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General Chit Chat Jun 21 21 39 rss
People were experimenting with color photography as early as the 1840's. However these processes were extremely difficult, some involving complex chemical processes, or camera requiring hours or even days of exposure. These early photographs were very limited in colors and the color would fade almost as quick as it was developed. Prior to the late 1890's color photography...
Rant Jun 21 25 27 rss
I have been on ATS for almost 9 years, although granted have increased my participation more in recent times. When I started on ATS, I wanted to chose an Avatar that I though represented me. I would have been 23 years old at the time. I was was just gaining an interests into conspiracy theories,...
General Chit Chat Jun 24 32 20 rss
Phoenix358 created a thread on child abuse and its complexity. I didn't want to cause any thread drift so I created a separate thread to expand and share. There is this option here for those that are hell bent on derailing.. So here it goes. Around my ninth year of existence, my mother and father divorced apparently due to my fathers infidelity...
Why were you born? What were you made to do in this life? Don't you remember, it's all in your Heart! It's what you're good at. It's what you enjoy doing. It's what you want to do. It's your Passion. It's what you Love. I Live for my Dreams and to make them become Reality. And One of my Greatest Dreams...
Holy smokes....I wonder if this is true... (quote) three women who all went missing in the mid-1970s have turned up, at least parts of them, in a steel industrial 55-gallon drum buried on the Clinton estate in Chappaqua, New York. The barrel, which contained...
Rant Jun 19 234 54 rss
SOOOOO..... I have been without work since February. I worked for Bank of Satan aka America. It was a horrible experience which that itself could be an entire thread in various forums. My advice is if you bank with them LEAVE! Anyway I have spent my time filling out NUMEROUS job applications online...
Rant Jun 19 39 52 rss
I just wanted to thank someone. I want to thank everyone who gets crap for doing whats hard but right. People who do their best and also manage to give a little back in what ever measure they can muster. People who heal the sick and ease the suffering of others. Teachers and mentors, good examples of human beings, I thank you. Lovers and faithful spouses,...
Rant Jun 20 47 36 rss
I'm a trucker , I don't do Continental runs but know drivers who do and drivers who are no longer willing take the risk , I've heard first hand of the gauntlet drivers are forced to run to just do their job , the French authorities are pathetic and do nothing but pay lip service to the concerns raised...
Food and Cooking Jun 18 26 35 rss
I'm BAAAACK! :D Well it's been a long time since i posted in this forum. I have many new recipes to share, just have to figure out how to keep them from uploading sideways! My son, Liam, is now 4 years old. Just had a birthday a couple weeks ago and he is quite the little chef!...
Rant Jun 17 22 25 rss
So dad, I've wondered my whole life, with a old slow growing sense of rejection under the guise of 'everythings cool', why you always seemed to favor my brother over me, no matter our shared similarities, interests or peace of mind. Why nothin was ever good enough in any attempts at relating, all the while any minor failures seemed to just confirm some long preconceived notion you've...
Rant Jun 25 86 15 rss
I'm a racist. I can't help it. But I don't like it. And I fight it. Fighting it isn't always easy, sweeping generalizations seems sort of automatic, sometimes it would be easier to just surrender to them. But they're ugly and stupid, and that helps me to fight. So I walk to work every morning, you can tell what homes belong to blacks in this area. They're the homes that are poorly kept,...
I went shopping earlier today and I took my car as the shop I went to was in a different town. When I got there, I went into the multi story car park, got out the car and went shopping. Sounds normal, right? Wrong! After I finished browsing and finally shopping for almost 2 hours (wife's fault!), I went back to the multi story car park and my car wasn't where...
General Chit Chat Jun 18 55 16 rss
To my Dad who I lost years ago, with love. Please share your own thoughts of your Father who you miss and love. You are not alone.
---------------Warning to liberals------------ This is a trigger thread... Please do not enter unless you have access to a safe space with pajamas and therapy puppies -------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the 2016 election meme thread... Laughing at Hillary's expense was America's pastime last year... So let's keep it never gets...
General Chit Chat Jun 17 40 16 rss
For those of you that want to learn from the wisdom of a six year old, here is your chance. Ask my kid anything, with me as the buffer. I reserve the right to turn down the question or edit it for language and subject matter as needed. I will quote your question, then post my question and his reply verbatim.
General Chit Chat May 26 38 74 rss
Dear ATS. It's with shock and sorrow that I'm saying goodbye to this insane and beloved community in which I've mingled daily for almost 7 years. I recently learned that I have numerous inoperable brain tumors, and somewhere around 3-12...
Rant May 29 178 51 rss
Germany - and what you think you know about it. The ignorance is high these days and rumors and lies are spread even by long standing members. Intentionally or not, I want to clear up some things! I´m...
General Chit Chat Jun 16 27 49 rss
Hello ATS. I'm hoping this post will interest the WWII buffs in our community. My grandfather served in the Navy during WWII. I have a few old photos, letters, etc since he passed in 2002. A few months ago,...
General Chit Chat May 30 27 41 rss
My life is going pretty good lately. However, I often find myself getting bummed out by little things; bills, things I need to get done, etc. And the I find myself in an 4 hour binge of posting things on here. Some of it is serious...
Rant May 29 350 35 rss
I am not one to complain about things in life, my philosophy has always been that there are people who have it worse. Well, now I am one of those people. I live in West Orange, New Jersey, a fairly nice suburb of Manhattan. It's notable for having Thomas...
General Chit Chat Jun 12 33 35 rss
So something really bizarre(?) just happened to me. I was at the ATM doing my normal routine minding my own business when a man beside me starts asking me for help, an elderly man probably in his 70's, he was also blind(?) or had very poor eyesight,...
Rant Jun 15 87 33 rss
Lots of people on ATS the last few days wanting to give people 'free' stuff. There has been the universal income people, the free health care people and of course the free university people to name a few. The problem is none of these things are FREE they...
General Chit Chat May 30 33 28 rss
It seems we are all a bit disgusted with the nastyness most of us have displayed over the current political divide. I admit I have a few here who have pushed my buttons to the point, I care not to discuss anything with them again. Childish?...
Rant May 26 100 85 rss
This is what living with a deadly disease is really like, sometimes hope is elusive and you go to a really dark place. I hope my little rant purges the darkness that is consuming me right now. Every moment counts and is too precious to waste on tears, regret and being...
Music May 18 127 36 rss
Heard that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave has passed. After a show in Detroit, he was 52. Source Inc. Very sad. One of my favorites too. ETA: Representative for singer, who helped take the grunge sound of the...
Rant May 25 68 29 rss
Alamo Drafthouse launches a 'women only' screening of 'Wonder Woman,' sparks outrage Alamo Drafthouse announced a “women only” screening of “Wonder Woman” for June 6. “The most iconic superheroine in comic book...
General Chit Chat May 25 23 29 rss
I was shocked to learn that the Titanic was on fire before they even went out to sea. The fire burned for days and the main bulkhead was severely damaged by the fire. The bottom of the water tight compartment was warped, a...
People who idolize and worship Jesus seem to be the opposite of what Jesus taught. People seem very judgmental, arrogant, belligerent, bigots, and prejudice...
General Chit Chat Jun 1 1606 28 rss
[color=teal]I have travelled through the shadows of the forest, its path a blanket of tall grasses and moss beneath my feet. Birds fill the morning air with song and the wind whispers unspoken emotions. Here in the Shedlands in the Kingdom of Acassia, you will find a combination...
General Chit Chat May 29 78 27 rss
So I got a bit fed up of all the Tumpsters on ATS and took a month or two off, decided that for my own sanity i had to leave ATS for a bit. Recently in the wake of the sad attacks in Manchester I logged back on and have stayed...
Rant Jun 7 90 27 rss
I have never written a post critical of ATS and I never will. Quite the opposite actually. I have written dozens of posts defending this site against the all-too-frequent whiners, bashers, and bitchers over the years. ...

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