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Their are some very interesting facts emerging after thirty years of AIDS research , like the virus cant be isolated, and when a blood sample was sent to five hundred independent laboratories, fifty percent said the sample was positive and fifty percent said it was negative. The drugs that were primarily used to control it have been withdrawn, as the deaths...
Fragile Earth Apr 25 148 28 rss
The study in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate predicts temperature rises of 1.66C compared to one IPCC forecast of 3.1C and 1.33C compared to another IPCC study predicting 1.9C. The 2015 Paris climate agreement sought to limit climate change to 2C above pre-industrial levels and no more than 1.5C if possible. Mr Lewis, said: “Our results...
Space Exploration Apr 24 61 24 rss
Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, has held a vital (and smelly) secret of the solar system for decades. An international team of researchers reported on Monday that they've discovered evidence that Uranus holds one of the most unpleasant-smelling chemicals known to humankind. "They found hydrogen sulfide, the odiferous...
Space Exploration Apr 24 24 23 rss
Someone on Twitter made an animated .gifv image/video of the surface of the comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko) using stacked photos from the , it looks incredible! I have no idea how to upload or format something like that for ATS but you can check it out at the link below: Found a direct imgur link on Reddit to the animation if anyone refuses to use Twitter...
Space Exploration Apr 25 25 22 rss
Most, if not all of you reading ATS, are familiar with Jupiter's massive cyclonic storm, the Great Red Spot. The tumultuous storm isn't as massive as it once was, and is known to be shrinking at an ever increasing rate. We know the storm is at least 300 to 400 years old, evidenced by documentation from Cassini in the 17th century, clearly depicting...
I enjoy reading medical studies. I especially enjoy following medical studies in their progression as they slowly and methodically build upon one another. At its best, the process is a wonder to behold. But at worst, it's an unconscionable and shameful distortion and misrepresentation of the whole...
Sooo..... today I had cataract surgery in my right eye. It's a tad embarrassing because I'm not THAT old. Or so I thought. About a year ago, while reading my phone, (prolly ATS) I noticed I had to squint to read the words, as it also felt like there was something perpetually stuck in my eye. I thought, well I'm about the age where reading glasses are pretty common, so I figured that must...
Fragile Earth Apr 16 31 21 rss
Our fragile society upon our Fragile Earth had an encounter recently which would have had quite the impact: An asteroid similar in size to one that exploded more than 100 years ago in Russia's Tunguska region in Siberia gave Earth a close shave on Sunday (April 15), just one day after astronomers discovered the object....
Fragile Earth Apr 16 36 18 rss
I saw a documentary a while back on the Great Ocean Conveyor. It was talking about how if too much fresh water entered the ocean through melting ice that it can disrupt the Great Ocean Conveyor. A disruption can create dramatic climate change. Scientists predict extreme weather and flooding if this happens. A recent report...
Space Exploration Apr 21 286 18 rss
First, in no way do I mean to disparage those interested in the exploration of space. I think it has been a worthwhile pursuit...up to this point in time. However, I wonder why we as a civilization feel so compelled to continue with manned exploration of space, specifically traveling to other planets(?). I believe orbiting laboratories are also a worthwhile pursuit,...
A Canadian mother thought that giving her son rabid canine spit would turn her demon-child into an angel. Some kids have behavior problems, there's no denying that. My personal experience is that many (if not most) parents are to blame for the majority of problems getting...
Fragile Earth Apr 17 159 16 rss
I am not here to be a "denier", or whatever other label needs to be attributed to me for voicing my opinion based on facts. I am just offering a perspective based on my reality. February was very warm. Unusually warm. But March and April have been uncharacteristically cold. Yet, when I hear the news report on "weather", I hear this year has been the hottest on record yet again. ...
Yes, you read that correctly. A startup company is seeking to build a satellite network capable of monitoring and broadcasting the entire Earth... In real-time and high-definition. This means that anyone could see what's happening anywhere on Earth with a delay...
Space Exploration Apr 17 36 11 rss
The Space Hotel called the Aurora , is due to be up by 2021 and start accepting guests by 2022 will be the first of its kind; holding up to 6 people which includes 4 guests and 2 crew members. The stay will last 12 days and the cost will be $9.5 million, which they say is...
Just for a bit of a laugh, I looked up if their had actually been any hacks where people had turned up some wooden pistons and used them for practical purposes in combustion engines. Much to my amazement Beech and Oak had been used during the second world war where supplies were short. The application where wood was used always had either an aluminum or lead flashing on the crown...
This is breaking news in the scientific community especially concerning the Center of Disease and Control sector. I am smelling a conspiracy here. I cited...
Fragile Earth Mar 30 178 57 rss
Several years ago when the global warming craze got started I figure I was like most and wanted to know more. It was not a super burning desire but I took the time to...
Space Exploration Mar 28 62 56 rss
So, Nasa can make a vehicle that wakes up and works after 37 years huh, shame this principal isn't applied to everyday goods we use! But very cool, wonder what more it has to tell us, and if we'll ever...
Aircraft Projects Apr 11 25 46 rss
Reaction Engines, the UK based (originally), company that has been slowly, but surely working towards development of their LACE style engine just got an investment...
this thread is an sequel of my thread on the cultural layer, and it deals with one of the main technologies (the others can be seen here:) that were lost after...
Space Exploration Mar 27 87 34 rss
I can't post a link from my phone but go to to track the space station (Tiangong 1) and to see radar images of it tumbling around in space. I imagined it zooming around...
Space Exploration Mar 31 120 33 rss
As promised here are my estimates as to when it will come down. If it continues descending at it's current rate of 1 mile every 4 hours and 30 minutes at 05:21am eastern time it will have descended...
i love stuff like this, despite us thinking we know it all, there's ALWAYS more to be found! Layers long thought to be dense, connective tissue are actually a series of fluid-filled...
Space Exploration Mar 26 50 63 rss
While watching a Youtube video compilation of Mars images acquired by MSL/Curiosity, a rather unusual feature caught my attention. On day 1185 of its mission, the rover captured an image...
Space Exploration Mar 21 52 44 rss
It appears that 70,000 years ago, a binary system consisting of a small red dwarf star and a brown dwarf (Scholz's...
Fragile Earth Mar 18 44 36 rss
I have come across a few videos reporting a heat anomaly due south of Louisiana at a distance of 160 miles....
Fragile Earth Mar 18 32 34 rss
Steve is a newly discovered atmospheric light phenomenon first documented last year by citizen scientists , although on first appearance Steve looks like an aurora borealis...
Fragile Earth Mar 24 39 33 rss
So, our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. 4 noreasters slam the US. Record cold events all over the planet. Nearly half pound deadly hail rains down, even killing people in distant countries. Cosmic radiation is on the increase,...

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