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Widow says her former husband's paedophile rings goes to 'highest heights'

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posted on Jul, 23 2018 @ 10:57 PM
Consider Trump is said to have gone on Epstein's plane. Probably learned the truth if there's anything to it, and might be fighting it if the rumors are to be believed.

But the entirety of the mainstream media, it slanders, disparages Trump with all sorts of insults and made up claims about him. But AFAIK they've not gone on this angle, and pointed the lolita express, they've avoided touching that even with a ten foot pole.

How Did Trump and Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein Escape #MeToo?


How because trending is controlled and things that they don't want trending can't trend.

I've heard Coyotes have specific protected routes for border crossing, killing anyone taking other routes or these without paying. The word is they charge thousands of dollars for smuggling while raping like 80%.

Yet the news about detention centers said 90% of minors, nearly ten thousand were unaccompanied. Why were they unaccompanied? Who paid millions to smuggle them in? Why was the mainstream media so fervently pushing for letting them out into the streets or to be released with unvetted strangers?

Why have the democrats fought so hard for a virtually open border? It can't be for the long into the future possible voting advantage, they must have something much more immediate to gain from an unsecure border.

Soon after Giuffre went public, according to her 2015 affidavit, two FBI agents met her in Australia, where she was living at the time. “They seemed to be very professional and hard working. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, these people will do the right thing against the bad guys and protect me,’” Giuffre said. In a second affidavit filed months later, Giuffre said the agents “seemed like they were being blocked from doing what they wanted to do-dailybeast

Control the deepstate, and not only can you commit treason and spy on a presidential candidate and try to depose him after being elected, but you can also bar investigations. Some rings have operated for years and even decades, and only investigation could bring them down, as the members do not bend, disproving the idea that there can never be large groups of people committing heinous acts in secrecy and remain secret.
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