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Rant Dec 9 104 28 rss
I believe in; The freedom to marry whomever you want, as long a they are old enough The freedom to bear arms, as many as you want The freedom to not wear a seatbelt if I don't want The freedom to protest and free expression and The freedom to ignore protests and free expression The freedom to smoke the "Devils Weeds"...
This is the Dreams and Prediction forum, right? So don’t shoot the messenger. I dreamt and I’m predicting an 8 plus will occur Thursday 12/14 in the SF area.
Rant Dec 9 46 18 rss
I am not trying to marginalize sexual harassment, its a valid issue that should be addressed and should not be tolerated. But there are millions more people suffering age discrimination in the United States than sexual harassment. It can be devastating, and if you are over 55, statistically your chances...
Rant Dec 10 31 16 rss
How hard is it? Read the WARNING labels on the devices you use. I just received the third repair call this month due to fire. Yes, three fires in homes due to what? Overdrawn extension cords.... These are supposed to be functional adults who own homes,...
Television Dec 11 57 14 rss
Is it just me, or is has the Walking Dead become horribly boring! There's a whole bunch of people running around talking smack, including Negan; there's endless drama music and inuendo...but nothing ever happens! Okay, so Carl got bit (apparently), but I'm guessing they'll drag this one out for several episodes only to find out he got bit by a dog or something...and...
Rant Dec 6 58 39 rss
I was talking with a lady yesterday about helping find her kid a decent tablet for christmas she said no she would rather go get his nintendo ds fixed i had my new samsung tab e on table beside me in standby mode. today i had a bunch of ads for where to buy or fix a nintendo ds on my newspage on facebook. i have never searched for a ds and last nintendo i bought was a gamecube and ds...
Lead us not into mistranslation: pope wants Lord's Prayer changed Pope Francis says wording of prayer implies that God induces temptation but that is Satan’s department Pope Francis has called for the wording of the Lord’s Prayer to be changed,...
Rant Dec 5 57 24 rss
Growing up I was shoveled left ideals. Even to this day I get text from family members complaining about the Republicans. Over the past few months I feel that they are just angry about Trump being our potus. I am a registered repub and only did that so that I could have a say in the primary. But I am slowly starting to swing in that direction. I am very conservative and always have been. I believe...
At what point do we decide that we have gone off the deep end in our narcissistic "hold my beer" mentality? This guy in Britain does crazy stuff for views. And guess what? His challenge was to "Nearly die." In a YouTube video documenting the incident, the YouTuber started by opening the "Day 7" box on an advent calendar, to reveal an instruction, "Nearly die." "I...
Movies Dec 6 58 13 rss
"The only thing that limited them was their '60s budget and eight-day shooting schedule," Tarantino said in a 2015 Nerdist interview. "You could take some of the classic Star Trek episodes and easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some amazing, amazing stuff." JJ Abrams didn’t do a horrible job with the...
I made a thread on just this during last years election campaign early on, of coarse people laughed at the notion, after all he was going to lose to Hillary Clinton. Now there is this Cyrus The Great was a liberator and is seen as a positive historical figure to both Jews and Christians, and he was neither of those faiths.
There are thousands of threads that have been posted in regard to the "Big 3" (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), and also the Eastern mystic traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism. So what about interesting topics like Wicca, Voodoo, Pagan and Heathen religions? Surely, with the wide array of personalities here on ATS you'd think that we'd have more fun beliefs to discuss....
I thought this was amusing....
Woke up this morning by what sounded like an elderly gentleman screaming "Woaaaahh!!" - in what sounded to me like a combination of surprise and fear. I was not dreaming either, but rather I was partially awake. The scream was -- inside my head -- , which was the alarming part from my side. It really sounded...
So now he has the ability to sit in on presidential briefings if he so choses. Apparently his first order of business is looking into the Bengazi incident. Things should start to get even more interesting....
General Chit Chat Nov 27 69 66 rss
Sounds more ominous than it is or at least than I hope it turns out to be. As many of you know I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer in February of 2016, I responded well but it came back. I responded well again to a trial but that quickly became unresponsive...
Lord Jacob Rothschild and four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday...
General Chit Chat Nov 17 30 48 rss
I love old photographs and have my own large collection from friends & family but also love the more historical pictures before the days of photoshop and manipulation. A picture in those long past days...
Yes, it's that time of year. . . again. I looked at last years predictions that I made and was 10 for 10. Don't bother checking, I already did. Just trust me, I am always right with these predictions. I will offer,...
Travel Nov 16 59 38 rss
I was incredibly lucky to join my friend in Iceland last week, where she was completing a program with ARENA (Artic Remote Energy Networks Academy) by learning about the renewable energy Iceland uses for heat and electricity. We had several...
Music Nov 18 23 35 rss
Rip Malcom. Huge loss.
Rant Dec 3 43 34 rss
I intentionally decided to step away from ATS, my podcast, Youtube channel, and my other political/current events interests and endeavors in order to focus on my now 6 month old son. I figured it might be a good idea to let the FALSE right...
Members Nov 5 380 48 rss
Welcome back to a new season of Softball, hopefully it surpasses your expectations from last season, and considering the quality of guests we had this shouldn’t be a very difficult task. We have some...
General Chit Chat Nov 11 54 34 rss
My boots My boots are off I war no more. All my gear lay on the floor I stop and think of days gone by Of brothers and friends who had to die To fight for honor and sacrifice So many so dear that paid the price Too few are those...
Rant Nov 5 51 32 rss
Why do we still do this? What purpose does it serve? This is absolutely the dumbest "tradition" that we still continue. What's the conspiracy behind all of this? It screws up...
Food and Cooking Nov 6 198 30 rss
All this talk about curry around here has got me craving some. I like mine with rice like above. I'm fairly new to the world of curry. I was introduced to it at work by a guy from...
We can do this people but it is going to take a bit of work. I think it will be worth the effort and if enough of us can come together and do what needs to be done the world can be a better place. But we all need to take a step back for...
Relationships Nov 26 108 28 rss
Afternoon ATS. I'm not exactly at I expect from this post but getting it off my chest might help . Last Monday, my Fiancee decided that I had to leave. We had an affair years back back but life conspired...
Rant Nov 23 135 26 rss
Its been bothering me a lot. Not the fact that there is transgenders but the fact that it disgusts me so much. I have all my life been accepting of others and tried to have empathy for everyone that is marginalized may it be...

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