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Most on this sight I would assume are familiar with Graham Hancock's videos about the earth cataclysm that he believes happened 12,800 and again 11,600 years ago. Better dating along with more ice core data has narrowed the first event down to 12,980 years ago plus or minus 5 years.. Pretty darn amazing IMO as the evidence continues to support Hancock's theory...
I am not sure if this has already been posted but I just read a very interesting article on the BBC website were the pope admits that in on case Nuns were kept as sex slaves. It would appear that the foundations are starting to rattle, one wonders what else is going to come out Pope Francis has admitted that clerics have sexually...
Cryptozoology Feb 19 24 12 rss
I think this is worth discussion This poor lady was on a morning walk and was attacked by something Unknown DNA testing has determined it's not anything known locally it's North Carolina so a great place for something Crypto to hide , She wasn't eaten so that would eliminate a prey type of situation what kind of animal would just maul and leave ? Wish there was more information the...
One of the reason people don't believe in creation is because they can't bring themselves to believe in God. Jordan Peterson is a professor of psychology and he has taught at Harvard and the University of Toronto. He also wrote a book called "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" rated very highly. If you have listened to him speak, he is highly intelligent, this short clip...
Cryptozoology Jan 26 73 72 rss
A 3-year-old North Carolina boy who had been missing since Tuesday was found alive Thursday night, the Craven County sheriff...
The Shroud of Turin is a remarkable relic, though precisely how remarkable is up for fervent debate. I'm not here to attempt to prove one position or another-- I have my beliefs and surely you have yours, and...
Is there a reason that the ancient people trasking the stars were important to their culture, aside...
Howdy ATS... I don't typically make real long threads when I decide to post here, so imagine how pleased I was when I realized (upon really getting into this thread already)...
Hey Mr Pope, I haver zero respect left for the Roman Cathoilic Church. Sorry, Major Tom, but you didn't make the grade. Take a long hard look at...
I've put together a page that has timestamped forum posts, photographs, witness testimonies and links to many other...
Age has historically played a role in determining an individuals seniority and in their role in overall group decisions. Even today in many cultures children are taught from a young age to respect their...
Here below is an aerial photograph of the great Sphinx. It is worth noting that aerial photography in the area is restricted. If you look at the top of...
No doubt our existence was created. Not a product of evolution. It's weird to me that this is a subject of debate. Everything is too perfect. And unexplainable. I will never take someone seriously if they say God doesn't exist. I'm aware that's...
Paranormal Studies Jan 15 117 60 rss
cialflow&fbclid=IwAR1fGsboMG0JcDLSM8CScEgZKuJxQ2ArpC4cPVwnzPEM8rgy1ZF-M4xO94Y "Her name is Jennifer Hodge and last week, she was watching TV in her bedroom with her 21-year-old daughter Lauren. She checked her...
According to this some of the greatest minds in history not only believed br /> in elemental spirits but communicated with them and gained inspiration from them... "The idea once held, that the invisible elements surrounding and...
Paranormal Studies Dec 27 58 28 rss
I thought I was past having these issues but I went to bed about 1am after Christmas and about 2 hours later I started getting this strange episode that often...
This is a depiction of the Sun Temple of Niuserre. It may well be a lot older than that too. It is said by Egyptologists that its foundations may be far older. Whilst looking...
Paranormal Studies Dec 31 26 26 rss
Have any of you ever seen a faerie? Would love to hear about your encounter! Here are a few to get us in the mood :) 'It was a summer evening in 2005 when a man identified only as “J.F.” claimed that he and his girlfriend...
The Divine Idea; The Quantum Blueprint Hi friends, and thanks for checking out this thread inspired by a fascinating lecture by Jean Houston. I'm disappointed to find that I can't embed this Youtube video (getting an error). I'd highly recommend following...

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