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Space Exploration Nov 30 51 20 rss
Asteroids regularly make close approaches to Earth, and Nasa creates alerts for each one of these objects. Sometimes several will even pass by in a single day completely unnoticed by humanity. For instance, four ‘All Saints’ asteroids skimmed past Earth on November 1, completely harmlessly. br /> ...
Fragile Earth Dec 3 32 13 rss
Experts warned the stunt could affect the animal's ability to blend in with its surroundings and hunt for food. An investigation is under way to determine exactly where in Arctic Russia the video was filmed. The T-34 was a tank that played a vital role in the Soviet Union's defeat...
I am flabbergasted at the speed Tech is moving just in the last few years and feel like a dinosaur now at 52 years old , With the way Technology has advanced just in tablet computer terms and how cheap things are getting from Asia . About a year ago i purchased what was then the top of the range 4GB of ram and 64 GB duel sim Phablet...
Fragile Earth Nov 25 48 23 rss
You be the judge. I think most people find koalas bears pretty damn cute and cuddly looking. Many of us also know they live on eucalyptus only and are only found naturally in Australia. What many of us may not know is the the devastating bush fires in Australia are gobbling up the habitat of the koalas, and killing many of them in...
Fragile Earth Nov 29 41 23 rss
The Chinese have been watching the Sun for thousands of years,, they long ago made the connection between sunspot activity and climate on their growing zones, poor harvests caused civil unrest. Mabey the rest of the world is slowly catching on, as they move into Africa, buy a ninety year lease on the port of Darwin, all for extra food growing...
Fragile Earth Nov 28 23 18 rss
Happy Thanksgiving! On another Thread some other ATS member was giving me sheet for using Mosquito Joe's to treat my yard for insects. Golly, so in 30 years of home ownership I used a pesticide service once for insects and terminated the service after five months. Whatever....
Fragile Earth Nov 28 39 11 rss
I wanted to bring this to the attention of our UK members primarily. as my spider senses are tingling Hunterston B has officially been given the OK to be turned back on after being closed down over fears of safety due to cracks in the graphite reactor blocks. The UK's nuclear energy commission gave the green light to the...
NASA scientists behind the Voyager mission are on the brink of something huge – literally. Recent findings from the Voyager 2 probe confirm there...
I did not see it but did feel my house shake. Here is a youtube channel that has all the information.. Man I really wish I would have seen it with my own eyes. I thought we were having a small earthquake. ...
Scientists in California have discovered that by observing a particular part of the brain, they could predict which mice would develop alcoholism. They also discovered...
Space Exploration Nov 13 36 27 rss
Curiosity has made a discovery that has NASA scientists scratching their heads , to add to the mystery seasonal methane...

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