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For those of you that have seen the recent 'Bob Lazar' movie or simply remember the multi-page and much flagged thread then you may recall much debate about a particular part of the film. The part concentrating on an FBI raid of the Lazar’s business premises “United Nuclear” in Laingsburg, Michigan. The...
In this video, a person can be seen on the roof of Notre Dame. Then there are two flashes! Moments later, the worst fire in France since WWII, burns at the upper floors of this world famous cathedral. ONE OF THREE women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 19 61 21 rss
Any ATSers ever seen extraterrestrials in real life, in the real flesh? Were they just in human form or did they reveal their true alien form to you? Be interested to hear your stories... [spoiler]Don't worry, your stories are safe with me, away from the prying eyes of the US Government[/spoiler]
New World Order Apr 20 71 20 rss
I predict this a model of how governments across the world will root out Christians and those who they identify as enemies of the state in the years to come. Watch closely and prepare accordingly. Be careful who knows what about you and your family as there may one day be a reward for telling government officials about your activities...
I don't think anyone here can deny climate change. In fact, it is impossible for climate to remain still. It is, by its very nature, always changing. The various geological forces, even the very fact that the Sun is a variable star, ensure that climate is in constant state of disequilibrium, as opposed to an eternally static system. What I have trouble is the sharp contrast between respected...
I recently came across some research when the child abuse scandal in various churches was in the news months ago and did some reading and found some very important questions mysteriously missing from the studies and that is how prevalent is the continued abuse by both people of the...
ATS Skunk Works Apr 16 62 28 rss
Here's just a snap shot of pages of comments about the Fire at Notre Dame this raises the question of "intention act" vs "accident" why is NO ONE questioning this? just read and look and OPEN your EYES . Am i the only one willing to say this?...
ATS Skunk Works Apr 15 50 26 rss
Well i didn't see this coming and is it just a stretch? Was it preordained ? i know there has been exhaustive analysis of the video but just watch in the back round where Jesus is in the foreground heading out while hes lit in flames?? It'll make ya...
ATS Skunk Works Apr 17 110 23 rss
I Have NO Words ...a faith in its death throws and NO ONE takes action .... everyone just watches. Here's your Multi Cultural Enrichment - anyone? br /> But he didn't use those specific words but that's what he meant.... So yea that just happened...
Someone Keeps Leaving Bowls of Mashed Potatoes on Peoples’ Property in This MS Town. Residents Baffled That's right. You read it correctly. Someone, or a group of someone's has been leaving bowls of mashed potatoes on people cars, door steps and even mailboxes. Now I'm not one to randomly,...
As I watched live feeds of Notre Dame burn, I could not shake the sense that I was seeing something I could only describe as nearly prophetic in its significance. This essay clearly states why I felt that. It matters not whether the fire was accidental, or if it wasn't, who was responsible....
ATS Skunk Works Apr 16 70 20 rss
So i don't like the source on YT but it portrays a news broadcast that captures someone moving along the Upper levels/roof line at the start of the fire... Clear as day with a back pack this broadcast needs to be identified and found...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 21 62 17 rss
I was reading this book by William J. Birnes that I got on Amazon kindle. "The Day After Roswell". Not a very original name for a book about aliens, right? He was describing his career in the Pentagon's "Foreign Technology" desk. Supposedly his job involved taking artifacts recovered...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 17 60 16 rss
Well this is very interesting: Under the classification: B64G1/409 Unconventional Spacecraft Propulsion Systems ABSTRACT: A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity wall , an outer resonant cavity...
I posted this thread on this forum, since it is mainly about a disagreement in the Vatican, between Cardinal Robert Sarah and Pope Francis, in regards to the subject...
Education and Media Mar 31 100 48 rss
Sunday, March 31, 2019 This morning, one of CNN's top news anchors/producers, tells White House Chief...
This is the Abby Johnson interview with Glen Beck, what an eye opener. Trailer for the movie The ultra-sound abortion should be required viewing before people make this choice. As ATS always said "Deny Ignorance"....
Aliens and UFOs Mar 28 134 40 rss
I have not done a thread of any substance on ATS at all really, so please bear with me as I go through motions. I am going to post to start with my main findings with links and sources...
The tweets are , folks. I have no idea if this is true or not, but here is the video of a man who is claiming that he helped to orchestrate...
ATS Skunk Works Mar 24 118 38 rss
There are just too many anomalous issues not to question anything and just accept what the News Conferences...
"Son shoots and kills home invasion suspect who terrorized family in SW Houston: Police" Family members arriving home to find home...
Alachua County sheriff’s deputies said 41-year-old Craig Arttez Brewer, who was killed at about 3 a.m. Sunday, had been paying for others’ food and giving out money...
General Conspiracies Mar 18 244 103 rss
Not sure where to put this one, it could go in so many different sub-forums, so I'll just put it here in 'General'. The other day my laptop crashed and burned. Not sure what happened, but I think the motherboard fried. I managed to get it working...
We have heard reports that New Zealand's gun owners are voluntarily turning in their firearms to police. So...
Due to Fox News' slow (we hope you won't catch on to what we're doing) walk toward the sickening left, I have axed them for good and now get real news from One America News Network. It is not polished or hyped but is...
(Had to truncate the subject line.) Áine Cain Mar. 11, 2019, 11:16 AM Some Amazon...
Now we learn of yet another strange "coincidence". Apparently New Zealand police were engaging in a training exercise very close to where the...
Aliens and UFOs Mar 19 31 28 rss
I got this sighting from Nuforc. Interesting recent sighting in Maine who previously has seen two...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 13 43 28 rss
On March 24, 2019, a cluster of strange, colorful lights and a large, bright UFO, were filmed in close proximity over the Point Beach Nuclear...
Oh really. This is now starting to get a little bit out of hand. So MSM and others, just go on and keep bitching and disrupting a sovereign nation and...

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