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Was driving down the road a little while ago thinking about all the crazy stuff going on in the world today, and I suddenly got this really bad feeling like something big is going to happen. I tried to shake it at first, but it was very prominent. The Epstein thing really has me bugged. It's patently obvious there is something going on with this case, and it's so...
Hope tells all, including gory details not for those of us left on earth that are actually faint of heart. Main idea I come away with is that as gruesome the child trafficking is, it's 'just' the tip of the iceberg and a means by...
CERN discovered the GOD particle in 2016, this is Quite a breakthrough, and might be helping the infiltrators of planet Earth escape. GOD mirrored is DOG The god particle is the particle which gives mass to the matter. It is scientifically named The Higgs – boson and until now it was just a theory but…God Particle exists...
So what I hope to show in my reporting is that this is not a type of operation or a scandal really that began or ends with Jeffrey Epstein now that he has died. As you mentioned, my report tries to go as far back as possible to really see where these sexual blackmail...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 20 31 18 rss
Back on July 22, 2018, a photographer took a picture of White Horse Mountain located in Washington State. The person didn't notice the object until many days later, when they attempted to color correct and crop their photo. The photo is probably one of the clearest photos I've...
“We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.” ...That's what New York Times Editor-in-Chief Dean Baquet stated, in regards to ditching Russian collusion, and painting the President...
Here a former Hollywood child star is saying in no uncertain terms that there are elite pedophile rings within Hollywood. Before we get to Barbara Walters' incredibly bizarre reaction, lets discuss the other panelists. Shouldnt...
I was doing a bit of Google Earth investigating when I came across some strange things on Little Saint James Island. Being someone who enjoys studying ritual magick, I noticed some things about Little Saint James which stuck out to me. This is a Sun clock. Located at the center of Little St. James Island. This structure was built between 2009 & 2013. The...
The Gray Area Aug 15 186 32 rss
Hey guys I gotta share this while it's fresh and I still have a chance - My Close Encounter of the 5th Kind! At first this just seemed like a really cool encounter - but then my mind was completely blown after I figured out the message!! Ok so on Sunday morning I got up around 5am, made my coffee, and went out to the...
Like pretty much everyone, I'm trying to figure out and understand this whole Epstein saga. And in the process, I have spent far too much time trying to nail down rumors and anonymous leaks that are being stated as confirmed and undisputed fact. Including right here on ATS. I will give one example. From...
He's right, there are too many crazies with guns so why penalize the sane gun owners for the sake of the few? This is about logic, but not just logic, there are other factors too that need looking at like easily gotten perscription drugs sometimes given by fake doctors, and...
SEBRING, Fla. (WFLA) — A Highlands County man is behind bars after deputies say he performed a botched castration in his home on a man he met through the dark web. Maybe I'm a sick sick person, I read that first line and saw that mans face and I laughed for a full ten minutes. I have a problem where I laugh at...
New World Order Aug 20 74 15 rss
Put this in NWO because I think this is where this type of scenario is heading for all of us. This case is just crazy. Here is the quick rundown. The 13yr old girl has a rare liver cancer. She was put on chemotherapy and was doing worse. The mom could not stand to see her child...
New World Order Aug 15 73 24 rss
originally posted by: [post=24559697]RexKramerPRT[/post] a reply to: [post=24559692]carewemust[/post] Glad to read he is #ting himself. "This is the biggest story in the world and he has started to # himself " Was Babylon The Great Whore once ? The Duke and Duchess of York...
ATS Skunk Works Aug 19 68 11 rss
I think we’ve reached that point Where time runs out And the world gives in To the depravity of our inherent dna We collapse into entropy. Is trump the antichrist or what? I mean, if the majority of the world thinks differently than you do, does that mean they can safely label you crazy? What happens when the tide shifts? Does the Christ sway like...
ATS Skunk Works Aug 12 96 64 rss
Over the years I've heard many stories about the US having a shadow government. Now understand, I'm not talking about the deep state term that has been used so frequently over the past 2 years. One describes an organic,...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 27 102 39 rss
Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., told Fox News Friday that he is "concerned" about recent reports by U.S. Navy pilots of encounters with unidentified aircraft...
We do not have a gun problem, a violence problem, a race problem, a homeless problem, a drug problem. We have a parenting problem. Somewhere along the line, the pendulum swung too far. Parents were scared of disciplining...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 1 62 36 rss
This is an interesting analysis by an admitted amateur body language / statement analysis YouTuber who has made a lot of videos reviewing people and pointing out when and where they are attempting to be deceptive....
Aliens and UFOs Aug 7 80 35 rss
I've seen a lot of accounts lately of people seeing slow moving orange balls of light in the sky and of all these accounts none of them were...
br /> Kathy Zhu stripped of Miss Michigan 2019 title after racist tweets surface This girl just learned a real world lesson. Life is not fair. She learned another lesson, life in America...
Bra-VO! A creative vandal transformed a Los Angeles billboard for the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” into an attack on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and...
New World Order Aug 4 66 34 rss
So, yeah. The U.S. military is testing high altitude, solar-powered balloons allowing the Pentagon to conduct continuous surveillance of a wide swath of the Midwest, according to a new report. But it's cool. Just testing...testing...testing....
The ordeal is over. Thank you, Berkeley,...for FINALLY making it trigger-fReeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to walk down the street again. Just imagine the agony Berkeley residents have had to endure, simply by crossing...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 19 235 55 rss
On June 4th 2019 a document labelled “Alien Autopsy Proof” was anonymously uploaded to the . The document appears to be an internal National Institute of Discovery...
Go Figure. Peer reviewed and tested. Blatant attempt to put the man who invented the cure in jail and to bury the cure....
The Gray Area Jul 25 55 34 rss
So I'm at work today helping my dad remodel a house around a lake out in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky. I've been smoking one of those Blu ecigs to stop smoking cigarettes. I'm smoking on it...
ATS Skunk Works Aug 9 32 33 rss
I work in publishing. This morning I'm in the states in the office. I've randomly overheard an IT and web consultant who also works with Facebook telling another IT...
New World Order Aug 12 250 32 rss
?? This is SICK! Wake UP and smell the Tyranny! Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful amazing Free cities in the world! These are our brothers and sisters! How can...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 16 66 31 rss
ATSer Data5091 graciously us of a new Travel Channel show called 'Alien Highway' – a presumptuous and rather cheesy title, and while some episodes fall into...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 27 65 31 rss
*Please read all my posts to understand the adventure I had with this, and the final conclusion that was drawn* A while back when sevens.exosed first came out.......

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