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Fragile Earth Oct 15 45 27 rss
One of the most mysterious claims in Genesis involves a watery layer above earth - the Firmament. "And God made the expanse and separated the waters that were under the expanse from the waters that were above the expanse. And it was so." Genesis 1:7 Water in the atmosphere is actually common knowledge in the scientific field. The...
Space Exploration Oct 16 25 22 rss
These time lapse films are the first ever taken of Jupiter's Moons orbiting the planet by Junocam. Well done Juno Probe!!
Aircraft Projects Oct 19 32 16 rss
Let me repeat that...I will NEVER fly on a 737 MAX...EVER! Boeing has broken my trust. Boeing has been a shameful money-pig. NEVER! Bad plane. Uncomfortable. Crews hate it. NEVER! Yes, I've flown on one. It was horrible, down right maddening. (and the blue cabin lights didn't make me any calmer, in my cramped an terribly uncomfortable...
This video is from Jason Liosatos Outside The Box. Jason interviews a British doctor about the global push for compulsory vaccination. One by one the doctor debunks every one of the official reasons that the pharmaceutical lobbyists...
Like many (no doubt) I have read articles about WiFi and the possible health effects a continuous exposure to the wireless environment can have on the human body.... many non mainstream articles saying WiFi can hazardous to one's health along with women do not carry your mobile phone in your bra etc etc. due to the risk of breast cancer. Kids...
I seem to remember this idea getting tossed around not too long ago. It seems like a team has found away to use frequency to kill cancer cells. The video does not say if they are able to do this to cells inside a human body, but nonetheless, this has the potential to be a effective (and possibly cheap) way to combat cancer. The end of the video shares an...
Fragile Earth Oct 14 30 16 rss
Below is an illuminating graph from the book Climate Change The Facts 2017 that shows a large increase in TSI since 1800. With an explanatory quote: Using the IPCC's a forcing of 0.7 W/m² relates to a total warming of 0.56°C which means the Sun can account for a significant part of the warming since pre-industrial times.
Some experts say that it *could* cost up to US$2 trillion a year to "terraform" (green) the Sahara, a vast region within mainland Africa which is about the size of the United States. ...The Sahara desert is 8.6 million km² (3.32 million mi²) in size. It’s roughly the size of America — if you filled...
Space Exploration Oct 10 42 11 rss
Scientist claim black holes cut through space time. Doesn’t it make more sense that the center is simply matter compressed to its smallest, hardest state without any space time at all? Everything that falls in becomes part of this dense matter clump? Could All the Space-Time be squeezed out from between the matter...
Fragile Earth Oct 11 38 14 rss
Lately with the rain we’ve been having and the beautiful sunny weather I’ve been put under intense pressure to keep our burgeoning lawns under control by my lovely wife. However, I’ve been busy and neglected said lawn and little flowers have popped up all over. Sitting out the front this arvo, sipping on a can I noticed a plethora of bees zooming around....
Space Exploration Oct 11 29 11 rss
In summary, we have: positive results from a widely-used microbiological test; supportive responses from strong and varied controls; duplication of the LR results at each of the two Viking sites; replication of the experiment at the two sites; and the failure over 43 years of any experiment or theory to...
This is probably the biggest and fattest red line of all the red lines in the transgender debate today. It should be. Fatal blood...
This is a very interesting breakthrough. I've accepted for years now that the universe is non local and this means everything is quantum....
Space Exploration Sep 22 37 40 rss
That's the belief of NASA Goddard Institute scientists Michael Way and Anthony Del Genio who have been taking a look at Venus climate data and creating computer models to represent different...
During the Permian-Triassic mass extinction, 250,000,000 years ago our solar system was at this same point in our orbit around our galaxy. That was about the same time the...
Hubble images give us a grand voyage to Orion's Belt in this video showing a star nursery with freshly newborn stars, and proto stars and ends with a star in the process of being born. Truly a testament to...
Fragile Earth Sep 21 28 28 rss
From It is a huge paper and will take some time to read but here is a teaser to help you decide if you care to read further. The strength of Earth's magnetic...
As if puberty blockers aren't doing enough damage to our kids: Psychologists. Not even medical doctors....
Space Exploration Sep 12 61 50 rss
I did a search and I didn't find this posted anywhere so forgive me if it's already been posted. A 2nd mysterious object from interstellar space may be about to fly through...
Space Exploration Sep 11 45 47 rss
The first time such a planet has been found, which opens the door for further research when the technology allows. The article details how the planet was found. The good news is that as it’s such a large...

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