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Space Exploration Feb 23 24 20 rss
Amateur astronomer Victor Buso was testing out a new camera he had bought , he decided to try his new camera out on spiral galaxy NGC 613 as it offered a good viewing possibility but in doing so he became the first person ever to capture images of a star going supernova....
A revolutionary eyedrop invention from a team of Israeli ophthalmologists has been found to heal damaged corneas and improve the vision of pigs. Clinical trials for humans are expected to begin later this year. This is pretty exciting. A team of ophthalmologists has created a kind of nanoparticle solution that corrects...
Yo. I'm only posting this because I am seriously getting tired of all these guns threads. So here's a little something in the news today in the realm of science - scientists just created the first human-sheep hybrid. scientists have created the first interspecies sheep-human chimera, introducing human stem cells into sheep embryos, resulting in a hybrid creature...
Yet another school shooting, and immediately the conversation turns to guns. This thread isn’t about guns’s about what I believe to be the true and underlying force behind this social disconnect demonstrated by lost souls who go on a rampage and commit atrocities on a seemingly weekly basis. Psychotropic medications;...
This discovery really grabbed my interest. Some physicists found a way to bind photons together in triplets by shooting them through a cluster of super-cooled rubidium atoms. By cooling the atoms, they are able to minimize energy levels, which (if I understand correctly) creates a special medium that decreases...
Fragile Earth Feb 17 33 27 rss
I came across an interesting video of a recent phenomenon that happened in Washington State in Jan 2018. An odd event where 100's of trees were snapped in a forest all at once in a few seconds time. The officials say it was likely a Mountain Wave. I've never heard of this type of weather phenomenon prior to today so it was pretty interesting to learn about. It appears to have...
Fragile Earth Feb 15 21 20 rss
Strange thigs afoot here in cetral cal. People in the foothill, from Auberry Ca to Mariposa Ca(90 miles)are reporting a series of booms and rattling buildings and windows today around noon. I am very very familar with this area and people are hearing and feeling this right now, across a large swath of...
Fragile Earth Feb 17 56 17 rss
Today 17th February, I just experienced my 3rd UK earthquake. The house shook like a good one I have to say. Can't find anything on UK seismic sites.......can anyone help please as friends felt it about 10 miles away. Thank you Rainbows Jane
ATS friends & community, I'm reaching out to you with an extremely important and personal question, in hopes that someone here has had experience or at least the knowledge about what my first steps would be in investigating professional negligence and medical malpractice that resulted in...
I have read numerous articles about visual tests that psychologists and psychiatrists have devised to help determine schizophrenia or tendendencies. Very interesting stuff. They found that in some optical tests, those with schizophrenia were able to see past the illusion. For example, in the tests linked above, those with schizophrenia...
No words to describe this. Obviously the most awesome landing I ever saw. Watch the volume ^
Ahhh, the US medical system. In ten years 2 companies shipped over 20,000,000 pain killers (hydrocodone...
Fragile Earth Feb 9 101 30 rss
A study out of California saying global warming, the usual pith cast as the danger to the children, maybe the exact opposite. Yes the study is from California...
Well cause' the freemarket and the invisible hand God dang! Stella Apo Osae-Twum and her husband did everything by the book. They went to a hospital covered by insurance, saw...
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you .... the Universe ! (Well part of it at least) The video is a...
Fragile Earth Feb 4 34 29 rss
Maryann Borden says the local creek is different from the cold creek that she remembers as a kid, and she has photos....
Take two aspirin and call him in the morning. Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks Americans could...
Space Exploration Jan 30 91 29 rss
My first thread, please be kind. I am not blocking ads, but still cant upload pictures. Looking through the Curiosity rovers pictures, i found 5 shapes that are embeded in the rock. At first i thought it...
Just wanted to let ats family know. As of 9am today (Wednesday) i went on the ttansplant list. Status 3
Fragile Earth Jan 23 181 48 rss
(had the wrong link originally) Here is info on it, and it seems it's an 8.2. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but there have been several major earthquakes occurring in the past 2-3 weeks....
Fragile Earth Jan 16 34 41 rss
So here's a new one. In Australia, there are reports of a different kind of arsonist at work during wildfire season. Apparently, there have been reports from the Aborigines for some...
Fragile Earth Jan 17 78 36 rss
Over the years I have frequently visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratories Near Earth Objects Close Approaches page to keep up with the newly found asteroids which are constantly...
Fragile Earth Jan 22 28 35 rss
There has been a steady stream of reports the last week that Mayon Volcano that is situated in the central Philippines has been getting frisky, about a hour ago it is...
Fragile Earth Jan 16 67 35 rss
Multiple states, including Michigan have reported a possible meteor explosion. The videos are just coming out now. This was a widespread sighting. Night turned...
Space Exploration Jan 17 30 30 rss
Truly fascinatingly beautiful! This is an illustrated logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe with the Solar System at the centre. Encircling the Solar System are the inner and...
Wow, what an epic launch. The world's most powerful rocket, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, lifted off without incident today. See video clip below: Now, Starman in his Tesla is headed towards Mars. How cool is that?...

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