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Aliens and UFOs Jun 14 33 31 rss
If the cacophony of noise surrounding TTSA's activities is currently making you feel nauseous and want to leap from the tallest window, what better solution than to stretch our minds back to the lesser known aspects of Kenneth Arnold, who is arguably the granddaddy of why we're all here....
This is nothing more than manipulation and brainwashing. Who gets to decide what's allowed and what isn't. What's next? Prohibiting what can or can not be shown on TV shows or the movies, because it might trigger someone? The Left are behind this madness and because of...
New World Order Jun 16 186 18 rss
Hay. So who is the USA MSM trying to discredit in the attacks on the Oil Tankers in the Strait. Trump, USA Military? You guessed it? So who comes running to the basketball court like yesterday? They want to cut a deal. Iran, yep you guessed it. So I remembered something about Russia and Israel several months...
Here’s a livestream happening as I type: I posted a list of more videos. Just look a couple posts below this one. (Sorry, I am on my phone, so I don’t think I can embed.) We’ve all seen the “devil horns” or “I love you” hand sign thrown up for photos, but why do people pose for photographs holding the “okay sign” over their...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 16 75 12 rss
June 16, 2019 ATS Members, what do you make of these statements from President Donald Trump? He's been in office for almost 2.5 years, but has only had one short briefing on the UFO subject. On the one hand, the President is saying he doesn't believe that...
I came across this video and it is incredibly disturbing. The manner in which these top defense scientists died "committing suicide" is worthy of a full investigation by both the US, UK and NATO. The video covers the topic really well and the channel the guy does is pretty interesting in itself, if...
Here some interesting tweets from Mr. McAfee from the past few hours. We all know John McAfee, but still, it's good to be informed. Embedded tweets : blockquote class="twitter-tweet"> p lang="en" dir="ltr">I've collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I'm naming names...
The full article can be found I expect everyone here is either trying to find their way through the deceit around us, or perpetuating that deceit. Most of us will be in the grey zone with a bit of both going on. Either way deception and manipulation are a part of this world that we all encounter,...
After at least six U.S. tourists died under mysterious circumstances there in the last 12 months, Americans with plans to visit the Dominican Republic are reconsidering their vacations Has anyone been following this story? I've heard a couple of different theories. Some think someone is poisoning Americans on...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 12 34 16 rss
Ex-CIA employee Robert David Steele blogs about the evils carried out by the Deep State, including pedophilia and satanic killings of children. Ex-NSA employee Bill Binney speaks out about unconstitutional spying on Americans. I personally do not believe either of these individuals...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 15 47 11 rss
In reading about the Nimitz encounter I came across this comment in another forum: Note that the Nimitz encounters documentary of the eyewitness accounts states that there were plainclothes officers hidden on board that didn’t reveal themselves until it was certain that the operation had been a success, and it was time to get rid of a controllable and concealable...
ATS Skunk Works Jun 11 42 15 rss
Hey everyone, I wanted to make a post about this here as my city's been having some interesting mishaps. This "helicopter crash" was in my line of sight all day long from my office building, and I have a few thoughts about that which I'd like to share with you. If you've read my posts before, you know that I'm not a stranger to NYC happenings....
Aliens and UFOs Jun 10 38 14 rss
A pre Disclosure discussion may very well have went something like this.... "We have no control over what's about to occur." "Then we better get out ahead of this while we still can." "Yep. Control the narrative as best as we can as long as we can." Whether what's about to occur is something like...
Did the Universe already happen? I think when the Big Bang happened everything happened at once before time went the "normal" way. That would explain Deja Vu. We may be controlling our bodies from the sort of afterlife, kind of like our higher selves. We may have split when the Universe did. If we were all our final selves in some other dimension controlling themselves...
While browsing youtube last night I found this video: It’s from nasa and shows off a couple of their goals for the near future of space exploration for the human race....
. A high-ranking NYPD officer fatally shot himself in the head in a car in Queens Wednesday, just one month before he would...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 8 95 65 rss
On last nights 2nd episode of the History series, Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, former U.S. Navy radar operator,...
In the latest episode of leftist insanity, the Swedish government is considering banning Norse runes and other traditional symbols. Norse runes were widely used as the written form of various...
This is good news. Now the whole world will see what a lying POS Smollett really is. I hope this permanently ruins his career. This case was not a smear campaign on...
Its the type of video which you need to watch a couple of times. Its a fantastic clip but if I had to critique it, I would have liked to see them include , , and the , especially...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 2 172 50 rss
The revelation comes at the end of this 5 minute video. Tucker is definitely surprised at this man's response. So much so that he asks the question...
Aliens and UFOs May 27 73 43 rss
A U.S. Navy Pilot reported that he almost collided with a ufo in 2014 near Virginia Beach according to a New York Times story published sunday. The ufo which the Hornet...
Aliens and UFOs May 14 112 90 rss
André Skondras just relayed this sad news: he just read this announcement on the Stanton T. Friedman (official) Fan Page: "I am sorry to say that Stan passed away on the evening of Monday, May 13th. His family is requesting that their privacy...
Someone shared this with me, and it's a good reference/resource, so I thought I'd post for everyone's information. I don't really have anything to add to this. Do note that this...
New World Order May 20 138 42 rss
. A billboard in Dallas is asking passersby to #TrustBlackWomen. The billboard features three...
New World Order Jun 4 37 40 rss
. The Australian federal police have raided the home of News Corp Australia journalist Annika Smethurst investigating the publication...
I sometimes find old posts or videos online that are a couple of years old and I think that this was really big at the time but we have not heard any more about it. Firstly I'd like to...
ATS Skunk Works May 20 77 38 rss
Ever seen a half dead tree? Probably not like this one. The tree is right next to a 5G tower or whatever it is called, a 5G pole maybe. ETA - Some pics if you don't watch videos. They were made from screenshots. Please don't confuse stitching...
Weaponry Jun 7 63 37 rss
Stories like this certainly warms some people's heart while others are disgusted by the lack of law abiding citizens obeying the leaders...
Aliens and UFOs Jun 9 94 35 rss
Where to begin ? There are not that many people I trust with regards to UFO stuff but Richard Dolan and George Knapp are two that I will take the time to listen to. Can they be fooled or hoodwinked surely they can but I consider...

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