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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. Lab Founder Shows "Vaccine" Spike Protein Damages Vital Organs 108
  2. The goal of the COVID - unveiled! 104
  3. Everyone STOP! Look at what REAL Americans did! 103
  4. I am now disabled. 96
  5. Many US casualties in Kabul today WTF is Biden going to do? 91
  6. Never In My Sixty Years Of Life Did I Think I Would Hear A President Say This 90
  7. Biden In Hidin--Joe Calls a Lid on Public Appearances--Indefinitely 79
  8. Those who laughed about the magnets 75

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. Those who laughed about the magnets 677
  2. Many US casualties in Kabul today WTF is Biden going to do? 613
  3. Lab Founder Shows "Vaccine" Spike Protein Damages Vital Organs 458
  4. FDA fully approves the "Vax" 353
  5. The Biden Administration Will Recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan's Legitimate Government. 341
  6. Biden will deliver remarks on Afghanistan 330pm Aug 16 2021 326
  7. Why Larry Elder Will Win the California Recall Election... 324
  8. Ex had vaccine....just tested positive for covid today. 304

Newest Topics

  1. Lethal radiation levels detected in Fukushima nuke plant reactor lid new update 9-15-2021 9
  2. Different Japanese Covid Pregnant Lady gives birth, this is absolutely crazy 4
  3. Hitler's project is the Hamburg-Crimea highway 0
  4. Doctor in leaked video says hospital’s COVID-19 message should be ‘more scary for the public’ 1
  5. Newsom Projected To Win The California Recall Election 30
  6. Big Argument with My Doctor Today Regarding Vaccinating Covid-19 Recoverees. 100
  7. Maybe 1st case in Japan Covid infected mother infects infant with covid of 40c temperature 26
  8. Chips and shortages now affecting transport. 19
  9. Leaked Zoom Call Hospital Leadership Wants COVID-19 Data Manipulation 15
  10. A Needle in the Sky; Hidden in Plain Sight 20