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General Chit Chat Apr 18 107 39 rss
Today is none other than Nightstars birthday- the user who needs no introduction to many. Please take a moment to leave a word! NS- may your own sky always be full of stars and your eyes, with their light, always reflect wonder.
Rant Apr 19 51 29 rss
At least in my book. You have to be legitimately oppressed to claim asylum, like you're going to be killed because of your political beliefs or religion. If you just don't like your country because it's a dangerous s#hole, that sucks and all but... ...that's not what asylum is about. You need to stay in your own country...
Through Christ we have Freedom through Love. We do not have to follow rituals and traditions for Salvation, because we are made Free in Christ. Muslims believe that they are slaves of their god and Jews still believe that they are slaves...
Didn't ya' always want to type this??? "Attention!" And yes, it's just yours truly screwing around, DTOM. No offense intended, all in fun! And now for something critically important... It's a beautiful day outside today! Go outside and enjoy it! I know I will be. Take the dog for a walk, enjoy the sunshine. Heck, plant some bushes even (I'll probably get roped into...
Rant Apr 20 28 11 rss
Now I have recently been savaged for not fawning over the MCU's Captain marvel, apparently I hate women, they intimidate me, I am a virgin loser that lives in my parents basement etc... Why in the deepest darkest recesses of Zeus's butt hole do I have to be one or the other, Ripley from aliens, Princess leia, Jyn Erso, Sarah Connor, these were all...
As the Cathedral At Notre Dame is burning a group of MUSLIMS are praising GOD watching and filming it BURNING DOWN Sorry if you think this is Islamophobic but you DO NOT PRAISE GOD for it, if you still think all of these people are...
General Chit Chat Apr 16 272 29 rss
We often see the claim made on ATS that it is a right wing echo chamber (or some more childish ways of putting that), and this is a bad thing. Events in the past several weeks have made me think about whether or not this is true, why it is the way it is, and what are the effects of this. br /> To start with, is it even true...
General Chit Chat Apr 16 35 28 rss
So... something really strange just happened to me. And to be quite honest, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. Very seldom can the universe throw a curveball at me and catch me off guard, as I'm usually able to make sense of everything in an instant. Yet here I am, absolutely dumbfounded as I try to make...
General Chit Chat Apr 16 47 20 rss
As a new runner....second year, 45 yo, and a pack a day smoker...26 minute 5k though....this made me cry. A marine crawling over 4 miles to finish the Boston Marathon for his fallen! Semper Fie.
Members Apr 14 86 19 rss
Dearest ATS, We've been doing these annual meet ups for a couple of years now and it's about time for another one I think. First it was and then we met up in ... and now maybe we can do something in Philadelphia, or what Augustus calls "Filthadelphia." It really isn't the prettiest or most cleanly of cities, lol! But it's in my neck of the woods and I know...
General Chit Chat Apr 14 69 16 rss
So HERE is the story... A couple of weekends ago, my wife got a text and photo from a friend of ours. She and her husband are a couple we occasionally go out with to have dinner. This text from her said she and her husband were out to dinner...and got into an argument. They had both been drinking and when they got home, she said they were still arguing, still...
General Chit Chat Apr 17 29 16 rss
this is too cool some of the earliest known dental work pretty gnarly awesome though
General Chit Chat Mar 25 204 63 rss
Our dear Timely's Wife has had a horrible accident. :( His Wife has had a fall down the stairs and hit her head on the tiled floor. She has a fractured skull with bleeding on the brain as well as a fracture in her spine and fractured jaw....
Rant Mar 14 43 29 rss
Our world view is often colored by how we live our lives. What influences me to believe the things that I do does not necessarily bear any weight in your life. Nor should it. Generally, however, modern humans tend to agree on certain basic principles...

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