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Angel of Lightness predictions for 2018

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posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: Cobaltic1978

Hi, I appreciate your comment and I am very aware that many people on ATS waits the 5th of January at night and the 6th at morning to see my predictions of the Year.

I start to think on them by the Thanksgiving day, but in the case of the list of Strong earthquakes I posted here today I felt the need to inform on them since it is possible that a really important seismic event arrives to the Pacific coast of America in the very early days of 2019.

I have already created a separate thread talking about an incoming strong economic recession that will strike the economy of USA soon, it is possible that starts to mess the business activity in a very notorious way since this month of December 2018.

For some strange reason I also feel something else of seismic nature coming in the other side of North America or close to its east coast. The exact location is still not very clear on my perception, it looks like the shore of the sea but but for some reason the landscape, the architecture of the city close to which this will occur do not match with what I know on California.

I am trying to identify where are those avenues next to tall skyscrapers that I have perceived struck by extremely large waves in a kind of tsunami triggered by seaquake or a coast earthquake with high water around. I am feeling this will be a medium to high magnitude seismic motion so about between 5 to 6.

It looks strange but that appears to be something like in Mid Atlantic, possibly of continental USA or in a sort of highly urbanized large Island and the water would be still cold when the event strikes.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 06:11 PM
I see you picked up on the 1.4 off the coast of NY/NJ this EQ & tsunami will be devastating and effect a global population Probably within the year of 2019 , The west coast will experience theirs first though a cascading effect if you will. ive seen this far out here but again the timing is off as always.....

How do you intuit these events id like to see if if is at all similar to myself.

a reply to: The angel of light

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posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: TheJesuit


I'm Not quite sure they are the same event, they could be, but mid Atlantic ridge is very far from the shore line although may be a good source of energy for something like that.

There is No mambo jambo in what I perceive, No delirium of Greatness. I never have asked to have this ability, nor to have wished it, I just accept it as part of my spiritual life.

It is the clarity of contours and forms, the definition of images that appear on my mind when I am focused introspectively in contemplative trance, while the event is suddenly flashed what gives me the feeling of its timing.

Some of these insights come to me on day time when I am resting after the work hours ended or before to eat breakfast, with my eyes closed after have done my prayers, pray a rosary or do spiritual exercises.

In a vacation time when I take a day hours nap while camping or being lay down on the beach relaxing are occasions this may appear in a kind of day dreaming, but not always happen.

Occasionally with my eyes closed looklike dreaming but not really slept could be not just only images but also consistent phrases that appear on my mind telling to me the story of the event is revealed to me.

Sometimes I am lucky and it is in a night dream on very deep sleep, if it is in that way it comes to me normally my subconscious look if it is possible to ask somebody in the scene when or where is that going to happen.

Eventually what is showed to me visually or in a written way may come with additional sensations of temperature or smell.

The only celestial being I feel or perceive in subtle way is close to me is my Guardian Angel, but I am devote of St Michael Archangel to whise protection I commend myself. I don't hear strange voices at all whispering to me. In my dreams only exist what is called the inner chat by psychologists.

I am named Angel just since the flashes I receive according with the system of beliefs i was raised are messages that only the Holy Ghost could know in advance and communicate.

I have Byzantine ancestry and in Greek language Angel means a messenger. Besides that the gospel of St john in which i was educated to study says clearly that JesusChrist is the Light that has shaped the Universe. That's how my nickname was minded.

I think this process of intuition about future is very look like when an author, an inventor or a composer receives what is called in creative arts or in science research a flash of inspiration.

Some experts in esp and mysticism that have known me say this is precognition through deep meditative or contemplative state.

Everybody around me in my daily life says I'm a very tranquil individual, even when I was a child they commented that.

The Angel of Lightness
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