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3 Fingered & 3 toed Mummy Found in NAZCA Peru Well. is this a Hoax or the real Deal ???????? Plainly Interesting The Video show's some Glimps of X-rays , of the Complete Skeleton The Skeleton does have a Semi Elongated Skull somewhat like the Elongated Skulls in Egypt of Royal Families like King Tut , is this Too...
The newly-discovered rock inscriptions show, from right to left, a bull's head on a pole, two storks back to back and an ibis in between them Archaeologists from Yale and the Royal Museums of Art and History in Belgium have discovered an ancient Egyptian "billboard" that might turn back the clock...
Paranormal Studies Jun 19 25 23 rss
This is a video-based thread. I have chosen to prove that demonic possessions are real by showing you authentic footage of Islamic exorcism. This thread will cost you roughly 30 minutes if you go through it as I prescribe, i.e you watch the footage I have shared below. If you can't watch the video's right now, please come back later when you have time. Introduction I’ve been intrigued...
Any topic that challenges the will always be contentious. So let me save some of your time and point out right from the start the chaff from the grain. The Chaff. To quote from 's In Search of Deeper Identities: Neopaganism and “Native Faith” in Contemporary Ukraine (page 14): Alternative Archaeology,...
Cryptozoology Jun 24 48 17 rss
Well this is surprising! There must be some action down near Austin, I'm having trouble believing the FBI put out a $500,000 buck bounty on one, but hey! Stranger stuff has happened! Good luck to them. Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks has received a special message from the Federal Bureau...
The common lineage of great apes and humans split several hundred thousand years earlier than hitherto assumed, according to an international research team headed by Professor Madelaine Böhme from the Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen...
Cryptozoology Jun 17 35 31 rss
Apparently, there's a flap of Mothman sightings going on in Chicago right now. I logged into ATS specifically to find this story. I didn't find it (sorry if it was posted already) but I DID find a bunch of links to a similar flap in 2011. So what do you guys think?
Plinio Correa de Oliveira founded the Tradition, Family and Property Association (TFP) in the 1960's, but died in 1995. The TFP split and one side still retains the TFP name and (I assume) are more or less following the Catholic church. But the other 1/2 is where it gets interesting....
Paranormal Studies Jun 14 63 22 rss
Back in 2012, member "DaveTheBear" posted the thread "Strange Stories of Coincidence", which elicited some great responses. It's been 5 years and of the 19 respondents only 8 still post, what's happened since 2012 that would drive them away?...I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Anyway the photo below shows one of my "coincidences", bought the cordless drill...
Cryptozoology Jun 24 39 17 rss
I took this shot of a dragonfly this afternoon. When I enlarged it in PS - I saw this. All I did was lighten the 'teeth' a bit. This is... WAY CREEPY! I hope you can see this - I had to reduce the size as ATS wouldn't upload a larger .jpg. peace
Cryptozoology Jun 15 51 14 rss
Really strange video, it basically shows a possibly humanoid creature digging a hole in a graveyard. The link is to a Sasquatch website and they are speculating it could be a juvenile Sasquatch. For those that can't watch, the figure is all black and not much detail is visible. It's digging a hole with its hands...
Paranormal Studies Jun 15 37 11 rss
A few weeks ago I started using streaming music for lucid dreaming while I sleep, like below My reasoning for doing so was because I have terrible trouble staying asleep. I have back issues and was sleeping terribly, always waking up with a very hot and inflamed back in a lot of pain. So I thought I have nothing to lose and tried some calming music to see if it...
Hello My name is Lilith (LIL for short) and here's 
 Part 1 If anybody is interested I post p2 
You may think i’m a stranger,but-truth be knowwn -we met long ag, when you were still in a cradle
I came to you and tenderly rocked you, singing lullabies to calm your soul so new to this earthly realm. I wish I could tell you only loving things about our time together. While I brought...
The ethologist John B. Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" to describe the collapse in behavior which resulted from overcrowding. Over a number of years, Calhoun conducted over-population experiments on Norway rats (in 1958–1962) and mice (in 1968–1972). Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" in his February 1, 1962 report in an article titled Population...
I saw this and thought many of you would find the results of the genetic testing interesting. Ancient Egyptians and their modern counterparts share less in common than you might think. That is, at least genetically, a team of scientists have found. Researchers from the University of Tuebingen and the Max...
You've probably already heard of the mysterious 1,000 ton Baalbek stone in the (so-called) quarry. However, recent archeology digs at the...
Cryptozoology Jun 8 71 91 rss
Camera-trap footage from Kalimantan (Borneo) showing an unidentified species of feline predator. Researchers from Indonesian and British universities set up the camera. They’re keeping the exact location secret...
I noticed that, whenever Puma Punku is being discussed, people often ask whether or not the were designed to interconnect. I found two sources that may shed light on this question, it won't completely...
While the scientific method is a legitimate process to learn about the world around us, scientism is the cult based on the idea that science has all the answers to life It masquerades as logic...
This recent study has suggested that the ancient Egyptians were closely related to the Neolithic Anatolians and early Europeans of the Balkans,...
I just found this on my FB feed from the Archeaology Conservancy(i'm a member), if it had been from another source I would have passed on by. A set of mysterious stone pillars found in the state’s remote northern...
So Utanapishtim revealed to Gilgamesh another secret of the gods. Under the sea there is a wondrous plant, like a flower with thorns, that will return a man to his youth. Gilgamesh then opened the conduit,...
This tends to put a new light on Pyramid building in the ancient world, the Great white pyramid was estimated to be a thousand feet high by a planes altimeter. Some have a layout similar to the GP in Egypt, the first time...
I came across this Russian team that did an archeological dig in Tewanaku.They seem to have reached a conclusion that the place was blown apart by some sort of bomb that hit the middle of the complex. The Montezuma historical...
Paranormal Studies May 3 148 70 rss
My wife loves youtube channels that have the maker exploring abandoned places. The videos have nothing to do with paranormal research or anything like that; pure exploration. However, once...
Yet another great archaeological find.. A new study has dropped a bombshell on archaeology, claiming signs of human activity in the Americas far earlier than thought. Picture of two mastodon...
Paranormal Studies Apr 27 267 62 rss
So the poster of this video has been investigating Black Eyed Kids, or BEKs for a little while now. He routinely disproves alot of evidence, and has ways to prove which cases are seemingly more legitimate, including some low-frequency...
I'm watching the really good show on NatGeo called Genius about Einstein and he showed with Relativity that we live in a timeless universe and the evolution of any 3D...
Amazing find from Canada. The animal probably died as it lived — defying predators with its heavy armor and size — and after 110 million years, its face remains frozen...
Who knows if this is credible, or just a ruse to generate interest when initially selling the house, but maybe Bundy's personal demons might have been generated...
Some hunters were scouting using Trail Cams. From time to time little ghost kids pop up on these cams. This Cam was deep in the...

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