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General Chit Chat Jun 16 28 28 rss
I don't know about you, but I have never heard of such a thing. I thought it was an awesome find and wanted to share. Let me know if you have heard of them before or plan on trying to find some. :)
General Chit Chat Jun 15 22 15 rss
Some absolutely amazing finds! Now why couldn't I have this kind of luck? Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite pick?
General Chit Chat Jun 17 27 15 rss
THAT'S heard me straight. I want nobody to Flag or Star this thread. Now you may say to yourself: "WOW...That's just CRAZY...EVERYONE likes Stars and Flags on their thread!!!". But, NO....NOT here...NOT now. Call me crazy...Call me generous and thoughtful...but I'm 100% serious. THIS thread is meant ONLY as a random act of altruism; Something of great value given...
Rant Jun 15 36 12 rss
For years I have been angered seeing people walk their dogs along BUSY roads without a lead. I've always thought "Yes I'm sure your dog is completely obedient, but what about if something suddenly spooked the dog (for eg from one of the garden gates it's passing) and it ran a few feet into the road /under a car)???" They all say "my dog would never do that" ...
Health & Wellness Jun 10 60 100 rss
Hello ladies and gentleman Short story long..:P Last February at end of the month got hit by a truck while on a red light Was going to school on my bike and stopped at the red light and the last thing i remember was to hear a truck running like crazy and kind of going from one side of the street to the other and then suddenly...
General Chit Chat Jun 10 40 32 rss
A little piece of heaven. Watch, relax and dream of beautiful things. If anyone has a koi pond, I would love very much to see it! If you don't, you can hang around in here with me by this one.
Rant Jun 9 91 18 rss
My father used to take my sister and I fishing as kids. So many good memories walking on a forest trail, to get to the stream with my sister and father. The beauty of the waterway and forest around us, with the anticipation and excitement of catching a trout, sure beat pedaling around my neighborhood on my bike. As an adult, I took my kids fishing...
People Jun 10 106 12 rss
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the hate to stop. I get tired of how some here drag the name of a great man down. As far as movies go, he may well be one of the funniest actors alive and yet some like to ridicule him. I don't get it. And now people ridicule him because he likes to paint pictures. Jim Carrey for President!
Rant May 19 124 61 rss
I honestly do not know what happened to the left that made them a bunch of authoritarian and puritanical religious conservatives following the church of Marxist dogma. I used to be a liberal because I cared a lot about certain causes. But when...
Rant May 31 254 35 rss
When I was 16 I had my first abortion with my 2nd girlfriend. It was an easy decision at the time because I was a young, irresponsible and naive kid. I thought like any normal person in our age would. I can't afford this, my life would be over....
Rant May 18 176 29 rss
Iran military could misidentify commercial airliners amid tension, US diplomats warn... United States diplomats have warned commercial airliners flying over the Persian Gulf...
As the title says, a man in Canada was sent to jail for defending himself against a home intruder. A scum bag broke into a mans home while he was asleep. The criminal took a knife and stab the sleeping...
General Chit Chat May 11 28 26 rss
Maybe I'm going on here too often nowadays but it just seems like 90% of threads are political. Which makes threads like AOC not knowing what a kitchen disposal is become a popular thread. This is what ATS is about? I can't complain too...

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