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This is why I fear mRNA vaccines.

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posted on May, 4 2021 @ 12:51 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Some official on the Radio just said the Unvaccianted (Those that are against being experimented on) are just going to be rolling the dice as far as catching Covid goes ....

Propaganda and gaslighting from MSM as always. If they wouldn't have funneled everyone to the vaccines and suppressed the safe and effective alternative treatments from the beginning. This would have been over already.

posted on May, 4 2021 @ 08:09 PM

originally posted by: fotsyfots

originally posted by: chr0naut

originally posted by: KansasGirl

originally posted by: chr0naut
a reply to: Violater1

And the process of testing and approval of a vaccine means that we have a good idea of how the human immune system responds to the vaccine, before we even approve it for the general populace.

I don’t know the status of approval in your country, but here in the US, NONE of these are approved for the general populace. The FDA has exempted them from having to be approved. They have not been approved.

The FDA allowed them to fast track, but they were fully tested and are now approved for significant portions of the populace. As confidence grows, they will likely be approved for other portions of the populace, like infants, children and the elderly. At no stage was an untrialled vaccine bulk approved.

No they are an experimental injection granted EUA- Emergency UseAuthorization.
Their own documentation states they will remain so until end of 2023 so how can you say " they were fully tested and are now approved " ?
Please correct your harmful statement.?

An EUA still has to be approved for release.

To get an EUA approved, phases 1 and 2 of standard testing protocols have to be complete, and phase 3 has to be mostly complete. There are 4 phases in a non-emergency approval process.

They aren't untested. They have been through several stages of test and approval.

So far, 1.19 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide. That is more than would have been required under all testing phases of FDA procedures.

Additionally, in the USA alone, over 1/2 a million people died with COVID-19 as cause of death in less than a year. To allow that situation to continue when a mostly tested and effective medicine is available, is untenable.

Even if the vaccines have adverse reactions (they have had some), the numbers would only be the tiniest fraction of those who would die untreated. It's a no brainer.

And, in regard to 'harmful' comments, if you actually cared for people, rather than being pedantic, you would opt for the solution that minimizes deaths and suffering, rather than one which maximizes it.

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