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This story is not new and has been mentioned here at ATS in replies but this story is worthy of its own thread. I did a quick search and came up with ZIP. Well, it appears that this city is not only ancient but fairly advanced for the surrounding area. Somehow it was submerged. Exactly how and when this occurred has been up for debate leading to much speculation. Yes, there...
Cryptozoology Apr 25 23 13 rss
This sea serpent sighting is one of my favorites. I first read about it in a "time-life book" , mysteries of the unknown-mysterious creatures. I still have the book. Recently at mysterious universe. Micah Hanks, did a couple of articles on that sighting and it's really a good read!! Some quotes : 3) Would...
Paranormal Studies Apr 24 28 11 rss
So I didn't post this when this happened because I didn't really think about it b/c I was busy but this is what happened. I was in a room with a west facing window and noticed that the Sun was just above the top of the hill getting ready to set. I immediately started to wonder what...
Cryptozoology Apr 22 30 11 rss
Chupa-Cu is a mysterious creature found in Goianinha, Brazil, reported to be similar to the indigenous Boraro and Curupira (Portuguese version). It name means Anus-Sucker, yeah that’s right, people actually reported a weird alien creature trying to suck their anuses. The Chupa Cu is described as Grey Alien type, with elongated head, pink in color and large eyes....
article about thought experiment on pre-Human civilization, no evidence, just wondering how to look So, could researchers find clear evidence that an ancient species built a relatively short-lived industrial civilization long before our own? Perhaps, for example,...
I published an article about what I think the true function of the Great Pyramid of Giza was. Below is the link to the article. Let me know what you think if you do not have and do not feel creating...
I’m not sure how old this is as I just ran across it.. Appearently in Siberia they have found an INCREDIBLY well tooled...
En-uru-gal, or Nergal for short, Lord of the Great City, that which in popular imagination is known as Moloch from the rendering of Melqart as Lord of the City, the translation of the title Nergal into the Semitic, that which in popular...
An Easter thread which concerns the possibility that Jesus, as the Living Word of God, perhaps applied...
Cryptozoology Mar 27 82 17 rss
Bigfoot lives in or around the woods because that's where 99% of the encounters have occurred. This is the logic behind the speculation. If one was to ask Mr Bigfoot where his occurrences of Human encounters have been, he would say...
Good morning ATS friends. Just a quick background. I live alone, and I have quite a few paranormal-type experiences in my life and I have made threads about some of them on here. My experiences...
"End of the world 2018: Will the Rapture occur on April 23? SHOCK prediction says YES" ( end of the world could be arriving sooner than we thought,...
i get the whole freedom from. i get the freedom of. not saying i want to burn the churches and prevent people from worship. if you believe in god or the sun or whatever and it makes you happy then...
2012 Mar 18 158 95 rss
I have been considering making this thread for quite a long time. Perhaps now is the time. Some years back, while doing some light reading on the theories of Albert Einstein, I began to see an apparent...
The discovery was made last year on a small island off the coast of Guernsey and it has archaeologists baffled , in a grave alongside the...
It seems the more we discover about the Neanderthals the more we find out the were not just a bunch of brutish spear chucking, cold weather, guys who evidently...
The George Knapp MUFON conference is my favorite Skinwalker Ranch documentary. It only drags in a couple spots. For the most part, it's just Knapp listing all the incredible events in succession. One dogman (actually dogmen) event...
I don’t know what I'm doing—that is to say I'm not a yogi/guru or expert on the nature of...
I am posting this article because it supports my own personal belief that off shore (think the oceans of the world) anywhere from fairly...
Here is an enigmatic find that turned up at Gobekli Tepe; During the 2012 autumn excavation season at Göbekli Tepe, a small figurine (5,1×2,3×2,7 cm) was handed in as a surface find from the north-western hilltop of...
Sending many positive vibrations of LOVE, Peace and Strength to the YOUTH trying to stand up against gun violence....

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