.....

Dr. C. Green – SERPO Emails

Green is a man who is no stranger to deception projects. Listed on Dr. Green’s CV is confirmation that he worked on the Hughes Glomar Explorer Project during his time with the CIA.

“…..Other interests in naval subjects have included his [Green’s] work on the Glomar Explorer project”

He is not publicly associated with TTSA. But he is a close friend of Hal Puthoff & Richard Doty. He was an integral part of Bigelow's NIDS. Green also authored one of the 38 scientific papers for AAWSAP. He has also talked about his work treating patients injured as a consequence of “anomalous experiences”.

So now we’ve established that America runs deception operations. Does this apply to the current To the Stars Academy narrative? A narrative that has been pushed heavily by certain elements of the media and TTSA's carefully chosen fan club on social media?

>>>Continues below>>>

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 06:36 AM

From Manipulating MUFON to Breaking BAASS

● As mentioned earlier, Robert Bigelow has held a long association with a certain group of intelligence people. Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis, Colm Kellher and Christopher [Kit] Green among them. All have a long history of ‘interest’ in the paranormal world. Green and Puthoff are also long time friends of Richard Doty. With friends like that who needs enemas?

● Bigelow also has a history of funding UFO/paranormal studies and squirreling the information acquired well out of the public eye. Who is he keeping it for? The answer seems obvious.

● Bigelow bought Skinwalker Ranch in 1996 from the Sherman Family. Despite the stories you’ve heard. Nothing much extraordinary happened there whilst the Myers family inhabited the ranch for the majority of the 20th century.

● BAASS security guards at Skinwalker Ranch have claimed [and proved] they had to submit to MRI scans and provide urine samples, as part of their terms of employment. Bigelow’s study group, NIDS, found no hard evidence of paranormal activity. Maybe it was all a cover for some secret test?

● In 2008 Bigelow [BAASS] was handed the US government’s $22m AAWSAP contract. It allegedly spawned a government UFO study called AATIP. Bigelow hired MUFON to provide BAASS open access to case databases and a rapid response investigation team to UFO events after they were reported.

● In 2009, after cleaning out MUFON’s case file database,Bigelow suddenly reneged on his contract [having paid out around $324k of a $650k deal] because MUFON was not spending this money the way he deemed fit. MUFON has never really recovered from the problems it caused.

● In March 2020 Bigelow appears to have used the Covid-19 crisis as a means to an end. He closed down BAASS. Laying off all of his employees there. It is unlikely to start up again.

Reviews from employees have long been unimpressive. Almost as if he didn’t know what he was doing with the company or just didn't care.
Some have postulated that perhaps he was a poor man’s Howard Hughes? The comparison is uncanny now we know about Hughes participation in state sponsored deception.

But perhaps at his grand old age he’s no longer able to play the game and letting others fill the void.

Assessing AATIP?

Counter intelligence agent Lue Elizondo allegedly spent 10 years as the head of AATIP. Yet he still finds it beyond him to settle it beyond all doubt. AATIP was supposedly a government UFO study ran by BAASS. Or was it really just an imaginary Bigelow UFO study? Elizondo refuses to produce any paperwork to prove he was in charge of it. Preferring instead to leave others to jump to his defence and let ufology argue about minutiae.

Whatever he did he appears to have no real knowledge about any ufo studies. With that “chronically constipated” look he often portrays, he told an Italian audience that thousands of people witnessed and photographed the 1952 Washington DC UFO flap. There were only a handful of witnesses and no photos were taken!

Since becoming a reality TV actor in 2019, Zondo’s main focus has always been the 2004 Nimitz incident.
Is that because it was a stage managed and controlled deception operation?

● He told us the unimpressive tic-tac footage from 2004 represented a threat. Imagine the US government sitting idly by and only worrying how much of a threat Sputnik I represented in 1971?

● He told us the Pentagon was clogged up with religious dogma. So this maverick counter intelligence agent felt he had to retire [did he really?] from the US DoD and join an entertainment company. Thus allowing him to report these 16 year old problems. By befriending a retired punk rock singer and making reality TV together they would grease the wheels of Congress and also warn the rest of the free world.

● We were told the three videos TTSA released were accompanied by a full official chain of custody. Elizondo didn’t even complete the public release form properly or get final authorisation from the relevant authority to make them public. The chain of custody never existed.

● We were told there are more UFO videos. But 3 years later they are still talking about them. The origin of the FLIR video is mighty suspicious. The GoFast video too leaves a questionable trail involving the interview bomber that is, Jeremy Corbell.

● In 2009 The Pentagon allegedly investigated the infamous FLIR video leak but deemed

".... there was no way to accurately determine who might have released the video”.

Yet Isaac Koi, amongst others, did just that and communicated with the source of the leaks. Popular mechanics magazine was told in 2020 that he still fears repercussions. The Pentagon statements make it seem oddly incompetent and uninterested. Suggesting the video is of no importance or there is a vested interest in it being ‘public’ to support an intelligence operation.

Elizondo of course is no real rebel. He won't break his oaths to tell you anything of substance. Maybe he never really left service of the government at all?

>>>continued below>>>

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 06:39 AM

Doubting Thomas

TTSA’s main success has been in promoting their forthcoming announcements about upcoming communications that will reveal things they will be talking about in the future.

The CEO, Tom DeLonge, however had been spreading wild stories for years before TTSA was launched.

Here are just some of the odd things he’s claimed.

● “…if a human feels good then that energy is a death nuke missile straight to the UFO”.

● “Do you know if you call out the name of Jesus that your [alien] abduction could stop?”

● “There still are spaceships that crash. There still are alien bodies....There are all these things. That we can back engineer.”

● All the ancient myths are right and were true.

● Atlantis really existed….

● “Magic is real..but it’s not magic it’s consciousness. To do wondrous’s just physics you know”

● Consciousness is the enemy of the soulless entities that control UFOS.. All the top people know this and the universe is magical.

Then he totally lost the plot on Joe Rogan’s show. Tom was a man filled with a load of unsubstantiated woo. It seems to be fed by the same circle that once surrounded Bigelow. It has turned many sensible researchers screwball crazy. Chasing these unfalsifiable fairy tales and myths. This manipulation of people's belief systems is worrying. Look what happened to the Heaven's Gate Cult for an example.

Yet the brains of US military intelligence thought Tom was best candidate for them. The man to head up the revelations of "ET Coming to America". Or more likely an easily exploitable asset.

After uttering this story a number of times Tom DeLonge even posted on Facebook in 2016 that he’d spoken to a “General” who had found a lifeform.

No journalist has ever seemingly tried to dig deeper. Perhaps because they know Tom has been fed a load of duff information.

Three years after it started this circus has no sign of ending.

The inference has changed from initiatlly being

Donate and TTSA and will disclose the presence of ET on Earth


TTSA need to take more time because 70 years was not long enough and people will go crazy...

That has become….
We can’t break our security oaths …The US government is to blame. They won’t disclose.

Will TTSA be putting any pressure on Bob Bigelow to share all that information he squirreled away over the years?

I think not. They seem more intent on securing military contracts and hoovering up UFO sighting data via their app....following on the good work of Big Bob and not releasing it.

There is no proof that TTSA is engaging with Congress over matters of UAP incursions [read unidentified drones] over US air space. Or that any ET disclosure is coming soon or even later.

But many of those who still believe will be believing in another year and then another decade. Long after TTSA has vanished with the money. Waiting for the US government to disclose. American ufology got lazy the day it decided to take that path. Even though it was being manipulated long before the likes of Bob Bigelow and TTSA arrived.

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 07:10 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Noooooooes! He did it again. Someone call the team!

A few days ago, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) filed its latest set of documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. One of the documents filed, is titled "The Company's Business." Previous editions of "The Company's Business" have provided such information about aspects of TTSA's operations, as Linda Moulton Howe's transfer of "Arts Parts" to TTSA; previously unknown details about SCOUT; and financial aspects of the ADAM Project. What do these latest documents provide, which previous editions have not?

The Entertainment Division

The "Monsters of California" feature film script has been completed and production is scheduled to commence in the Fall of 2020.

The plans for the release of a short film, "Poet Anderson" has been paused to allow for discussions on a full length movie.

Science and Technology Division

* The VAULT contents "...have been viewed over 24 million times."

* Projects still under consideration, are advanced quantum communications; aerospace technology; Beamed Energy Propulsion Launch Systems, and Space-Time Metrics Engineering.

* SCOUT (Signature Collection of UAP Tracker) is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2020, now delayed. Available via the iTunes App store and Google Play, later in 2020.

* ADAM (Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials) "The next series of scientific analysis on these metamaterials requires access to specialized equipment and our goal is that the tests will be conducted pursuant to the CRADA...the company is unable to estimate the scope, timeline, and cost of such efforts."

September 2020 US Securities and Exchange Commission filing by TTSA

You're such a nasty boy, why do you keep mocking those fine people? Big Low Corp is just here to help, obviously.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Who needs enamas, indeed 😂😂

I’m adding zero value to this thread at this point, just had to voice my appreciation for you.

Edit to add:

Coming back to ask a question: Did/does MUFON have any recourse for Bigelow bugging out on their contract? I know at heart that the answer is really no, since the contract wasn’t really necessarily with Bigelow but government spooks instead, so they have all of the corruption and non-accountability that is the US government. But- did they try? Did MUFON attempt any legal measures to get the rest of the money from Bigelow/government spooks/Kit Green-Hal Puthoff? Probably not important, but I’m curious.
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Im back. Remember when Bigelow had that big interview on 60 Minutes or 20/20 or whichever Sunday night news show? Maybe 5-8 years ago, with the blonde chic “reporter?” He said “ET is here.” And they showed some big bouncy-house “pod” he was creating for space. Anyway, I guess that PR was prepping the dumb masses for the TTSA launch a few years later.
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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: KansasGirl
a reply to: mirageman

....Did/does MUFON have any recourse for Bigelow bugging out on their contract? ..... Did MUFON attempt any legal measures to get the rest of the money from Bigelow...

You could probably write a book about it all. The below is off the top of my head.

From what I recall certain people within MUFON suspected the government were involved from day one when Bigelow proposed the contract. This obviously caused problems of trust. Only John Schuessler [another colourful charcter from the NIDS days] sat on the MUFON board and knew that Bigelow was using money coming from the US government.

Bigelow didn't like that MUFON banked his money for a rainy day and were not spending it the way he wanted. Legally MUFON could have probably forced him to stick to the terms of the original contract and forced him to pay up. But the board backed down and accepted lower payment terms with a James Carrion, the International Director of MUFON, resigning in protest.

Of the $22m Bigelow was given to run AAWSAP, most of it is unaccounted for. Including the cost of the non-existent warehouses he built to supposedly hold bits that fell from alien spaceships. The New York Times never really followed up with a visit and tour around them when they reported that did they?

If I have more time later in the week I'll post a bit more about Bigelow's manipulation of MUFON.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: mirageman

While I want it to be real, it’s hard to trust anything coming from these people. I smell spooks. And I don’t mean a floating apparition.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 08:04 AM
Holy Jesus MM. Great thread.

(That's all I have to contribute)

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 08:29 AM
a reply to: KansasGirl

Remember when Bigelow had that big interview on 60 Minutes or 20/20 or whichever Sunday night news show? Maybe 5-8 years ago, with the blonde chic “reporter?” He said “ET is here.” And they showed some big bouncy-house “pod” he was creating for space. Anyway, I guess that PR was prepping the dumb masses for the TTSA launch a few years later.

I think you can ask a lot of questions about Bigelow's past.

Like how he really 'made it' in real estate in Las Vegas back in the 60s and early 70s. When the shadow of the mafia hung over the city. But he was able to build up a huge property business from almost nothing.

Or his story about his grandparents seeing a UFO in 1947 before Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting that supposedly got him interested.

Or maybe that his ambition to own a space based business was something he kept secret from even his wife until the day he launched Bigelow aerospace.

Maybe one, all or none of those things are true.

But I think the main drive to prep the masses came from Tom and his secondary advisor group led by George Knapp.

Before TTSA launched Knapp did nothing but promote DeLonge without any critical analysis at all

See :

And as Wikileaks revealed George Knapp is another guy who isn't quite who he seems.

Tom 'recruited him to take the direction from his Primary advisors before TTSA went public.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: mirageman

How does one give you more stars? Excellent MM😁.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 09:37 AM

By befriending a retired punk rock singer and making reality TV together they would grease the wheels of Congress and also warn the rest of the free world.

I really enjoyed this sentence.

I recall Werhner Von Braun warning of the ultimate false flag to come- after the Russians and Terrorists, it would be Aliens. He predicted it. I actually do feel this is a "sorta" disclosure- and expect a "hostile encounter" within a few years. Not saying it will be legit- but it furthers the agenda that Von Braun warned of- the weaponization of space. And one of Tom's talking points really disturbed me, because it fed right into that- Tom says that nuclear weapons are a weak point for ET- well wouldn't that make it more reasonable to arm ourselves from space with such weapons.

Just my, uneducated, 2 cents.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 09:37 AM
Has always MM, some great information and a great thread.
Threads like yours is one of the reason I joined (and SERPO) and keep coming back to ATS.

How does anyone take a Counter intelligence agent like Lue Elizondo serious?
Anyone with even a small amount of knowledge about the UFO subject knows that the intelligence agencies used UFO's as a cover and even infiltrated UFO groups, how would it be any different now, especially with more countries than ever interested in other countries secret/classified technologies?

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 10:00 AM
a reply to: mirageman

But many of those who still believe will be believing in another year and then another decade. Long after TTSA has vanished with the money. Waiting for the US government to disclose. American ufology got lazy the day it decided to take that path. Even though it was being manipulated long before the likes of Bob Bigelow and TTSA arrived.

This makes me sad thinking about the radical offshoot Newer Younger Guns in the year 2040 arguing in a Virtual Reality diner about how close we came to UFO Disclosure 20 years before while watching Tom DeLonge's Fly Fishing With Ryan Bledsoe on TTSA TV.

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: mirageman

In regards to Knapp, I personally put him in the same space as Greer, Friedman, Pope and a host of others.

They find a story (not "event" mind you) and run that puppy for all it$ worth.

P.T. Barnum would be proud!

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 11:03 AM
a reply to: TXRabbit

Isn't Greer the odd man out here? In terms of being a nutjob I mean (seemingly).

Anyway, just wanted to congratulate MM on yet another great thread. Definitely food for thought and goes to show that things are never as simple as they seem in ufology.

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posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 11:13 AM
a reply to: Skeletonized

Yeah, I agree with you to an extent but the end-goal appears the same, to me anyway.
Greer definitely exhibits the most passion about it all and sinks a lot of money into it but there's still a bit of shadiness there for me.

Very entertaining though

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 02:01 PM

originally posted by: mirageman

You could probably write a book about it all.

And I cannot think of a better candidate to author it than you, MM.

I've become a permanent lurker on ATS as it slowly dies, but had to momentarily decloak and say Thanks for such a comprehensive thread that so perfectly encapsulates and summarises the entire messy saga.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 02:04 PM
If you are looking for truth, look no further than C2C and for 15 cents a day you can be an insider.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: mirageman

I'm very skeptical of claims that TTSA is somehow government-controlled, especially because they openly admit they're working with the government (real covert operations aren't a reality show), but I have an open mind. That Tom Delonge post about the general is pretty weird though, that sounds staged. It seems there is some substance to that hypothesis.

But even if you think TTSA is government-controlled, what are the consequences? I'd argue there aren't many.

However controlled TTSA might be, the public perception shifted. Is TTSA controlling that? I think it's impossible. Many journalists started paying attention. UFO stories tend to be huge hits, actually, when it's good reporting.

If you think they're so incompetent as to associate with Bigelow, can they really control a worldwide phenomenon? Lots and lots of people are finally asking some questions.

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 02:18 PM
MM......thoroughly enjoy your posts. I’ve been catching up here and there since it’s been a stretch before posting again. Permit me to add my 2 cents to your thread since some might find relevance in what I write in reference the Delonge show.


The Pitch (Seinfeld)

NBC executives meet Jerry after his comedy act and ask him to come up with an idea for a TV series. George decides he can be a sitcom writer and comes up with the idea of it being "a show about nothing".


The Pitch (The DeLonge Show)

History Channel executives meet Mellon after his comedy act and ask him to come up with an idea for a TV series. Elizondo decides he can be a sitcom writer and comes up with the idea of it being "a show about nothing".

TV Ratings is the fuel that feeds a series. No fuel (your viewership) ends a series. It is well known that these shows are filmed weeks to months before airing. If anything was of world changing significance, it would not wait for a recorded series to air before announcing whatever it is, to the entire world. Current example the COVID virus.

Has a intelligent non-human species landed on the White House lawn yet? Has a so called “Benevolent” intelligent non-human species presented humans with the one shot, one pill, etc....cure ... for the current virus, for all cancers, etc...?
So many humans have died already. You would ask the question to these intelligent non-human species... “were where you in the beginning? When you could have saved so many human lives!!...”

Disclosure of anything is a multi-billion dollar job killer of industries.

An example of this is the prophetic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”...If never seen by you, I recommend it. Two of the strongest points...a possibility, that people are food for intelligent non-human species ... and the other which will happen if any full disclosure happens. In the episode, because of the advanced technology presented to humans...there are no more wars on planet earth.

In the reality of today, that means, no need for a multi-billion dollar defense industrial complex. Which translates to all jobs evaporating overnight, so to speak. The same could be said of the multi-billion dollar industry of cancer and also the new evolving multi-billion dollar COVID specific industry.

Imagine, getting tapped on your shoulder by your significant other to wake up.....”honey, you have got to get up, your going to be late for work” and then your own disclosure to your significant other .....”I don’t have a job to go to anymore. I’m obsolete ..... “how will we pay the bills or continue the lifestyle we have enjoyed” .... “I don’t know, I only know what I have built as a career, for my entire life is now worthless” “I have nowhere to apply my skills” “I don’t know anything else” “I don’t know if I want to, or have the energy to, go back to academia to retrain in a new career” “first things first, we sell the house if someone can afford it” etc etc....

If you don’t think the above scenario could happen to you, IF ever there was a full disclosure about anything from humans and or intelligent non-humans species.....I recommend you wake up and smell the coffee while you can still afford the coffee.

Full disclosure of a intelligent non-human species will within itself open a Pandora’s box, a can of worms, and any other cliche you want to use.

On the political front..... the present dysfunctional congress will have years of congressional hearings starting off with.... Who knew this, How long has it been known, Why was this not “transparent” to all of us from the beginning? etc. etc.

On the theology front..... What is the litmus test for god, a god, gods? When a multitude of intelligent non-human species will claim to be our god(s) who created us in a full disclosure (honest or dishonest) to gullible trusting humans. Will the real god please stand up.

So back to..... Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation and crew....

It’s entertainment, there’s no real change to your personal life moments. You still get up in the morning, crap, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and go to work if you have a job to go to.

Shows are becoming a blur with technology software, hardware and now with AI coming on’s getting harder to believe in what’s presented on your devices, tv, etc.

The shows are becoming mashups between content and even the talent (actors) ..... you’ve seen it for yourself already .... same stories lines regurgitated with a slightly different slant but essentially the same.....(if I had a nickel for every insert of the Roswell story.....) ... the actors bouncing between not only shows on one network, but multiple networks. Some who’s titles change under their names when on screen. As if a network says to the actor, “for this particular show, we will title you an astrophysicist”.

As entertainment and not personally life changing for me....I watch the first and last entertaining shows of a documentary and acted “drama” (docudrama). Any episode in between is missable since, as mentioned is not anything that has changed the world by its airing.

For Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation..... if it’s not your cup of joe, you can in some small measure help to bring down the ratings if you simply do what is shown below. Change the channel. The show goes away from actual production and becomes a summer series of entertaining reruns for bingeing for some of you.

Post Opinion

Hey.... and you(s) know who you(s) are.....(in dismissing the Hynek conclusion) how about instead of a fly by like The Washington, D.C. sightings of July 1952, also known as “the Big Flap” .... you(s) actually land on the White House lawn this time! (a thought in dark jest)

My Warning to my fellow humans..... have a plan B...IF full disclosure ever happens. The big reveal will have among other things, a possible financial consequence on your life. You only have to look at the financial effects of COVID (a Virus Disclosure for all intents and purposes)... i.e. the closing of businesses that will never reopen again and the financial impacts of it etc...

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