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Rant Oct 18 39 21 rss
So I need some help. I've recently been getting more politically active in the real world and have gone to a few meetings and just some general hangouts. I decided it was time to stop mulling around and get involved. So I officially joined my local ANTIFA chapter, been going to meetings for a few weeks. Everything is great, the only issue is that we usually change our...
Movies Oct 20 24 17 rss
Wow... That was a fricken good movie. Joaquin Phoenix has to be a top contender of an Oscar and the film should be right there at the top of the list too. It's amazing how you can feel this man losing his humanity right in front of your eyes. The violence aspect has been blown way out of proportion by the media in my opinion. He kills a total of three men in this film, yes, it's not for the faint...
Rant Oct 17 22 12 rss
Not so much a rant as it is a matter of fact. Since the censorship purges, I no longer use or visit youtube. As much as I would like to claim that I stopped visiting the site because I'm "boycotting", thats really not the case. They just no longer have any content which interests...
Health & Wellness Oct 16 40 19 rss
Recently, I destroyed my smart phone. The built in memory maxed out in less than 6 months, so I couldn't really download new apps or updates, and most new models don't allow you to transfer apps to memory cards anymore. I'm convinced they do this so that you have to upgrade more frequently. I don't play that game. I used my phone until it...
Food and Cooking Oct 15 23 11 rss
LOL...dinner tonight was Pizza (Dominoes Exravaganza, less olives). They won't deliver out here, it's too far, so I had to drive into town for take-out. I made nothing for dinner, and completely punked out with some Dominoes pizza. All my creative cooking threads, have been demolished by this one thread. Dominoes pizza...take out. Good stuff though, but I didn't make it, not even...
General Chit Chat Sep 22 73 40 rss
I have to have back surgery tomorrow. They're doing a lumbar fusion. They're going to screw a metal rod to my spine and fuse a couple vertebrae together. I have several injuries to my spine, including one that people 60 and over usually get. I just thought I'd let you...
Rant Sep 24 130 34 rss
I cannot believe this little girl is getting so much airtime about her climate action summit speach. Tell me - what does a 16 yr old know about anything let alone world affairs, this child has sat there emotionally...
One has to wonder how many of these folks are out there hiding in plain site. I am not a big fan of the...
Rant Sep 28 32 28 rss
It's official progressive liberals/Democrats no longer believe in free speech. New York City's Commission...
Rant Sep 11 57 43 rss
Like many of you...this morning, I am watching the loved ones of victims of the despicable and unthinkable act of terrorism on 9/11 at Ground Zero reading the names of those murdered by sadistic animals. A...
People Sep 15 39 35 rss
When New Zealander Josh Thompson received an e-mail from his boss asking him to attend a meeting regarding his future role at the firm Mr Thompson figured he was to be made redundant , as the e-mail...

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