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Fragile Earth Jun 22 70 53 rss
I have no idea what I am looking at but a lot of people on another website (which I won't name) are going crazy over this. What does it mean ATS????
I found this very interesting blog post this morning from an anti-vaxxer. This pretty much sums up my own thoughts on vaccines.... You can "bleep" off when you tell me to vaccinate my kids. I have four kids, un-vaccinated and healthy. We've had one health scare with one of our children in 7 years outside...
At EPFL, researchers challenge a fundamental law and discover that more electromagnetic energy can be stored in wave-guiding systems than previously thought. The discovery has implications in telecommunications. Working around the fundamental law, they conceived resonant and wave-guiding systems capable of storing energy over a prolonged...
Fragile Earth Jun 24 91 22 rss
If the current rate of increase of 2 ppm/yr continues, CO2 concentrations would require about 200 years to double. These climate sensitivity estimates also assume the temperature increase was solely due to greenhouse gases and do not include natural influences...
Space Exploration Jun 22 43 20 rss
What? Scientists at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) have determined that an unseen object with a mass somewhere between that of Earth and Mars could be lurking in the Kuiper Belt, a region beyond Neptune filled with thousands of icy asteroids, comets and dwarf planets. Wow, just wow. Planet 9, Planet 10, next item on the list: who knows! Fascinating. Well. Would...
Fragile Earth Jun 16 122 88 rss
An earthquake swarm at Yellowstone has been ongoing for the last few days, and just produced a surprising, magnitude 4.5 earthquake. It is the largest of the sequence so far. A statement released from the YVO reads as follows: YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO OBSERVATORY INFORMATION STATEMENT U.S. Geological Survey Thursday, June...
New research suggests that the human brain is almost beyond comprehension because it doesn’t process the world in two dimensions or even three. No, the human brain understands the visual world in up to 11 different dimensions. The astonishing discovery helps explain why even cutting-edge technologies like...
Space Exploration Jun 18 71 41 rss
******It appears this is just part of the landing site! SO THANKS to all who replied! That is why I shared it here!!! Well it's been a while ATS! Once again Mars, my favorite subject when it comes to space and conspiracies! So apparently there is an image...
“This behavior was not programmed by the researchers but was discovered by the bot as a method for trying to achieve its goals.” Facebook tested the bots against humans – most of whom did not realize they were engaging with AI Well that's something. A lot of people have been worrying about the development and future of AI, and now they have something...
That's the headline of the article I came across, and it immediately grabbed my attention. Looks like computers, if you let them talk to each other for long enough using human speech as the basis, and with certain set goals, will develop their own language. A buried line in a new Facebook report...
Fragile Earth Jun 20 78 19 rss
First, an article out today in Nature Geoscience ponders the problem of why observed temperatures in the troposphere are not matching up with what the climate models have predicted. The lead author, Ben Santer, is one of the leading climatistas, so this article can’t be written off as “denier” distortions. (One of the co-authors is Michael Mann.) The complete...
Fragile Earth Jun 17 76 23 rss
Yellowstone has had a lot of quakes. Some small, some larger. This is not suggesting anything but... the media has been completely silent. Underneath the surface, there is a lot of stuff that is molten and hot as hell. It appears to be moving... and leaving this trembles in their wake. br /> Again, not suggesting anything but... but, if Yellowstone erupts, and...
A shot to lower cholesterol inplace of taking the statins. The injection is supposed to boost the bodies ability to remove cholesterol. The once-a-year jab, now being tested in clinical trials, would end the need to take daily statin pills for millions of patients....
Aircraft Projects Jun 24 63 13 rss
Sorry guys and Mods of this forum I couldn't figure out where to put I planted here, hope you don't mind the intrusion. Lawmakers within the House Armed Services Committee have introduced legislation that would require the U.S. Air Force to establish a "Space Corps" as a distinct branch of the...
This can be used anywhere to extract CO2 and store it for use later. Uses include greenhouses and beverage companies. We just need a few hundred thousand more.
Here we go! Scientist have to start asking these questions because of recent experiments. Radin carried out...
Fragile Earth May 27 84 45 rss
Judging by the Ice core data from Greenland, put into graph form along with the solar maximums and minimums, along with the corresponding wind patterns. Depending on where you live relocation might...
Space Exploration May 26 65 37 rss
Just wanted to put this out there, and let the chips fall where they may: This is my little video with pictures illustrating how gravity of cosmic bodies warps spacetime, in 3D. I never liked the "balls on trampoline" analogy, found...
Fragile Earth Jun 3 110 32 rss
I have been doing some research about these so-called green funds. I may start a thread next week about it if I get time with organized links and sources. Feel free to post some of your own on this thread....
Very interesting perspective on technology from NVIDIA. Engineering from home? The demo took the GTC audience...
Fragile Earth Jun 8 54 29 rss
A few years back I heard the number 97 starting to be tossed around, in that context that 97 out of 100 scientists were in agreement. I didn't really ask myself at first, "agreement on what?"...
Here is an interesting article on the possibilities of other life in our universe. It looks more and more like the Drake formula will need a major update. Alien Civilizations...
Space Exploration May 20 72 62 rss
Tabby's Star is dimming again and the call has gone out for every available observatory to start watching what's happening. There's been a plan in place for months...
University of Georgia, Center for Applied Isotope Studies, dinosaur tissue samples was divided at the lab into two fractions...

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