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An expedition led by , the Russian archaeologist notable for having discovered the , has made a spectacular find in Kashmir. The find was announced on October 12th by the state-run news agency RIA Novosti. Details haven't filtered down to many English-language outlets yet, so I'll excerpt the article as translated...
Paranormal Studies Oct 17 30 33 rss
Hey what's up my fellow members and learned lurkers? Hope you are all doing well. I'm sure many of you know my presence here as a very active member has diminished considerably this year. And I'll build an approach to my topic by speaking directly to that. So it isn't only ATS that I have taken leave from. The unexpected passing of my wife July 13th of this year didn't...
Kind of reminds me of the Nazca lines, but these have "gates" built into them. Very large man made "structures" are laying in plain sight, some over lava domes. The stone walls are being called gates, even though the researchers have no idea what...
I have been contemplating what the most important things to know are in my life of late. I think information is one of the most valuable commodities we can have. So, I made a play on the classic storyline of three wishes. If God came to you and offered to answer three questions for you, what would you ask It? I then realized the questions and their sequence would...
Paranormal Studies Oct 13 38 11 rss
Hope this wasn't already posted, didn't see it when looking down the list. if it was can a mod delete? anyway it's quite a spooky clip if one is into ghostliness. "Surveillance cameras at a school have captured a “mysterious entity” slamming doors and rocking lockers...
( A 3,200-year-old stone slab with an inscription that tells of a Trojan prince and may refer to the mysterious Sea People has been deciphered, archaeologists announced today (Oct. 7). The stone inscription, which was 95 feet (29 meters) long, describes the rise of a powerful...
Cryptozoology Oct 10 90 39 rss
A Malaysian couple captured video of a mysterious eel-like "swamp creature" that emerged from their toilet and crawled across the bathroom floor. ''I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole, because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have...
I have always wondered if the earth is a Sentient Being. Is this planet alive?
Researchers in Sweden have found Arabic characters woven into burial costumes from Viking boat burial graves, The discovery raises new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia. Anyone remembered the 13th warrior??. Well it seemed not too far off, BTW coins bearing Allah was circulated in Anglo Saxon Britain...
Paranormal Studies Oct 2 152 90 rss
There was a lady who came running up behind us in the concert and she started to play with people's hair, acting crazy, and she...
Cryptozoology Sep 21 93 46 rss
In 1945, toward the end of WW2, the British launched an expedition in Antarctica when they stumble upon a secret Nazi base. There they were attacked by not only Nazis but Yeti too. This story was told supposedly by a...
I watched "The Lost City of Z" last night and thought it was a great movie. I got interested in this lost city so I got to work this morning and with an empty day ahead, I did a little research. I found a story about...
I have never heard this theory. But Gerry Cannon and Malcolm Hutton have looked into the history of this and have a book coming out with the claim that there...
Cryptozoology Sep 25 21 26 rss
I literally stumbled upon this audio interview last night. Put it on in the background and listen to this one warden's account of his cryptid encounters. The guy hosting the interview isn't the best interviewer...
I hope this is the correct forum for this topic Started off pondering, as you do, about reality and perception. If what we see is 'really' there...and following on from that do we ever see everything that is there ? So bear with...
The new evidence shows that thousands of laborers transported 170,000 tons of limestone along the River Nile in wooden boats built with...
Well, of course, Antarctica is a nice place to visit, but you sure wouldn't want to build a civilization there. And if you were a temple-building civilization, you sure wouldn't want to put it all the way up on top of a mountain where it...
Paranormal Studies Sep 12 89 96 rss
On October 7, 1660, at the age of 15, a young Italian girl named Isabella Tomasi entered the Benedictine convent...
The more we learn about ancient or old civilizations the more we need to learn. A 3,700-year-old clay tablet has proven that the Babylonians developed trigonometry...
Deep within Antarctica’s ice caves, a group of scientists may have discovered a secret ecosystem of plants and animals being supported by the warmth of an active volcano....
A student found an ancient Canadian village that’s 10,000 years older than the Pyramids Triquet Island, British...
So, I've got a new video game addiction on the PS4 called Elite Dangerous. Fantastic space trading and combat game! Part of this, is that I've taken to playing...
I managed to connect the bloodline of the Anunnaki gods with modern families In Europe (family tree) The Anunnaki bloodline begins with the of sky gods coming down to earth & mating with...
Well then, when I posted , it was met with an expected wariness by some, originally posted by: [post=22265617]Byrd[/post]...
"In late June 1836, a group of boys headed out to the north-east slopes of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat to hunt for rabbits. What they found there has remained a baffling mystery ever since. In...

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