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Hi folks, so ive been writing quite a lot down, which is something I started last year, keeping a journal of thoughts and ponderings throughout my journey as a stage Hypnotist that also helps others with rare illnesses/conditions/mental health issues alongside my own personal experiences good/bad etc. This is a work in progress and yes...
Hi ATS, I have a strange feeling about some of the most remarkable megalithic stonework, found all over the world.. I know that in some cases it has been seen that partly quarried stones were left in situ if the work was abandoned during the operation, and it appears from that evidence that the stones were...
Paranormal Studies Apr 14 38 17 rss
So this happened a few years ago, when I was 17. I finally had a long vacation and decided I would spend a few days in my brother house as he was alone(his wife had gone out for a few days). After the long trip, I finally reach his place, and he takes me to the guest room. That used to be his bedroom and for some reason he had changed it. So I go...
Cryptozoology Apr 14 23 15 rss
I still catch myself picturing dinosaurs as creatures with reptillian skin, how about you? The reality is that nearly all dinosaur species had feathers. They looked like this, It's easy to see how they ended up like this, and this, as this happened so relatively quickly post dinosaurs, Our understanding of human...
The Angel Gabriel - the strength of God - is sent to Mary and tells her to name him Jesus - Yeshua. Let's look beyond the metaphor at the actual lived reality. The pain of childbirth requires the strength of God; Immanuel, "God is with us", is his name. It's helpful to have an attitude of trust for the Universe if the pregnancy is to go swimmingly. Yeshua...
I always consider it a good day when I find something ATS worthy that isnt politics The thread title comes from the Youtube vid. So a book written in 1963...
Ok so a little background. I work in the EMS field on an ambulance. I have been on for nearly 3 years. So one night around 8 pm my partner and I were dispatched for an Ill person. We rspond as usual and found...
Cryptozoology Mar 25 24 33 rss
I like stories like this as it makes one think that just maybe there really is a big bird that witnesses have reported over the years.. Then reason says maybe it is just a California Condor...
So, I find this odd....maybe because I don't understand religion and it symbolism? Jesus was reportedly crucified approximately 1986...
So what do you think is it possible the Universe, created by GOD, only 6000 years ago. That's stupid right, what bout all those dinosaur bones, and the carbon 14 dating...
Paranormal Studies Mar 25 32 14 rss
Michigan couple claims they captured a 'ghost' on nanny cam young couple in Michigan claims that their home is possibly haunted by a malicious ghost after their daughter appeared to have three deep “purple scratches” on her...
Cryptozoology Mar 29 85 12 rss
No one here needs a history lesson on Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any of it's many names. What we do need is some finality on what this phenomenon is. Thousands of people have encountered something in the woods,...
We may now be one step closer to solving an ancient mystery that has baffled archaeologists from around the world for ages. Many of us have always wondered just how the...
Archaeologists hunting for a sacred well beneath the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula have accidentally discovered a...
Paranormal Studies Mar 19 43 39 rss
I'll put this here...because...well, it's strange. So my wife wanted me to post this. THIS just happened...15 minutes ago. I'm working down in my office...wife is cooking upstairs, while listening to music on Alexa....
This little side note to a larger story really surprised me. It would appear that recently, there was a deep carved staircase uncovered near the site of the 4th pyramid. But...
Hi all, I’m a big fan of Graham Hancock. I’ve been reading his work for 17 years now. Haven’t agreed with 100% if it, but do agree with most of it. br /> Graham has a new book being released on...
1f27e29c4d1 In the light of recent events and the publication of the details of trial of Cardinal George Pell a telling new book is out...
Cryptozoology Feb 22 27 23 rss
Looks like another creature once thought extinct has been found in an out of the way place in Indonesia. IMO there are so many unexplored...
Paranormal Studies Mar 17 39 22 rss
Hi All, I came across a facebook post which shared an unusual photo which appeared to contain faces in clouds. It was claimed the photo was taken just after the New Zealand shooting. ...

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