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General Chit Chat Feb 17 30 20 rss
Ohhh ho ho ho. I pull up to the grocery store I see a table assembled..... Please for the love of all that is good be The Girl Scouts slanging those cookies! Guess what? It was. So yeah, I was suppose to start some sort of Keto diet but here I am. I kept thinking about being a boyscout and all the damn popcorn I sold and how much easier it would've been if I was...
Rant Feb 16 25 18 rss
They just didn't happen. And we had lots of guns in our home too, we actually went to events called skeet shooting, hunting, target practice as a family, and learned how to use them properly, but there is something far more sinister involved here. Bonding, love, and attention. We actually had a family unit back then, someone was home nurturing the children,...
General Chit Chat Feb 16 31 13 rss
Well, actually I don't have crabs. But I would really love some! When is soft shell crab season? I can be down in New Orleans for a Po Boy in no time.
Rant Feb 17 67 13 rss
There are a couple of articles today about Jennifer Lawrence stripping off and walking round the set of her latest film in the buff. She says that she’s so comfortable doing this that it made other people uncomfortable. So you’re the female star of the film, in a position of power. Your actions on set are making members of the cast and crew...
Music Feb 12 52 23 rss
I recently moved to Mexico. Some friends from "back home" (not even sure what that means anymore) came down to visit. We were sitting out in my back yard tonight sipping some margaritas and a bit of 23 year old rum, and I was taking requests from everyone for songs over my Google Play account. br /> One of my friends said,...
Rant Feb 14 37 21 rss
In the typical new-America fashion, it has become impossible to enjoy any activity without also engaging in political debates/arguments/posturing/conflict of some type. Take Football for instance, with the exception of the Super-Bowl it was impossible to watch without having to witness a half-dozen...
General Chit Chat Feb 11 28 18 rss
I posted here not long ago re. issues I am having with respect to getting health coverage. It still hasn't happened and my blood sugar is getting worse. It's out of control and I know w/o a doubt that my one and only provider (an NP in this village) will throw hissy fits about this. She's been getting on...
People Feb 13 66 18 rss
No, it was not on this site but there is a site that shall not be named where someone posted a really nasty paragraph saying that my wife has been cheating on me for many years with married men and that she finds her men through her school (where she is a special needs teacher). In the photo, they used a really old picture of her one...
Rant Feb 13 29 17 rss
Okay, so the wife and I are sitting down trying to watch some of the Olympics on NBC. It's snowboarding...okay, we'll watch that (for a few). So I'm watching, and listening to this broadcast, and suddenly I realize none of this is in least not any English I ever learned. Here's a sample of what I heard... "Ladies and gentlemen here we are...
Rant Feb 11 29 13 rss
I know, why make a rant thread on my careless self falling on the Ice? It's not just the ice, it is winter itself. I friggin hate the cold weather. I can't wait for spring and summer. But move to a warmer climate you say? I was cleaning up some trash that several stray cats discovered after one of my kids left the lid off of the trash can. We had a small bit of freezing rain...
General Chit Chat Jan 21 45 77 rss
My friend. Anarcho pacifist moon-child with a beautiful mind and radiant, loving heart. I'm going to miss you so much I was going to post in the other thread, but I wanted her to have a thread of her own. I'm sorry it took me so long It would be lovely to remember...
Carbs, Sugar, and Other Stuff This started out as a quick enquiry into the world of sugar, simple carbs, and Keto/low carb dieting. I was trying to figure out if what I do for my personal health was any better/worse than...
Members Jan 29 44 47 rss
10 years ago a bright-eyed baby faced dashen came to this godforsaken place looking for answers about Shadow People. It wasn't long before I was posting recipes how to prepare extraterrestrials and...
Rant Feb 1 83 44 rss
Disclaimer...I speak as a member and not as staff. To me,it goes without saying,but...this is MY rant!! It is a CESSPOOL meant for the worst of the worst,who just simply couldn't help themselves and be they needed a sandbox...
Rant Jan 20 69 34 rss
Rant Jan 23 33 26 rss
I am in Texas and decided to go to Mexico. So I started walking there, and i ran into a guy in uniform with a Mexican flag...
Over the last few weeks, I've had several folks say to me "Why don't you get a new truck?" and my reply is always "I don't need one" Then, we invariably get into the part where they try to prove their point by asking "What year is it?" Me: " 96 " Them : { with...
Rant Jan 19 213 81 rss
MUCH has been spoken here today about the FISA Abuse Memo generated from the House Intelligence Committee. It reportedly outlines how the anti-Trump dossier was used to justify spying on the Trump campaign. To date, it is...
General Chit Chat Jan 19 25 53 rss
Today marks my 22nd anniversary to my lovely wife. We met when she saw me at work, and had my sister (a coworker of hers) set us up. I had noticed her, and she checked all my boxes (short, plump, and brown), so was all too happy to accept the "blind date" that my sister had arranged....
Rant Jan 16 50 40 rss
The Media’s Racism Let’s put aside for a moment the rib-tickling fact that an adult ran to a popular news organization in order to tattle on the president for saying mean things. Let's forget that for a moment. All we need know is the president said...
People Jan 15 46 32 rss
This news is just breaking that Dolores O'Riordan has died aged 46 , no further details are available but at this time that doesn't matter , what a sad loss. “Irish and international singer...
People Jan 12 27 31 rss
Ok so: I don't ask anyone to read this and I don't ask anyone to understand. This post is for ME. I found out today I'm free. Free from the scars I have inside and out. Free from the scars that make me wonder? Should I be proud of the scars...
This trending #releasethememo and the aghast right wing politicians who have seen it and claim it should be released is a massive psyop. It is a fabrication and what can only be described as A Great Lie,...
General Chit Chat Jan 15 1134 27 rss
She wanders down the long halls of solitude and silence, a gypsy soul that longs for adventure. Quietly she grabs her cloak from the tall wooden stand, clasps the jeweled broach at her throat and throws her hood over her head. She smiles as the door ever so gently closes...
Members Jan 17 26 26 rss
Yes I know, everyone assumed I would be bashing other members about dumb things they put on ATS. But I dont need to that, because I have plenty of dumb material from...

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