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20 sealed coffins dating back to possibly 1900 BC have been found in Luxor preserved in all their glory! The find has been hailed one of Egypt's "largest and most important discovery in years" by the country's Ministry of Antiquities. br /> Vibrant hieroglyphics and painted figures suggest the coffins contain the remains...
Some of you may have come across the Petrolona man. The “Petralona man”, or “Archanthropus of Petralona”, is a 700,000-year-old human skulldiscovered in 1959. Since then, scientists have been trying to trace this skull’s origin, a process that has caused considerable controversy. German scientists were...
Paranormal Studies Oct 11 34 30 rss
Hey shouldn't you get paid or give permission ? It's the episode talking about a guy setting in front of a theater when he was approached by 2 kids asking for a ride but when he looked close he saw their eyes was solid black and he freaked out and bailed then looked back and they were gone when he got home he posted it here on ATS they showed his post - Black...
Paranormal Studies Oct 11 23 17 rss
Yesterday I was missing my daughter so I decided to facetime her. I got on my tablet and tried but it would not go through. Somehow, at that exact, an I mean exact same moment she was facetiming me......... It was not a normal time that we talk or ft each other either. Total mom/daughter connection moment, just beautiful. I know there are some that...
Cryptozoology Oct 12 67 11 rss
I have more pressing matters to do but I just wanted to post this distraction. IF BIGFOOT EXISTS, I have a few ideas why no evidence has been found in recent history. (Excluding the very real and very strong probability they don't exist anymore, of course.) There were giant bipedal hominids in prehistory but that's not what this is about. 1) The...
Paranormal Studies Sep 22 60 59 rss
I just watched a Documentary called Third Eye Spies and it was great. Here's the trailer: Here's the description: Synopsis: Two physicists discover psychic abilities are real only to...
Paranormal Studies Sep 30 52 29 rss
Interesting videos at the link. My belief is that if ESP is "real", then most or all of paranormal phenomenon is real. That's my take, in a nutshell. Now, open...
When you call your pet by their name, they recognize it is them being called and not another animal around them. Having a name actually differentiates them from others and makes them an individual....
I used the word "Evolved" loosely, because this discovery is shocking and is ultimately Mysterious and Baffling. The new study link n pertinent...
Abiogenesis is based on the assumption that life somehow evolved from non life. This is just an assumption with no basis in fact. The more likely...
Not sure if this is of any significance to anyone on ATS, but after having a strong urge to chill out at a stone monolith named Lanyon Quoit, Madron, Cornwall, UK and...
I decided to make a timeline for every post-flood giant mentioned in the Hebrew bible including their location. In the Hebrew bible there are two terms given...
Is this another face on mars that will just soon be discredited? Is it a case of pareidolia again? It looks pretty solid. It looks Chinese. (I hope not because then they would have a real valid claim this time.) It was originally...
Cryptozoology Sep 16 38 35 rss
Hi all, Havent posted in ATS for almost a decade, but im back as I may have inadvertently recorded the call...
Cryptozoology Aug 23 45 34 rss
A truck driver in Pennsylvania says he believes he captured the images of a Bigfoot creature. The man, who was driving his truck on a back road in Greene County, told the East Bradford...
Take a look at a map and you will see the Sahara desert is so large you could fit all of the contiguous continental United States into its desert confines with plenty of room left...
I've decided to make a timeline for the events that took place In Greek mythology and correlate it with real historical events. The ancient Greek epics have specifically shown...
The whole "Some people have souls, and other don't." Is denial of the way reality functions. You have to take every aspect of what humans of learned over time and apply as much as you...

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