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ATS Skunk Works Dec 3 74 84 rss
One of most mysterious symbols in our culture today is the black cube, which is commonly referred to as the “black cube of Saturn”. There are monuments of the black cube all around the world (see image below) and even though there are hundreds of articles and posts on the black cube, no-one really appears to know what it represents or what it is. There are suggestions that the...
I have just seen the Prince Andrew interview about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and his possible involvement He seems to have the body language of some one who is lying , there are some contradictions here and there ( like...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 29 189 58 rss
The latest spin on the alien phenomenon according to DeLonge and others is that the truth about the aliens is simply too terrible to be told and that the government has been right not to divulge what they know about it. Which brought to mind the infamous Phil Schneider/Dulce...
Aliens and UFOs Dec 1 71 48 rss
So I’m pretty buzzing at the minute as I’ve just seen something pretty dam strange, again, been a real crazy year for UFO sightings for me So this one just happened about an hour ago and I’ve been going over the pictures and thinking about the experience and I’m still pretty stumped So I’m in my bedroom just chilling watching some TV after a busy...
The Gray Area Dec 2 36 41 rss
I have had first hand experience in programs ran by DIA/CIA/JSSOC/FBI VARIOUS ALPHABET AGENCIES, GENERALLY SUPPORTED BY 160TH - ALL RAN UNDER THE NSC FOR LEGAL PURPOSES. Whether it is ethical (OR NOT) is not the issue... let me lead with that. This thread is to discuss...
Aliens and UFOs Dec 1 70 30 rss
In an article released by on November 25, two men who worked on classified, advanced aerospace programs back in the 60's, weigh in on the recent Navy UFO (Tic-Tac) Encounters. T.D. Barnes started working on black op projects back in 1954, when he worked on the In the...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 29 36 27 rss
Today marks the 30th anniversary of one Europe’s most well known UFO waves. The Berlin Wall had been torn down in October in neighbouring Germany. While in November of 1989 a flap of triangular UFO sightings was made across part of the nation of Belgium. Not a country well known in the history of ufology. Black triangle...
Surprise, surprise San Francisco doesn't like the fact that the homeless population is growing rapidly. Some say it is up 30% from just last year. br /> Now they need a fall guy. I don't know what is more hilarious. The fact that they expected a different outcome from Democratic leadership, or the Doctor speaking on the video. This...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 30 34 23 rss
Where have we seen the Navy Tic Tac UFO before—In Denver! I’ve taken an assignment here in Denver for one reason (well, beside working on my daily assignment). And that reason is the story of a UAP that was seen here seven years ago. Back in November of 2012, A Denver man had been video taping an object...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 10 87 130 rss
A personal friend of mine and a guy who has always been a friend to has finally been able to put together a really well done, living and...
The Gray Area Nov 8 71 73 rss
I have never heard of this or seen this posted anywhere. So I had to create a thread on it to see what others have heard on this. After reading this article it appears that there are plenty of others that have had this experience....
The Gray Area Nov 16 303 56 rss
I am currently watching a BBC interview of Prince Andrew in relation to his “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein. What really got to me is how frigging stupid they must think we are....
We all know what supposedly happened to black actor, Jussie Smollett. He claimed he was assaulted by two white men wearing MAGA...
Full Article Title: Female MMA fighter takes down anti-Trump 'professor' who allegedly started fight at flag wave honoring veterans in Portland Another looney, lefty resorts to violence...
GRAPHIC WARNING: FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht (Video) Child...
Another example of the corruption and hypocrisy of the media and the dnc. A story started to...
Another day, another case of blatant MSM propaganda. Apparently Tulsi Gabbard recently wore an all-white suit to...
This bloke, THIS BLOKE, has the balls to call it as he sees it. Do yourself a favour and watch this 40 second video until the very end, here is this bloke chatting to Jessie Watters about this...
So apparently James O'Keefe has more to share with us. He says he has been threatened by powerful people....
I want to give ATS members a heads up, that today, at 9 AM, there will be "a bombshell leak on deceased...
So months after he is alleged to have committed suicide while on suicide watch with all the cameras malfunctioning...
Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to go trick or treating? You counted the days until October 31st. The thought of dressing up with whatever you had, or the very cheap costume your parents bought. You remember the masks, they...
I don't know if this has been posted on here yet because I don't visit very often, but I recently found about "Subterranean Operations" that was officially released by the Department of the...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 27 48 35 rss
G'day all! I searched the forum but couldn't find a thread/link to this video. Only a very short one but it shows a long flat object...
Back in June, the openly-fascist group aNtifa went on another “reeeeee” and attacked innocent, vulnerable people. We all remember the news of a journalist being attacked...

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