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A really colorful mural, the story does not say where it is located though. An Egyptian labourer stands next to an ancient Egyptian mura The ministry of Antiquities said the tombs are 3,500 years old. One of the tombs has 5 entrances. Both tombs belong to...
Cryptozoology Dec 7 28 21 rss
Interesting bit in the paper today. This new beastie is of the same family as the Velociraptor that we've come to love thanks to the Jurassic Park movies. This one however is much smaller. The size of a turkey and was probably an aquatic dino. With a bill like a duck but teeth like a croc’s,...
Ariel photos from the 1940's discovered the site, but it is unclear (in the story) how much looting has gone on. This is a very unique diving site, it does not look very deep. This little town was an ancient resort for the super rich, and it was lost when volcanic activity...
VAULT B There is a temple located in Kerala, India. It is called the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The principal deity worshiped at this temple is Vishnu “The Story of Vishnu and the Sage Divakara One of the origin stories surrounding the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple revolves around the sage Divakara Muni. One day, Vishnu appeared to the sage as a lovely child, which caught Divakara’s attention. When the...
Cryptozoology Dec 3 50 20 rss
So there is a family in southern saskatchewan claiming to have video of a bigfoot. They went for a sunday type drive and got out of the vehicle to film it. It's only like a 10 second vid but the thing they filmed does have a "classic" sasquatch type appearance. I am not a believer in this creature at all, but if they set out to hoax I must say they did a pretty darn good job of it.
I have zero fear of death and I always wondered why people have such a fear of it. Sure, you don't want to leave your loved ones and life is enjoyable. I think I just look at things from a rational point of view. First, we can't say death has any real meaning outside of our local perspective. I truly believe that non locally, we can't die. There will always be some version...
Ah yes. My past on ats trying to show the inexperienced populace evidence im experiencing electronic harrassment. Ive been told "go see a doctor" "your a fake".. Well in my video i go around my place. 3 known locations of elevated emf. My north wall in one spot....
A stunning work of art etched on a gemstone no larger than an inch and a half was revealed after researchers washed away thousands of years of limestone and grime. ......
Alright, folks, this type of thing is one of my favorite types of archaeological discoveries because it shows us (and reminds us) just how much the topography...
Many of you may know that I was always active in defending Islam here on ATS because I was a Muslim . I studied Islamic law and sat and took knowledge with some of the Most qualified Scholars in hadith...
Now this one is interesting, a kind of transformer like object, partly embedded in stone. We had several discoveries of objects embedded in stone, but it has been quiet a while. I realy...
Well this is interesting (to me anyway). First a chamber in Giza and now a secret passage in Yucatan. A mysterious passageway sealed off...
*Part 1 This thread will be in multiple parts. I ask that you continue reading with an open mind....
Leashed dogs and a man who is how should we say, excited, holding the leashes maybe the oldest image of dog and "master". An image that is at least 8,000 years...
We are all identical fractals of God experiencing Creation from our own unique vantage point in SpaceTime. And that unique vantage point is our physical bodies with each one imperfect in it's own unique way. And each one us of us with our own unique set of experiences....
It's amazing that there are still huge discoveries like this one. Also I love the way the scientists used atmospheric muons as the way to detect the void.
I just came across this video. It was posted with in the last 15 hours. IMO, its worth the watch. Its roughly an hour and covers many megalithic sites around...
Greetings, just popping in to leave you this to those interested. The Caribbean Taino culture was the first people that Columbus...
This is hot off the presses, German archaeologists have unearthed a set of fossilised teeth, which are 9.7 million years old and hold a great and ancient mystery. ...
Located in Kerala India. Named as the richest Temple in the world and covered with gold. Amongst other artifacts, gold coins were found...
An expedition led by , the Russian archaeologist notable for having discovered the , has made a spectacular find in Kashmir. The find was announced on October 12th by the state-run...
Paranormal Studies Oct 17 50 49 rss
Hey what's up my fellow members and learned lurkers? Hope you are all doing well. I'm sure many of you know my presence here as a very active member has diminished considerably this year. And I'll build an approach to my topic by speaking...
I stumbled across this video today. I can see how this could be plausible. The author of this video sums up his point quite well. I have no affiliation, but thought some here might find this...

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