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Rant Aug 16 34 33 rss
Oh America, you big, beautiful, wonderful, sassy place.....What the hell, man? Seriously. I really am beginning to think that there is something to the whole Mandela Effect now, and one day we woke up into a slightly different dimension, where 100 is not the standard IQ, it's 75. One day I woke up and it went from a place where people at least attempted...
Rant Aug 14 63 26 rss
I've seen this comparison so much over the weekend. The basic text would read "Ya the _____________ (insert your Alt-right hate group) are bad and racist, but so is Black Lives Matter. BLM hates just as much as _____________". It's tiresome to see....
Rant Aug 16 39 22 rss
This may be my first time creating an OP, but I have been lurking for over ten years, and I have to ask: what the hell is going on around here? Yeah, our country is divided. Sure, recent events have been fodder for some serious debate. But this Civil War debate has gotten out of hand. I get that both sides have valid points. I know my history, and you know yours. Fantastic. But where is this getting...
Rant Aug 14 33 20 rss
The big picture of what I'm seeing over the fallout from the Unite the Right. It was the governor of Virginia and the Mayor of Charlottesville to use the police to break up a legally permitted event even before anyone spoke. They shut them down and told them they would have to leave despite the fact they...
General Chit Chat Aug 16 77 17 rss
I went shopping. Underwear shopping. I went to 5 different stores and can only find one thing: the brief I don't want jockey's. I don't want briefs. I don't want something that looks like Miley Cyrus in rubber bicycle shorts. Sometimes they try to fool us with the so-called boxer-brief. I'm not fooled. I don't need underwear that lifts and...
Rant Aug 13 299 79 rss
So, apparently I'm an alt-right neo-Nazi now. What the hell is an alt-right anyway? From what I understand, basically anyone that supports Trump is alt-right, basically anyone that doesn't share the leftist ideology is alt-right, basically anyone that believes in freedoms for ALL is alt-right. Apparently alt-right and neo-Nazi is now synonymous because...
Hard to believe a lot of this stuff is over 30 years old. Makes me feel super old. I was born in '76 so the 80's are really my childhood. It's sad that kids nowadays don't really get to experience the fun we had back then. Seems like technology has started to take the place of toys. Although...
General Chit Chat Aug 11 50 47 rss
Nick was a wonderful and inspiring young man who touched the lives of many. It has been a year since we lost him and he found his wings to fly free. Love and miss you Nick, our dear blue owl. It would be lovely if folks could perhaps leave a message on Nick's Mom wall here... Also please share your thoughts and memories in this thread in his...
Food and Cooking Aug 10 247 26 rss
If you are a vegetarian, a study says you are more prone to being depressed. Vegetarians are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression as those who consume a conventional balanced diet, according to a new study. The new Bristol University study of almost...
Food and Cooking Aug 11 78 20 rss
Actually, that is a play on the title of a gook I am now reading. I've read more than a few books on food and eating....and what we eat...and how we are what we eat. Seen more than a few DVDs on the topic as well. These books and many, many studies about how eating lots of carbs will not only make you fat, but lead to diabetes, cancer and heart disease......all one had to do...
Rant Aug 16 93 16 rss
Lets see. . . . I've accused people of being authoritarian, freedom-hating leftists. Called people communists. Book burners. I've "inferred" it. I've "implied" it. I've called people fascists. Now, to be fair, I've been called a Nazi sympathizer, a Nazi, the "alt-right", a racist, a bigot, even been called a leftist and a loon. Some may think this...
Rant Aug 14 60 14 rss
Just what is wrong with the world today?! I am so sick of people that don't even act like real human beings anymore. This is Mayan prophecy right here. I shifted in 2012, I know i did. The world as I knew it is dead and gone forever! I must be the only real person left on this once great earth....
Rant Aug 15 54 12 rss
I want everyone to live in a mauve colored box, hermetically sealed, so they can't get upset. I want all of the western world to eat tofu with no salt and pepper, because it might be upsetting. I want people to sit in a neutral colored box, with absolutely no sensory inputs for years...and years....and YEARS!!! I want people who have no opinion, about anything....
Music Aug 16 46 14 rss
Seeing as we're on the brink of the next civil war I better have my fun. In case you were wondering yes Arizona was apart of the Confederacy.
Rant Aug 13 41 13 rss
Hello out there in rant land. I have been told that ATS is nothing but a right wing conspiracy site. I thought about this, since it has been told to me again and again ad nauseam, and I just had to find out the truth. Damn curiosity always getting the better of me. Well. I have learned the truth. It wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be. Pure and simple....
Members Jul 29 139 106 rss
I know that I am not very popular with several members on this board.I finally decided to inform all of you that I have developed a heart condition.I am 62 and have been in good health most of my life.I have even lost 30 pounds since mid-december....
Rant Aug 9 89 68 rss
So, we all know that getting old sucks. Pulling muscles getting out of bed. Losing parents and long time friends. Simply not being able to do some of the things we used to do physically. My rant is probably less important,...
Relationships Aug 1 187 53 rss
This is my first actual thread posting, so if this is not the correct forum for this, please let me know. And also, for starters, I apologize for the scattered nature of my post, as I have been up all night without a wink of sleep and...
Hello. Im new here. Theres An abandoned police headquarter near my house that its full of paintings of hieroglyphs,different types of languages and a lot of symbols. Heres a rundown maked on 4chan. Anyone who can help its welcomed. This...
This guy has a dead pan delivery that few can achieve. His tongue in cheek middle finger to the American Heart association's absolute sell out reminiscent of the repubs and health care performance is priceless. He also delves into how the farm industry decides...
General Chit Chat Jul 19 26 35 rss
SOOO the last 6 and a half months have sucked until recently! I know many gave me great advice in my RANT thread on the employment process and thank you for that! Well the first job I got what one member basically referred to as the "filler"...
Relationships Aug 2 66 35 rss
Never thought I would post something like this on ATS (or anywhere else), but I'm stressed to the MAX... Wife was having some issues. Went in for testing. Did a physical (all good), did blood work (minor cholesterol, but okay). She was having...
General Chit Chat Jul 23 27 31 rss
Pyrography So, I have decided to learn the basic skills of Pyrography or wood burning. I watched several instructional videos on it and read through a whole bunch of material. And as I did, I notated anything interesting along the...
Rant Jul 17 106 82 rss
What the heck is wrong with you? You've been discussing "politics" for years here, but what's the point? What do you really know? Actually, nothing, but watch how you are obsessed. Politics...
Music Jul 9 67 57 rss
Sorry to not have any videos for these songs, just a link to the audio files. We're based in the US, not to be confused with a band of the same name from Europe. We're just in it for fun....
This isn't really news. But I think it shows a big contrast between the current President and our previous...
General Chit Chat Jul 16 68 47 rss
I think I know who farted. Most probably the same nasty SOB who sat next to me on my flight from Denver. What do you have to eat to blow a fart so big that...
General Chit Chat Jul 12 279 45 rss
Apparently. . . . my bride, the love of my life, the reason for my being, the Sun to my moon. . . . Is putting me on a diet. Let this thread be a chronicle of the...
Rant Jul 15 188 39 rss
Today I read a post from a liberal dude having a total meltdown because a politico said "The lightweight, mannequin, pretty-boy from California?...
General Chit Chat Jul 11 28 33 rss
When Worland Volunteer firefighters were called to a blaze at Smet Recycling in Wyoming they were met with probably the weirdest fire I think I've ever seen , an eerily beautiful surfer mound fire....
General Chit Chat Jul 15 24 28 rss
My wife, kids, and I were eating at the local IHOP just down the road from our house, when everyone in the restaurant phones started going off with a shrill alarm. I checked my phone and "tornado warning find...

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