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Rant Dec 3 54 33 rss
Everywhere I look any and all news sources, social media, discussion forums, etc. keep telling me how at odds everyone in my country is because of political differences and how it's only going to get worse and worse and the divide is getting wider and wider... and it's a lie! When I helped my neighbor pick up his dropped bags neither of us asked about political beliefs. When we were shopping...
Music Dec 4 45 11 rss
Well we are in December, so i thought i would ask what Christmas music you like? It can be hymns or pop, just leave a link so we all can hear it. I'll start with one of my favourites, being Chris Rea and the song "Driving home for Christmas", which i'm sure a lot of members will be doing on Christmas Eve, Ha Ha!
Video Games Dec 3 31 11 rss
With just a few weeks before Christmas, there's probably a few people out there thinking about jumping into Virtual reality. Though with so many products on the market how do you decide what to get? Then again you might be one of those who have never tried VR, but you're curious as to how good it really is... Well im here to help since I've kinda...
Rant Dec 5 37 11 rss
Yup. A highly personal piece of my property was stolen yesterday and I'm 95% sure who took it. It's not worth a lot, other than sentimental value, but really? A wedding ring? What piece of absolute trash would take that? Yes, I know it was dumb of me to leave it at work, but I had to to clean a chemical spill at the end of my shift, and...
Rant Nov 28 114 23 rss
A Black Superman now really?, Black Batman it Shows an Agenda a Pattern by Hollywood and Western Comics. It appears that DC comics maybe planning a another DC movie about Superman but a Black Superman. If anything should DC comics go forward with this movie i dont see how...
Computer Help Nov 30 32 17 rss
One of at least 8 in the last hour. SkepticOverlord Springer Owners Administrators Super Mods Mods It's happening again, redirects while viewing threads, post or while making a post or edit. Flags and stars are difficult to give. Please look into this. I've cleared my history cache and cookies. Cleared my tablets memory and such,...
General Chit Chat Nov 30 21 13 rss
So I just saw this on the news and had to share, it's hilarious! A passerby used a fire extinguisher to fight off the perp, nothing too novel there but they deserve a round of beers and a big slap on the back 🍻👌 But this guy, this guy, fought the perp off with a 5ft Narwhal tusk! :D Brave bystanders chased a terrorist with a fire extinguisher...
Been a member for almost a decade now, but havent been active in 5 years or so. A few weeks ago I had a very eerie lucid dream. I am a healthy and regular dreamer, so this one really stood out and left me shaken the next day. Dream: I was driving around with my girlfriend in our new car that we just bought irl. It was the weekend, Grandma had our daughter,...
General Chit Chat Nov 27 45 42 rss
Come on in and join others who don't have any special plans. If you are lonely or not feeling very festive, or for whatever reason. Join us in here and we can keep each other company. I set a special table for everyone. ...
Rant Nov 12 93 41 rss
I will be taking my daughter to see the new Frozen 2 when it comes out. She is a teenager and has really been looking forward to it. She watches any snippets of teasers that she can find. I knew that there were some stories...
Members Nov 17 117 28 rss
10 Reasons to Join Us In Boston for the Annual ATS Meetup Hello my ATS friends! The time has come to discuss a time and place to conduct another ceremon(y) ial ATS meetup!...
Rant Nov 18 34 28 rss
*At the bottom you will find all sections of US code 18 listed. In the form of a DOJ Guide for prosecutors. It has all caselaw included. Dear traitor to America Here’s some food for thought. You sir are up Schiff creek If you’re...
Members Nov 18 41 27 rss
So for those of you who have been paying attention, you know I've been fighting with my shoulder pretty much all summer starting in late April, early May. I though it was just a frozen shoulder like I went through on the left a year and a half...
Rant Nov 5 156 58 rss
This is a bit of a rant that might trigger some. Others, I know will completely agree. Now, I’m not gay bashing, being homophobic, or trying to ridicule the Gay community. I just read a story how there are rainbow poppy’s being sold......

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