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Rant Jun 23 23 25 rss
The story I am about to recant to you is true, I lived it, I watched it…and it’s more horrific than anyone could imagine. Now, I know I’m going to be walking a fine line here, but I don’t care. My words are exactly what they say. There is no politically correct (PC) word-smithing. As always,...
Music Jun 23 26 21 rss
Drummer Vinnie Paul, co-founder of metal band Pantera, has died. Currently a member of Hellyeah, Paul was 54. His representative confirmed the legendary drummer’s death to Billboard, but added that no further details are available at this time. Damn. Just..damn. RIP and be with your brother. The more that die, the less this world...
Food and Cooking Jun 23 44 18 rss
I have had regular store bought eggs, high end organic eggs, and even farm fresh eggs, and you know what, none of them taste like I remember eggs used to tasting. I don't know if the actual chickens have changed or what, but something is just missing from American food. I'm using eggs as an example, but the same thing has happened with a lot of seafood and fish. None of...
Television Jun 21 36 17 rss
So ABC has a new Roseanne Spinoff coming called "The Conners" Without Roseanne. Roseanne will have nothing to do with this show. I am not a big Roseanne Barr fan but i like the first show and I really enjoyed the reboot. But Roseanne made the whole show without her its pointless and...
Food and Cooking Jun 22 23 17 rss
1st off, I placed this in food and cooking because of its potential applications. So this fellow Sam Van Aken grew up on a farm and works as an Art professor at Syracuse University, Upstate New York. He also owns an old experimental orchard he saved: In 2008, Van Aken learned that an orchard at the New York State...
General Chit Chat Jun 19 27 33 rss
It's unbelievable what imaginative, unique creatures are to be found at the ocean floor! The Sloane's viperfish can make nightly migrations from bathypelagic depths to near surface waters. Anglerfish are bony fish named for their characteristic mode of predation, in which a fleshy growth...
Bravo Chris, that takes real courage to say publicly in this climate, especially around your peers. Glad he won.
People Jun 21 29 29 rss
WOODSIDE, Calif. — Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died. The Gorilla Foundation says the 46-year-old western lowland gorilla died in her sleep at the foundation's preserve in California's Santa Cruz mountains on Tuesday. I intentionally put this under the 'People' forum as Koko, and other primates...
Rant Jun 21 50 15 rss
Rap Culture/Music promotes female degradation, illegal drug use, illiteracy and the glorification of criminal activity. So why do you listen to this music and support the Artist that sing this filth? A lack of proper education has left many in abject ignorance that this genre was foisted upon our inner cities by those who hate us. Unfortunately the cycle of...
Does anyone still play pen and paper games? I've always been attracted to D&D. I grew up playing RPG video games, but my attraction turned into something special when someone gave me a computer game called Baldur's Gate. It is a game based on AD&D 2nd edition, and from what I can tell it does a darn good job of reproducing the experience. I played this game religiously as a young...
Relationships Jun 23 72 12 rss
I have had thoughts on ghosting before. Just in case someone out there does not know what ghosting is. Ghosting is when you are seeing somebody or having interactions with someone romantically and or have romantic intentions towards someone and the other party cuts of coomunication aburptly. I was thinking about this again due to a conversation I was having with a group of friends about...
Television Jun 20 65 14 rss
Red alert! Captain Jean-Luc Picard may be travelling at warp speed back to space: the final frontier right at this very moment. The Hollywood Reporter claimed on Tuesday (June 19) that Sir Patrick Stewart is attached to a brand new Star Trek series in development at CBS that will see him reprise his Next Generation...
Music Jun 19 61 12 rss
I am pleased to open mood music's part V. This thread is at the top of my ATS thread list and I want to give a big thanks to the music lovers' great choices of music over the years. I am in the mood for cool jazz, what about you? "Take Five" for part V -
Rant Jun 14 73 38 rss
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. But I'm not really surprised. I can say that I won't be screaming into bubbles while wearing a pink hat, but I am disappointed. The report really is a "nothing burger"....
Trump is pro America, I truly believe that. As an American Veteran of the Vietnam war, I truly feel he wants to help us Vets. So much bs negative in the news about him is so disheartning .
Rant Jun 13 58 35 rss
If you think those who support Trump don't know who and what he is, you are only fooling yourself. All the reasons you hate him, yes, he is all those things. That's why you rarely get arguments about that. But there is something else. ...
Rant Jun 12 175 31 rss
I Am So Sick of Your Opinions. All you want is to find something wrong with everything. Every day, every hour, every minute... You vomit your hate. Your life is empty, meaningless. Your Heart rots, blackened by all...
People Jun 15 45 30 rss
I read this quote of Henry David Thoreau's after listening to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece “Time” yesterday and would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'd say that this quote could easily describe the root of much of the malaise I've experienced over the...
Rant May 18 123 29 rss
Fix the pay gap! Equality for women! Male privilege! Toxic Masculinity! Girl power! National Women’s day! We need more female engineers and scientists! Women this! Girl that! Female...
General Chit Chat May 20 58 27 rss
I have been having about a 40 second delay or more to ats when clicking links. I just tried a vpn and now it loads in 2 seconds.

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