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The first ghost I ever saw, I played with… I thought she was real. I am a twin. Of a boy/girl combo twin set. We were 5, maybe 6, at the time and we were at the last barn dance I ever heard of in Minnesota - a friend of family invited my family up to spend the weekend. It was an awesome sight for a kid. The barn was turned into...
From your phone that is. And getting older in these times is a little bit more ruff than it has been in the past I think. Thanksgiving at my step daughters house was nearly painful watching all the young adults vaping and poking their phones all day. Hardly even talk'n to each other. I made a few cracks about it. But nothing that didn't get blown off. And then I just ran across...
Nice find. I didn't find a proper place for the thread so I'm posting it here :) The male puppy with its arrow-head milky teeth was less than two months old when it died. It was found in summer 2018 inside a lump of a frozen ground...
Let's Begin With Nothing, No Time, No Space Imagining absolutely nothing is apparently not an easy thing for most people to do, but for this exercise, it’s something I’d like you to try. br /> Before anything ever existed, there was nothing. Nothing at all. No light, no time, nothing to compare size to, no up or down. If you...
I’ve deeply ponder the possible reasons for the existence of life to try and give some meaning to my own existence. I’ve considered a lot of extreme reasoning but I’ve come to some conclusions based on the following facts. * All life is mortal. There are no life forms that can life forever. * All life must reproduce to...
I'm fortunate enough to live in Tempe, Arizona. Nearby are the legendary Superstition Mountains. There is a moderate trail that leads to a little canyon. The sheer volume of marks and information here is breathtaking....
A great place to visit while driving around Northern Arizona is the dinosaur tracks. The location is not a protected site or a national park. The reasons are complicated. The land is viewed as a part of both the Hopi...
Nice, click-baity headline, huh? A Japanese team did some additional searching with the help of some AI, and found 143 "new" glyphs, including this one that appears...
There have been a number of walls found in Iran. It would be amazing if it led to something new. The age of this wall lands in quite a spance of time. It states that it could be between 400 bc to 700 ad....
I keep saying they are going to openly worship the ancient Gods, the Demon worship will become more and more aceptable and they will begin sacrafice to them, maybe even...
20 sealed coffins dating back to possibly 1900 BC have been found in Luxor preserved in all their glory! The find has been hailed one of Egypt's "largest and most important discovery...
It looks like a fourth cousin to Gobekli Tepe is being unearthed. Again, in the area of SE Turkey. I couldn't find additional reports or stories. The article say that they found four steles and...
Paranormal Studies Oct 11 34 30 rss
Hey shouldn't you get paid or give permission ? It's the episode talking about a guy setting in front of a theater when he was approached by 2 kids asking for a ride but when he looked close he saw their eyes was solid...
Cryptozoology Oct 24 53 24 rss
Not a topic I usually spend time with but this one is pretty cool. A man was grouse hunting with his family and captured this sound. Jump to 2:20 - It doesn't sound like a wolf to me (at all) or any other animal I've heard. Yeah, that's worth listening...
Cryptozoology Oct 12 324 18 rss
I have more pressing matters to do but I just wanted to post this distraction. IF BIGFOOT EXISTS, I have a few ideas why no evidence has been found in recent history. (Excluding the very real and very strong probability...
Paranormal Studies Oct 11 23 17 rss
Yesterday I was missing my daughter so I decided to facetime her. I got on my tablet and tried but it would not go through. Somehow, at that exact, an I mean exact same moment she was facetiming me......... It was...
Paranormal Studies Oct 28 32 17 rss
Maybe it's the season, being close to Halloween and all, but there's something that's been on my mind a lot lately. It has to do with a woman I love that I'm separated from right now. To start off,...
Let's go on a history trip back in time. We'll start today where Halloween has become a multi-billion dollar holiday being adopted around the world, and trace its roots back into...

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