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So when I was a kid, back in the 60's one Christmas I got a toy set from Mattel called "Major Matt Mason". Anyone remember those? They were these bendy rubber astronaut figures which looked pretty lifelike, and they had a bunch of accessories. Major Matt Mason was their commander, and they had other figures too. They supposedly lived on...
Just lightening up things a little. EVERYONE has little interesting stories and unknown-to-the-world factoids they pick up over the years from family and friends...which often get lost after time, especially after people pass away. I thought I'd share a few I picked up over the years...and see if others here might have some they'd like to share. 1) Back in the early 1960s, my...
Just thought I'd bring a smile or a chuckle to someone who may need one. These little guys are just adorable!
So apparently there is an explanation for at least 79 alien abduction/anal probing cases in the states of Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and California and possibly more over the last 40 years. Mr. White confessed to using a mix of hallucinatory drugs containing...
Rant Dec 6 29 11 rss
so now they are forcing it onto sports clubs and making captains of teams wear rainbow armbands... even if that person doesn't agree with that way of life. When will they reaize that most people don't care and didn't care even before all this bs started with them complaining and forcing their ideals on everyone else to take note? I don't know about...
Health & Wellness Dec 6 138 11 rss
So I have a question. Please no nasty responses! I am a vegan simply for my own personal values. I don't say much about it and only talk about it when someone asks me about it. I don't go around feeling or acting like I am better than anyone and I never say a word about what other people chose to eat. So why is it that someone will ask me a question about it and once I answer it's like an all-out...
General Chit Chat Nov 20 68 42 rss
I'd like to leave this here for those who will be alone, separated from families, or saddened because of lost loved ones on Thanksgiving. I would also like to tell you all how grateful I am for my ATS family. I will be going...
Early last week I had a terrible terrible nightmare. I dreamt that my sister was telling me something horrible, I wasn't sure what it was but I knew it was actually about her. It was just...
Rant Nov 13 27 50 rss
Driven. I'm as ambitious as they come. I'm blind to the chains of conformity and believe that I can make this world better by just being a part of it. No longer will I be dragged through life by my shirt collar while others walk freely...
General Chit Chat Nov 11 44 35 rss
I am not a god fearing man but I believe in something larger than I. Last night in Vegas one of my sisters had a party and her boyfriends best friend was killed and his cousin is not looking to good. She is very much not in a good...
Relationships Nov 10 28 27 rss
For the last 3 months, my unborn baby was been receiving blood transfusions in the womb due to a complication. Basically, my wife's blood attacked the baby's blood. My previous 2 kids have my blood, the baby has mine also and after 2 births my wife's blood has decided...
General Chit Chat Nov 12 22 27 rss
Wow just paging through some news and just seen this. I remember when I was little I would go into my cousin's attic and read tons of his comics. He had such a great imagination. It is always cool how he had a cameo in the Marvel movies. Rip Stan, you were part...

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