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An 'unprecedented' amount of child porn has been discovered in the Vatican. I'm so happy this was discovered. Most of us know the Catholic Church is just a cover for all kinds of evilness. I'm not passing judgement on the followers, or whatever they're called, but on the Pope and the ones running things. It's time the truth...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 21 35 37 rss
With June 24th 1947 marking the 70th anniversary of the modern UFO era it’s perhaps a little too obvious creating a thread about Kenneth Arnold’s sighting, Roswell or the UFO wave that followed in that summer so long ago. I’m sure they will be picked up in one way or another anyway. Perhaps lesser known...
Secret Societies Jun 21 31 32 rss
Ronald Bernard, reached the highest levels as an Illuminati financial straw man. He is one of the few whistle-blowers from this world who has dared to tell his story in front of (DVM-TV), De Vrije Media’s camera. He unfolds a life story in which he got progressively deeper into the world of the big money,...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 23 116 31 rss
I have noticed via twitter that a number of those i follow are saying that this much talked about big news is very close, with one source saying today!! This youtube video from "anonymous" is interesting... is now the time?? has anyone else heard anything as of late that has made them think something...
I would like to know how many of these illegal voted. The investigation by Pence is gonna show people whats being happening, and it won't be a pretty picture. Most illegal immigrants who pay taxes have stolen someone else’s legal identity, and the IRS doesn’t do a very good...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 18 148 261 rss
The one and only Jim Marrs, a friend of ATS/The Above Network, LLC (he authored our book for us back in 2008 and came to our Guy Fawkes Event in NYC to speak) and a personal friend of mine is in bad shape at the moment. He is on dialysis at home and has apparently lost his eyesight. He's fighting the good fight according to those...
A teacher has been suspended following accusations that they digitally removed references to Donald Trump in their school's yearbook photos. br /> Student Grant Berardo said he had decided to wear a “TRUMP: Make America Great Again’ T-shirt for his yearbook photo, only to find it had been removed...
Australia has a controversial program called "Safe Schools" that is set to be rolled out in all Public Schools. The controversial element to this education program is that it is solely teaching about transgender, anti-homophobia and gender fluidity. Teachers running the program have been given the permission to counsel students who want...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 18 61 31 rss
People in chat saying they saw this live on BBC? Did a search and didn't see it posted yet
June 21, 2017 ""President Trump announced Wednesday night that he will soon ask Congress to pass legislation banning immigrants from accessing public assistance within five years of entering the U.S. “The time has come for new immigration...
Not sure what they know that the police and officials have not released yet but it appears the Muslim Council of Britain is already on record calling Finsbury Park a motivated Islamophobia attack. I guess we will find out if they are right in a few hours. 45c6e4b0d5ab311e92d6#block-594745c6e4b0d5ab311e92d6...
The red 2015 BMW motorcycle captured in photographs is registered to San Francisco resident Jeffrey Dillon, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. On social media, Dillon is seen posing with the bike and is the administrator of a Facebook group called the “White Privilege Club.”...
9/11 Conspiracies Jun 21 180 26 rss
And so did these hijackers have that skill level is the next logical question ? Some comments The 767 pilot who talked to the Boston Globe similarly said hitting the Pentagon would have been "extremely difficult." He added, "One degree off and [the pilot] either overshoots it or undershoots...
Assuming the are accurate, in mid December of 2016, Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald met with a sinister image on his Twitter feed. The image, an animated GIF that looked something like a strobe-light, induced Eichenwald into an epileptic seizure. Eichenwald’s epilepsy was no secret, and many online trolls had already...
Has any one calculated how much fuel you would need to accelerate then decelerate to get to mars? my point is a rocket in earth atmosphere has some thing to push against. But in the vacuum of space you have Nothing to push against. Only the Gas the rocket pushes out the back! think about that. when it starts it has nothing at...
This thread contains a complete list of all 149 MKULTRA subprojects. There are FOIA documents available for each subproject, explaining the who, what, where, when, why and how of each. The CIA’s...
The Gray Area Jun 6 579 76 rss
So this late afternoon I walked into a local mosque that's only a few minutes from where I work, in London City. And I noticed there...
New World Order Jun 3 204 75 rss
This is new, recorded at the St Petersberg International Economic Forum yesterday. This is...
The Gray Area Jun 3 118 69 rss
According to our myths, the ancient human magicians knew of a sound that would remove the cloak that reptilian shape shifters uses to pretend they are humans. These ancients actively used...
Interesting angle here. I don't know how true it is. Never heard of this website before. But it connects Chris Cornell, Jeffrey Epstein, James Comey, Trump, The Clintons and Mena. If this is to be believed, Chris Cornell did some work with...
This is a very scary video... I don't want to talk too much about it, because to be honest I don't know very much, but I will leave it here for you to watch, and come to your own conclusions. South African according to Genocide...
9/11 Conspiracies Jun 16 169 57 rss
I'd never seen this before and can't find it here on ATS so I wanted to share it with you all. Must see if you're interested in the topic. peace...
General Conspiracies May 17 257 119 rss
is a Twitter feed that has some wiki leaks links that allegedly shows "evidence" to different conspiracies, I don't know if these WL docs have already been talked about (I suck at searching) but they do give a hmmm...
Interesting story here about the possibility that some of the disinfo being thrown around by the MSM might be illegal. The article...
Aliens and UFOs May 23 60 57 rss
Colonel Halt was the Deputy Commander of the bases, Bentwater and Woodbridges, back in 1980 when the infamous incident happened. He wrote a...
Here, we have two separate murders by two different white supremacists in two different places in the past week. One, who is a student at the University of Maryland, stabbed a black...
Portland, Ore., has become the epicenter in a growing movement to call out white people who profit off the culinary ideas and...
Lee Smith of Tablet has an interesting about the current state of American politics and the press. I know several people have opined that there are...
Cool article about the possibility that some of Seth Rich's social accounts are or have been edited ! Rich was the man who was murdered last year in D.C. and so far it's unsolved. He may have...
A violent racist antifa SJW screams into a smaller black guy's face for several minutes while his comrades try to block the camera so he can assault the guy. When blondie finally...

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