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New World Order Oct 17 62 39 rss
NeIYFxnPcCQrX3AjDu9Q0UFSFsMVhZEkvQAEfZIDmjB64-WFhWVXg Want a conspiracy? Somebody/some company/ some powers that be, wants our DNA, badly. I knew it was a matter of time. There are only so many people interested in DNA testing for ancestry research. A lot of that isn't even that accurate....
Aliens and UFOs Oct 17 127 35 rss
Phase 1 is now complete with groundbreaking reporting from the NYT, Washingtonpost, and Politico describing video and pilot accounts of UAPs/UFOs. Phase 1 of the disclosure project was completed with the official announcement from the Navy as to the existence of UFOs. We have entered Phase 2 of the Disclosure project with the formal announce by the US ARMY and TTSA to collaborate...
New World Order Oct 17 35 31 rss
A UN General Assembly meeting in Geneva saw the Latin American country elected to one of 14 new seats on the 47-member body. Nicolás Maduro's government hailed it as an "important achievement". His administration is accused of jailing, torturing and arbitrarily arresting opposition figures. More than 50 countries no longer recognise Mr Maduro as the country's legitimate leader. ...
Oslo, Norway, has turned into Sweden's Malmo - the similarities are frightening to the inhabitants, and the politicians are in denial. Rampant immigrant youth gangs attacking people seemingly unprovoked- the big, and mostly left-side media, calls them "young people" and are intentionally not mentioning...
The road rage row that turned a Rochdale street into a battleground as mob set upon teenage tree surgeon... he had his hand severed by axe A teenage tree surgeon had his hand chopped off with an axe in an 'appalling' attack carried out by an armed mob sparked by a road rage row in Rochdale, a court heard. The victim, then aged just 18, was...
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 I think President Donald Trump has empowered average Americans to be more aware of fake and/or misleading media publications and outlets. As a result, the public is "waking up" and scrutinizing what they see or read, more than ever before. Americans...
Basically the story is this, guy goes in to rob Dollar Store (btw. who robs the dollar store???? Well my mom said the dollar store has a lot more money than people realize, ok whatever. So armed robber goes in, and he is met by an equally armed clerk, who defended himself,...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 14 42 29 rss
What do you guys make of this, its obv real but its moving so slow, just a balloon ?
I’m posting this is the conspiracies forum because HRC just won’t let the Russian narrative die. Why I don’t know. But she won’t. Instead - she eats her own. To me, this behavior is insane and a cover. HRC is likely an NWO or Russian agent - she’s ugly as #, has horrific polices as they pertain to your “average American” and suddenly a decent looking/articulate/outspoken...
I never heard of this guy until today. Hes a Canadian with a decent educational background. Is he a radical? I don't know but many don't want this movie about him. So why is it that an alternate opinion cannot be expressed or even spoke of around North America? I mean remember the riots back...
California becomes first state to ban fur production and sales; animals also barred from circuses I'm not a big fur proponent, I think it's ugly, but is this law really needed? This does not apply to leather, which I find hilarious. But just you wait, leather is next. Bye bye soft car seat, or office chairs! Of course it does not apply to politicians plush leather...
The Gray Area Oct 15 117 25 rss
I am very uncomfortable sharing, as it makes me feel like it’s a little unscientific. This experience started about 2 years ago with a voice in my head, that isn’t mine. It started, by thinking I was hearing my downstairs neighbor being molested, but the voices seemed to come from within my own head. I’m going to condense this, because it’s quite lengthy....
So anyone hear about this? Sure sounds like some sort of conspiracy is going on as just type parts of the above into Google. Nothing? So try MSN. Nothing? So try to go to that RUSSIAN web site called RT Today. Yup. The one that were told...
9/11 Conspiracies Oct 14 80 25 rss
I found this earlier today as a link from, a site with a lot of interest in 9/11 matters. It seems to answer a lot of questions I was unaware of, and the suggested technology is fairly scary. I was also unaware of just how many cancer cases were connected with the 9/11 event. This seems even more "out there" than the theory of Judy Wood. Opinions...?
If you had a town of a thousand people, and you gave them all the same resources. Every single working aged person got the same amount. It still would not be enough. The amount doesn't matter, someone would always be screaming unfair! Every single discussion on universal income, on raising the minimum wage, on income equality fails to mention one major aspect. Some people...
While participating in the various threads concerning the latest attempts to find a way to impeach President Trump, I had this nagging little voice in the back of my head. Now, rumor is that the whistleblower is a disgruntled ex-CIA...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 12 50 65 rss
I saw an interesting, 1 hour video, of the 2019 Eugene Shoemaker Memorial Lecture with guest speaker, Dr. James Benford. It was held at Arizona State University...
So I watched "Atomic Blonde" the other night. I knew the movie would most likely suck but..Charlize!. She's been around for a bit and, I was curious how old she was. While looking at her Wiki page..I saw this....
Here is yet another FAKE racial attack. I post this here to show that not only does this happen, but it seems to me to...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 22 69 39 rss
I'd like to post the video directly but it is not on youtube (that I'm aware of) and is embedded in local news site so can only provide link to page: Detroit Lakes resident, Todd Mitchell was trying to...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 1 371 39 rss
1. Digital camera video of 8mm film projection. Film recorded at 16fps 2. Projector running at 24fps, video slowed to exactly half making it 12fps. 2b. See projector sound SET TO 0.5X 3. Timestamp is from digital...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 21 36 36 rss
Excerpt from the story here - Crew remember the day UFO was spotted over Kaikōura 40 years on At the end of 1978, Australasia was in the grip of UFO fever....
Aliens and UFOs Oct 7 38 35 rss
DF709oyAyYUBcOK9rihA The video starts at 3:10 and it is a good one. This was taken by a woman in Texas. It shows a reddish triangle hovering in the night sky and it seems authentic. I hope we...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 11 51 59 rss
First and foremost, thoughts, prayers and condolences to the victims of 9/11 and their families. For those of you new to the world of...
So, President Trump has decided to shine a spotlight at California's booming homelessness problem, and it's Calcutta-like streets covered with feces and used needles. “It’s a terrible situation...
FULL ARTICLE TITLE: NY Times claims 'airplanes took aim' at World Trade Center on 9/11, not terrorists. The backlash is fierce. The New York Times ignited...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 18 68 46 rss
The immense amount of respect that I have for Isaac can not be overstated such that I wish...
A Georgia homeowner fatally shot three teenagers who were purportedly trying to rob him and two others...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 13 51 38 rss
This sighting has been mentioned twice now on Peter Davenport's NUFORC's It concerns a sighting by two elk hunters in Taos, New Mexico. The interview with the hunters...
An 18-year-old has been arrested and charged in the stabbing death this week in New York of Khaseen Morris, who died surrounded by a crowd of students taking cellphone video...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 16 115 34 rss
The U.S. Navy has confirmed that three online videos purportedly showing UFOs are genuine. The service says the videos, taken by Navy pilots, show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but also states that the clips...

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