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If you don't conform and obey the new rules and laws, you are automatically a criminal... at least in Chinese Governments eyes! WOw... just saw a report about the new face recognition mandatory scheme in china for those with mobile phones. If you don't get facial scanning, you can't have a mobile phone and...
The Cliffs Notes version is that Christian author Tom Horn claims to have had a vision that the Asteroid Apophis, predicted to come near Earth in 2029, in fact WILL hit the Earth, and that NASA is covering up the fact that they know this as well. Some background: Mr. Horn accurately prophesied that Pope Benedict would resign. He was...
London Bridge cordoned off by police - BBC journalist reports hearing gunfire This is literally just breaking now no further information available. Will post more as we learn more about whats happened. Apparently one man is in police custody, gun shots where heard by journalists and that there...
Yeah trust is a dirty word these days. 'Trust me' while I stab you in the back. Even when you find a more realistic foundation of trust it is all about understanding. You can trust a snake to bite you. Do we trust claims of 200+ Trillion in digital cash floating around? I trust their are many measures of value. I trust truth is on its dead bed with the current state...
Political Conspiracies Nov 15 3645 140 rss
[color=white][size=-1]Genesis 7:11, Genesis 8:4, תהלים 92:8 , תְּהִלִּים 27 [/size][/color] [size=6]-PART-[/size][size=9]-22-[/size]...
Saturday, November 9, 2019 U.S. House Intelligence Committee chairman, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) didn't allow Republicans...
The video in the article shows a red car pull next to the Policeman's private car and and at least two guys get out with full automatic weapons and kill the cop. He never had a chance. Full title is : Cop...
[snipped] The accuser added that during her stay in New Mexico she flew on Epstein’s private jet. When she chose a seat on the plane, Doe said, Epstein...
War On Terrorism Nov 13 29 22 rss
So there is this magical land in Europe. It's called Sweden. They have a bit of a problem you see. There are, apparently "wild gangs" roaming Sweden's streets, blowing up stuff. Nobody really understands what is going on....
This is a really big deal. News of the month really, even with all the circus going on in D.C. If you are a constitutionalist, and I know there are a handful left here...
Dear fellow ATS members.. It is just shocking to see the US...and UK justice departments at work with the epstein case. We, the people...
War On Terrorism Nov 9 53 15 rss
Hi all, After 9 US citizens were brutally killed in Mexico recently. Trump called for a war on the cartels. br /> Unlike the other threads this thread will look...
There are 2 breaking news peices out and im waiting to find confirmation Earlier today mixed reports came out about a raid in Idlib involving multiple...
War On Terrorism Nov 5 360 46 rss
And so it may begin? I've wondered why we hadn't done anything about this sooner. It's taken a HORRIBLE murder of a family to finally force our hand. The Mexican government hasn't done a thing to take care of their cartel issues. Perhaps they're...
October 22, 2019 It has to be rare for the Attorney General of the United States to accompany his Special Investigator/Prosecutor...
At least nine members of an American family, including six children, were killed in an attack in northern Mexico on Monday, the Mexican military has confirmed. The family was ambushed...
Middle East Issues Oct 27 48 22 rss
Last year the Russians killed him , today America has killed him , next year I guess anyone who needs a bit of good publicity will kill him ... the guy's like Freddy Krueger just when you think you killed him he...
How can sixteen people tie up a girl and douse her with kerosene and then set her on fire ? Was there not one human being there who could stand up and say "NO"? I guess not as maybe they...
Long story short: guy and his son make a “thin blue line” flag for their local substation of Montgomery County PD and present it...
Thousands of self-declared ‘ witches’ will cast a unified ‘ spell’ on POTUS Donald Trump this weekend and “yes” this news piece is a work of non-fiction and...

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