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Rant Oct 16 22 30 rss
This is a link free rant, the reason, its a personal viewpoint (well viewpoints as its my wife's view too) and as no one who is doing these things will pose for the camera I'm slightly lost for proof, all I'll say is that I'm no liar...
General Chit Chat Oct 13 68 23 rss
I just listened to a wonderful sermon online and was compelled to post this thread. I am apologizing to the gays and lesbians here for past things I have posted.I had no right to condemn,or to point fingers at.I am asking for your forgiveness and accepting my apology. I was just reminded that God is love and we are to love one another and not judge.
World Sports Oct 15 65 20 rss
"Biological Male Wins World Championship Event in Women’s Cycling" It was bound to happen. I can imagine how the silver medal winner feels after losing. Cheated. Will this be happening more often in other sports? Will college scholarships be awarded to non women? Will transgender men be allowed to hold board positions as women or men? "California"...
People Oct 15 25 20 rss
So, I just got back from an adventure in my "backyard". ATS is the closest thing to a journal for me so I felt the need to record /share it here. br /> Also, today, I'm hella bragging. I was sitting in the park near my house as I always do just on my phone doing nothing. Out of nowhere, a group of young men approached me for a good old mugging. It's an unlit dark...
General Chit Chat Oct 16 52 17 rss
I'm about to leave for a shift behind a bar, by the time I get home I will no longer be a criminal. Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada at midnight, wish us luck!
General Chit Chat Oct 11 77 72 rss
For many years, he's battled depression. He's attempted suicide before, but I really thought we were making progress. However, it seems he was putting on a facade and had been planning this for a while. Words just can't explain it. Our family is just shattered. We rushed home, after some Facebook posts, but we were too late (we work an hour away). We came home to see about 10 sheriff cars and...
This is a article Lady Gaga helped write about suicide. It gives perspective to how bad we are at helping people who are suicidal. By the time you finish reading this, at least six people will have killed themselves around the world. Those six are a tiny fraction of the 800,000 people who will kill themselves...
General Chit Chat Oct 15 106 14 rss
You know its funny......... I post on here all the time.....Ive debated with SO SO many of you.... Tonight for whatever thinking of my friend Kali.....we had so many heated , what seemed like angry-ish convos... What people didn't know is we talked on Skype all the time....discussing things here and there....laughing...
People Oct 14 34 13 rss
I don't know where else to post this. So anyways.. Here we are. Sometimes truth is so much stranger than fiction. Who am I kiddin... Here in the US, yeah... I give up too! Let me see if I have this right. I'll say it out loud to see what kind of vibe I get from it. In Hollywood, Rape and Pediphilia apply to some but not to others. Nope......
General Chit Chat Oct 15 101 11 rss
Curious what you all think. How much DNA does a white person need before they can say they are not white they are in fact Native American?
Members Sep 24 122 56 rss
Some of you may know that my father had open heart surgery on the 11th of this month. He had a rough go in recovery but really seemed on the mend. This morning, while talking to my mother and complaining about Bill...
Television Oct 6 238 42 rss
I do not tread lightly here. I predict that by Sunday there will be world-wide turmoil. A grave paradigm shift is happening...
JustMike a good friend, a stout member, a great writer and a Mod, is going through some rough times and could use some cheering up "me" thinks. br /> Let us send him all our best wishes, prayers, light and what ever goodies we have up our sleeves....
General Chit Chat Oct 8 605 29 rss
For those who are wandering into the realm for the first time, let me say hello and welcome! Here we exist in a magical realm where dragons soar and faeries dance, where pixies make you drinks and you find real friends to share your daily lives with. There are stories...
I am not the biggest Trump fan but I do like a lot of things he is doing. The way he is fixing our trade agreements is making my brain explode. When he talked today he said that we were losing $800 billion...
Street-wise handsome bastard. Not sure how to handle this but I can't deny. He knew the answer to all the right questions. He is fruit of my loin. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. That is my boy! 18...
As always, Mods, please move if you find somewhere more appropriate for this one. How many of you miss the "Good old days" when ATS was the go-to place to discuss...
General Chit Chat Sep 12 42 30 rss
First of all, my sincerest wishes of luck and good fortune to those who will be affected by Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Second, I thought there might be some value in establishing a list of helpful hints which...

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