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General Chit Chat Aug 14 21 14 rss
Yep my wife and I tied the knot on August 14th 1998. So today is our 20th Anniversary . Been together 28 years . I actually took her to the Prom. I cant believe its been this long lol. We have a grandson. It just doesnt seem possible . Its been rough then good then rough again but we stuck it out. Thick or thin. We are so co dependent at this point I dont think I could...
I don't know why but just a heads up and a bad feeling about Global events and injured/victims/ events An uptic so to speak so besides tragedies such as Italy i think western Americas and also the west pacific Indonesia/java? maybe? i dunno yet but...
General Chit Chat Aug 15 44 11 rss
A thief with a hankering for soup is afoot in Georgia after police in Fayette County discovered someone had stolen nearly $100,000 worth of ramen noodles. Deputies are looking into the theft of a large trailer holding the massive amounts of soup, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. The 53-foot trailer was parked at a Chevron store on Georgia Interstate...
General Chit Chat Aug 13 294 20 rss
Welcome to our magical realm and 20th incarnation of The Shed! Continued from here... We are a combination of chit chat and story telling, making friends and sharing thoughts, music, our daily lives, joy and laughter, tears and hugs, magic, love and compassion. Here, you can find respite from the real world, chaos, politics and the mundane, a home away from home. Don't worry about the dragons here,...
Rant Aug 13 40 13 rss
You! You hyprocratic brainless consumist. You think you can judge others when they buy on Amazon or similar? When they don´t "support your local business"? Here´s the wakeup call, you are as guilty as those you look down at. Killing small business started WAY before amazon or even easy access to the internet. Let´s just...
Rant Aug 10 73 11 rss
People really need to lighten the hell up. My nephew (16) was caught with vape supplies in his room. A jewel, whatever the hell that is. His parents are all over him now. I asked my brother in law what he was on at 16 and he just him hawed around.... uh huh. His mom was freaking out six months ago when they found out he was watching porn on his phone...... hell I'd worry if...
General Chit Chat Aug 12 49 11 rss
i think something really needs to happen about this, if this was happening in canada or the u s there would be outrage. just goes to show yyou what some humans have to put up with.
Members Jul 31 85 48 rss
I've had to spend the past few days away from my lovely coast of Oregon and suffer within the heat and traffic of Portland, Oregon. I was filling in for a director that found work elsewhere. In the past few days I have...
Rant Jul 13 80 71 rss
WHY? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY??????????????????????????????????? The Congressional Hush Fund? NOTHING! Deleted emails? NOTHING! Lying to FBI. FBI lying to us. ...

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