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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. BREAKING: Project Veritas: Pfizer “Mutating” Covid-19 To Continue Profiting From Vaccines 58
  2. Depopulation and the End of Health Care 55
  3. Well, seems we're now at war with Russia.... 54
  4. They Knew: Why Didn't The Unvaccinated Do More To Warn Us? 52
  5. Bombshell - Network Of Fake Twitter Doctors Were Lying And Promoting Covid Narratives And Vaccines 49
  6. Industrial sized Lathe type devices in Ancient Egypt 49
  7. Shocking - Lead Author Of Peer Reviewed Study Calls For Immediately Suspension Of Covid-19 Vaccines 46
  8. Fukushima more bad news for us here 46

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. Tell me again how Biden's docs are different than Trump. 334
  2. "Non Binary" Teacher CAUGHT GROOMING Class In Front of Parents! 332
  3. Remember Don the Con LYING on TV that he paid millions in taxes in 2016 & 2017? 300
  4. The two year anniversary of the death of Ashley Babbitt 300
  5. Well, seems we're now at war with Russia.... 291
  6. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen suspended for comparing Covid vaccine to Holocaust 268
  7. Buffalo Bills player collapses on field 249
  8. Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location 185

Newest Topics

  1. Climate change lies are a depopulation agenda. 2
  2. Enough 1
  3. Tesla battery 'spontaneously' catches fire on Cali freeway, 6,000 gallons of water to put it out 9
  4. WEF: Are You Ready For Brain Transparency, Your Boss Will Know Your Thoughts 11
  5. Are they B.Essing the numbers 8
  6. Just a reminder.... 10
  7. Eerie deaths of 17 women baffle Miami 5
  8. Climate change as a pseudorelgion 5
  9. Biden tells Congress he'll end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11 7
  10. Migrants Refuse to Leave NYC Hotel -- The Nerve! 14