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Education and Media Feb 19 103 59 rss
The boy from Covington Catholic High School has filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post. Lawyers say it was a smear campaign. The suit goes into detailed descriptions and accounts of what happened. Looks like the WP is in trouble with this one !! ...
Well, sure there are some agencies not very happy about this ruling since it will impact their budget. I for one am glad to see this decision as giving authorities incentives for taking your property is just wrong. Far too many people have had their property taken (many without even being charged with anything)...
This is from a Reddit thread and it is really disturbing. It basically shows how people can wonder into a Youtube "wormhole" where all the suggested videos are of the same kind (exploitation of children) where there are no other video options besides these and...
New World Order Feb 20 58 42 rss
Appears David Icke is banned from Australia as of today. The "war on conspiracy theories" is heating up it appears. Australia suddenly revoked his visa and he cannot attend already booked conferences. Beginning of a trend? Editor’s Note: As the social media and big tech purge...
This is the kind of news that gets my blood boiling immediately. Man, I'm sick and tired of this blatant major censorship we are experiencing since the last 2 years. And I feel like it's only going to get worse from now on. They are pushing and going all in for the destruction of free speech. # these vicious blood-sucking individuals...
Secret Societies Feb 15 61 41 rss
I'm an astronomer or to be correct, an Archaeoastronomer, i study stuff like Maeshowe where some thought the day should start on previous sunset to Gregorian Calendar date, which wasn't even thought of then, so long ago, the Sun's rays illuminates the the entrance to the tomb on the the previous sunset,...
Surprise! After 1.7 million views of blogger Matt Wilson's video about a "Soft-Core Pedo Ring" operating and sharing videos on youtube, advertisers are pulling out. It seems that this issue has been widely known about for over a year but Youtube didn't address the issue (maybe they were to busy going after...
In this week's edition of the "The Left Eats Its Own" legend Martina Navratilova has been removed from the Advisory Board of the LGBTQ(RSP) group known as Athlete Ally, because she dared to disagree with the concept of Transgender Women...
Looks like some investigators found the real story about the famous Covington Catholic incident a while back. After a grueling investigation, they found the Kids did nothing to provoke anybody. MSM had a different "tone" didn't they. Greater Cincinnati Investigations issued a report...
I still can't believe people are falling for this agenda! In this months mag we have gays and drag queens reading gay books to little children and telling them that its great to be gay! Surely this shouldn't be allowed? who has allowed this to go on? To me...
The Gray Area Feb 13 63 15 rss
If I initiated contact with ETs via telepathy, and was OOB when visiting their ship, does my account of interaction with ETs go here or in the paranormal thread? I'd like to share some of my experiences of ETs. It's been all positive, though I did also let them have dna samples and even use it to produce hybrids. I haven't met my hybrid children much beyond a sort of fuzzy memory...
So Pelosi, in her typical fashion, throwing a hissy fit over the news that President Trump is going to declare a national emergency to address the Southern border. Is now threatening that a future leftist President might use a declared national emergency to confiscate fire arms. ...
ATS Skunk Works Feb 18 58 11 rss
So I forget where I heard this... oh, Owen Benjamin mentioned it on a short video I was watching with him discussing the NASA illusion. Now I'm no flat earther, I have looked at the planets and comets and other heavenly bodies through very power telescopes and it's obvious they are spherical. So to me that doesn't make any sense. However I did find this...
I have made a 2019 New Years resolution of sexual abstinence with no exceptions or excuses, I have found success so far, yet I have found the same elements of sabotage against myself when I was younger and oblivious to sexuality. I am convinced this is the very element...
. Organised conspiracy theorist networks have launched an all-out information war across Europe. At the heart of this is the QAnon movement. Here we go again. Look out everyone, someone somewhere might say something which challenges the mainstream narrative....
Dear friends, it´s time to come forward that I won´t be around in the future anymore. I´m feeling very weak since the last days, I know that my time is coming soon and according...
"Gender affirmation" is the currently recommended treatment course for kids presenting as gender dysphoric: In other words, play along... and give the kid puberty blockers...
This needed to be done. The media has to be held accountable for making bogus claims on people, which seem to...
Top of the morning, noon, or night fellow members, I wish there was a mystery forum because i had no idea where to place this. Many ATS veterans would...
Well, perhaps in the future, the media, politicians and a few celebrities will think twice before making false statements and sending out...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 3 42 55 rss
Say what? Well, that's what people call a 1977 Ford LTD police car from Minnesota. The patrol car 's hood, windshield, headlight, a red patrol light, as well as both radio antennas,...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 30 251 53 rss
Aliya Prokofeya is a "space visionary" and CEO of Galaktika. Pyramid UFOs above The Pentagon she might be talking about. Here...
ATS Skunk Works Feb 11 91 52 rss
I know there are many threads here about Trump being time traveller or John Titor or many stories about his uncle and so on... I stumble on net on this story and it seems weird considering recent warm visit Kanye West have in White...
So I came across this post on social media, not sure if anyone has ever posted this before, if so please delete (I tried searching but the search option on ATS...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 16 83 51 rss
Let us consider their story is 100% true. Let us consider that many of the stories about abductions are true. There certainly is a divide between those who believe...
br /> “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, 35, claims he was brutally beaten by 2 white Trump supporters in ski masks at 2 AM in Chicago. Smollett claims he was walking to Subway to get something to eat...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 12 97 47 rss
[PART ONE] NO, don't leave the thread yet! Yes, it's an unfortunate picture (as well as unfortunate...
New World Order Feb 6 101 46 rss
Howdy ATS... I've found that recently when I've sat down to make a thread I've done so following a truly interesting YouTube video that I've watched that met a couple of criteria with me. One, I found it to be truly intriguing... in serious question. A few things have been uncovered that would suggest that the mainstream media's story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg attending a concert on 2/4/19 is nothing but a lie. First, here's the MSM story: ...
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 Earlier this week, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker held a press conference...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 18 89 41 rss
I was going to wait until I felt more comfortable posting here, but for some reason, it's really...

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