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Cryptozoology Jun 21 125 91 rss
A thorough analysis of history shows compelling evidence that dinosaurs were in fact seen consistently throughout history. This truth has been incidentally buried in semantic ambiguity. The word "Dinosaur" was first used in 1842 by Sir Richard Owen and was defined as 'Terrible Lizard'. Prior to this date, reptilian creatures...
Typical duality of the spiritual anti-Christ at work. Now I know many of you will automatically assume I am talking about the bible and Jesus and you probably only comment on that but I don't care what you have to say. When I say anti-Christ what I am referencing is this spirit for lack of a better term has been usurping a large...
Cryptozoology Jun 21 22 12 rss
If they came from Asia and crossed the track from there to the Northwest most accounts have them speaking in a Chinese language which you can look up the sounds. If a creature was observing humans they would have learned enough of that spoken language. Has anyone ever given this any thought? There are B/G teeth found in china. Just some food for thought....
I've noticed a trend in society within all of the chaos happening currently in our world. People feel powerless. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why we have a move towards socialism and victim hood. It's not excuse but it is something we need to recognize on an individual level in order to overcome it....
Cryptozoology May 31 27 53 rss
The São Francisco River or San Fracisco River (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐ̃w fɾɐ̃ˈsiʃku]) is a river in Brazil. With a length of 2,914 kilometers (1,811 miles) is the longest river that runs entirely in...
Cryptozoology Jun 7 50 44 rss
I spotted some rather uninformative articles about this on and . Basically, all they had was a clipped version of a supposed screenshot uploaded by an Imgur user. I followed to Imgur, not much else to be learned there. The user...
Another theory about the lack of genetic diversity called the Neolithic Y chromosome bottleneck. It is just a theory that tries to explain the lack of diversity...
Ok I really don't know what to say...... A US televangelist has asked his followers to help fund his fourth private jet - because Jesus "wouldn't be riding a donkey". ...
Star Wars has become ingrained in people's imaginations as one of the most beloved and famous science fiction franchises in history. Perhaps Star Wars resonates...
Now this is interesting and I have not seen it posted before ? Jordan P has been in the news in basic Philosophical discussions usually Men,s roles and Women. This video was thrown up in my feed and it is short a under 10 minutes...
Interesting article and a long read. I'm a little surprised because when you think of exorcisms, you just think of a couple of Priests with holy water and...
Riddle of the rainforest coin Hi ATS. Saw this interesting article from ABC news australia. Its about an egyptian coin found while digging a hole for a fence post in 1912,...
Wahooooooooooo Check this out!!!!!! A collection of 3,200 year old tablets discovered concealed inside jugs have revealed the location of an ancient lost...
Amazing, I can't wait until they find a Neanderthal man! Look what they found so far. A treasure trove for just archaeology, or will we actually revive some these species?
Paranormal Studies May 11 210 31 rss
Due to Cape Town's water crisis, the property owner invested in a water bore-hole. I first thought it was nonsense, but they came with three trucks, and sunk a bore-hole. How did they find the water vein? You won't believe...
Several years ago information came forward about the 4th 'Black' Pyramid at Giza, which is considered "Lost" because it is no longer present and was allegedly dismantled sometime around the 1700s to...
Archaeologists have uncovered what may be the largest single mass child sacrifice event in human history. More than 140 children were sacrificed at about the same time...
Cryptozoology May 24 60 26 rss
On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish fur, a large head and an extended snout, the animal shared many of the same characteristics as a wolf; but its ears were too large, it's legs...
Cryptozoology Apr 28 27 25 rss
Hello, this story started when my parents saw an unusual bird in town while at the local senior center, hauling water for our cattle. My parents, the employees, and other elders...
I have always been amazed by the intelligence and camouflage abilities of the octopus 🐙. I even went so far as to tell family to avoid eating it an cuttlefish; squid...not so much but...

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