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Rant Aug 17 67 52 rss
Horrible story reported by CNN today. It seems a teenager was shot dead by a store clerk after the boy stole a can of beer. HERE is CNN's first paragraph in the story: A jury found a grocery clerk guilty of killing a 17-year-old boy who ran out of the store with a beer he didn't pay for in Memphis, Tennessee, in a case that had sparked protests, authorities said. As I...
Rant Aug 18 46 20 rss
This weekend has been tough. My usual week of Monday thru Friday, making irrational demands upon my Gunthers to do what needs to be done had been interrupted. My boss, yes, even I have my betters, make a request. To dig out of the mound of bovine feces that another director had created. Thus my travels to Portland proper this weekend. After spending hours pouring over compliance...
Rant Aug 16 49 15 rss
So the majority of those who voted in the EU referendum voted to leave the EU , the majority of those who voted in the Conservative leadership election voted for Boris Johnson as he promised we would leave the EU on October 31st in accordance with the will of the people but now those who can't...
Rant Aug 15 27 14 rss
How can you call for MORE gun control when the perp was a FELON and the firearms were ILLEGAL anyway??!!! The story was that cops were serving a narcotics warrant and this then quickly descended into a shootout which saw 6 officers...
General Chit Chat Aug 14 32 12 rss
It's California, they wouldn't ban tacos but could demand an stronger new taco regulation. FRESNO, Calif. — A man died shortly after competing in a taco-eating contest at a minor league baseball game in California, authorities said Wednesday. Dana Hutchings, 41, of Fresno, died Tuesday night shortly after arriving at...
Rant Aug 11 44 66 rss
Worst part about Epstein dying? Too many of us expected it. Those of us who have seriously investigated so called "conspiracy theories" knew something like this would happen. Fact is no-one can...
Our dear Timely has been in the hospital with (in his own words...) "Fluid on a lung, shortness of breath, swollen legs and torso etc.etc. He will be in the hospital for a few more days. Please send your healing prayers and well wishes to...
Rant Aug 4 60 32 rss
The right wings main focus is to protect what we have. Constitution, religion and implied rights. We generally don’t organize, get loud or go on the offensive. The left wings main...
Members Jul 15 45 108 rss
I'm very sad to share that we've lost one of our own -- DigginDirt. She passed at home at the end of April, though I only just learned of her passing. Her real name was Kathy, and she was an archeologist by profession, and...
Members Jul 17 27 39 rss
I had told a couple of members here about today. I have been a member here for 10 years today.These years have really flown by and I can't believe that I'm still here.I have had a great time and enjoyed many threads over these years. Our community...
General Chit Chat Jul 22 23 30 rss
I had yet to see this, but man this is wicked. So many pyrotechnics And Darude Sandstorms? ROFLMAO Imagine not knowing there was an air show going on and see this from far away.
Rant Jul 19 39 29 rss
The last 6 years or so have been deeply transmorphic for me as far as politics, social sensibility, division, and personal philosophy are concerned. The realities of a changing and technologically hyper-progressive world have forced me to reevaluate many of my...
Movies Jul 14 207 28 rss
Bond 25 is said to introduce a female version of the spy. According Bond 25 is said to introduce a female version of the spy. According to reports,...

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