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ATS Skunk Works Dec 12 244 88 rss
Not sure what she got, but it's got folks in an uproar. Carter seemed to be a tad nosey.
ATS Skunk Works Dec 12 44 61 rss
This thread is pure speculation... but it makes a lot of sense. There had been rumors following the release of JFK documents by the President, that an agreement had been made with Bush 41... to delay full disclosure until after he passed. Was a deal made to delay indictments...
One of the problems with progressives is that they often have a hard time seeing the impact of their policies. They rarely do a detailed look back to see how their policies actually play out in the real world. Anyway, I can across a great video on $15 minimum wage in NYC and how it has completely messed up the car wash industry. The video is about...
V6diBED6V0pINtSs0NMK_PEI Migrants demand entry or $50,000 during march to US Consulate in Tijuana read this carefully: “You got it wrong, Trump. We asked for jobs and you responded with weapons. That is not polite. If asking for work is troublesome, then I am totally confused. La Caravana.” Additionally, the migrants said they want the U.S. government...
The CPUC said the money needs to come from somewhere. If it doesn't come in the form of a text tax, you may see higher voice service charges. I doubt this will pass, but you never know. There was probably a time when people didn't think toll roads would pass either. Just another way to stick it to people. In the not too far future...
I have been watching non MSM videos and reading comments. A very common theme is coming to light, they do not want Muslims/Migrants in France/ Belgium that region. Comments like: Make the Muslim women afraid to walk the streets and not the French women. fall of eu end of open borders DEPORT DEPORT...
Looks like new MKUltra documents have been released. The new documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part...
Just over a decade ago my family and I made the most gut wrenching decision of our lives. We left our home, Illinois. It took us a full year to get over the move. At the time we didn't know if we were making the right decision. In hindsight It was the best decision of our lives! We got out in the nick of time. We have saved around 70K in those...
Aliens and UFOs Dec 7 43 29 rss
I used the search function and could not find a topic on this. I just saw this for the first time being posted by The Daily Star. If there is already a topic made feel free to pm me the link and delete this post. I would like to know how this effect was...
Paris riots set to continue as French leader fails to appease protesters told the Reuters news agency that Macron's peace offering was not enough Just as I thought, too little too late. MACRON RIOTS: Paris chief demands END to protests - ‘France is being TORN APART’ I mean, can you blame them. That...
9/11 Conspiracies Dec 8 119 13 rss
I found it odd that supposedly nukes or thermite destroyed all the structural steel that was allegedly whisked away to China? But yet I learned something new today. Another fact I never see mentioned by conspiracists. Column No. 1,001 B. The last standing WTC column removed. Some how with...
New World Order Dec 10 77 13 rss
The world has entered the process of redrawing spheres of influence, and in the new conditions they will have to be defended by force. Michael Pompeo, in his recent speech on the creation of a new world order, stated this absolutely straightforwardly: the United States is about to begin...
Finally a celebrity with some balls /. I knew I liked kevin hart . He has decided to remove himself from hosting the oscars after they wanted him to apologize for insensitive tweets from 10 years ago about the LBGQT RDFE community. OMG you mean a comedian made some jokes . THE HORROR....
Aliens and UFOs Dec 7 54 11 rss
Hey I haven't been on the site for a few months (nor have I been making new UFO-related content on my channel) but I did just make some new color-manipulated versions of a UFO photo, taken during the Gemini 10 mission in 1966. (I never knew much about this particular mission, but it was based on sending a craft into space, that successfully connected...
Here is the first video I have done where I try to show a video I am commenting on. This socialist woman feels we will all be dead in ten years if we don't stop using fossil fuels, thinks we can just punish the wealthy to stop making fossil fuels and prices...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 19 418 270 rss
Our buddy Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell (or, Brother Four Names, as I like to call him) is at it again, he's got yet another topically applicable (to ATS) movie premiering in a couple...
Aliens and UFOs Dec 1 91 103 rss
I’m doing a wee Podcast miniseries on the Paranormal, Metaphysics, Esoteric Mysticism, The trickster, UFO and Aliens just for my friends here on The Boss, Mr...
This may be the biggest conspiracy I have yet to come across. We have satellites in space purportedly to harvest sunlight which is beamed to Earth via...
ATS Skunk Works Nov 19 55 87 rss
Time Traveling Trump's Peculiar Pleasure Paradise Remark "You don't see whats going on until you come here," Trump says....
According to anons on many 4chan threads, there is something happening in Haiti. Doing a little Twitter research I found that there were mass murders (+50) just last night. Warning! This is a VERY graphic link (dead...
The Gray Area Nov 21 133 71 rss
Shiv Grewal is Royal Shakespeare Company actor who describes himself as 'scientifically-minded' and a 'natural cynic' but following the RSC's production...
ATS Skunk Works Nov 21 73 60 rss
Nov 14 The discovery of a huge impact crater under the ice in Greenland is announced. I wrote a thread about it: br /> Jul 25 A meteor explodes with 2.1 kilotons force 43...
Right now, 5G wireless is being rolled out across America, which will transmit data 100 times faster using shorter radiation...
The Gray Area Nov 8 47 82 rss
California Shooting occurred 23:20, it’s interesting to see Schumann Resonance is off the chart, at the exact same time frame. Coincidence? Screen shot...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 12 101 64 rss
During November over Ireland a British Airways pilot reported a bright light heading towards her 787 at high speed before veering off North. A virgin Atlantic pilot also reported strange lights...
This is an excerpt from his book, , 1991. A search for the terms "CIA Orion" will pull up results for but interestingly,...
Some have speculated that the global warming scare is a carbon credit scam put on by the NWO crowd and those who want wealth distribution from all of us to their select few. Some believe it is the sun and its cycles that causes...
Aliens and UFOs Dec 4 78 52 rss
This is not a spoof or a drill -- this is a genuinely weird-looking form on the asteroid that a US probe just arrived at. I find it extremely interesting. Whatever it turns out to be, and a natural explanation...
The Gray Area Nov 18 36 50 rss
I took a drive up to paradise California shortly after the city was destroyed by the fire.... here are a few scenes from that trip..
Sooo predictable MSM, so predictable. Check this post I posted this OCTOBER 31st! Today FRONT PAGE! It doesn't matter if there are ten...
New World Order Nov 17 76 45 rss
Daniel Best was appointed by HHS to lower drug prices earlier this year. On Oct 30, 2018, Best wrote a answering questions regarding lower pricing. Nov 1, HHS announced the...

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