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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. You far right wingers are just as bad the far left 329
  2. Man roundhouse-kicks pro-life woman 316
  3. Facebook And Twitter Ban Popular Independent Media Sites In Coordinated Purge 290
  4. Ford friend Monica L McLean....HOLY WHAT???? 289
  5. My America or No America 280
  6. My Boss Is Harassing Me At Work Because of Trump 263
  7. Trump goes all in...Destroys Blasey Ford to Cheering Crowd 254
  8. Do you really want the United States to be ruled by Conservative Trump style Republicans ? 241
  9. This weekend, we face the most serious threat to the world that we have ever seen 238
  10. Twitter #Shadowban Anyone else have this happen? 230

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Ask Me Anything about Skinwalker Ranch with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell 204
  2. National Solar Observatory, USPS office in Sunspot, NM evacuated for 'safety reasons' 193
  3. TheRedneck needs some love... 123
  4. TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -12- 118
  5. George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell Ask Me Anything thread live Saturday 22 September, 2018 115
  6. The Hunt For Skinwalker - Twin Towers Footage Analysis. 100
  7. BREAKING: President Trump to Declassify Carter Page FISA Docs TODAY 100
  8. Ford friend Monica L McLean....HOLY WHAT???? 98
  9. Weatherman dramatically braces for Hurricane Florence while 2 guys casually stroll by 96
  10. No man should ever vote for Democrats again! 91
  11. Hayabusa 2 Rovers Send New Images from Asteroid Ryugu Surface...AMAZING!! 87
  12. My Boss Is Harassing Me At Work Because of Trump 87
  13. Investigating the Invisible Color that Ancient People Couldn’t See 85
  14. Invoking the 25th. Idiots.. 83
  15. Has Hillary gone completely insane 83
  16. What the Ancients knew... 83
  17. What I have learned from Men 81
  18. 6 More Solar Observatories closed/Ufo sighting 79
  19. Ford - Kavanaugh Hearings 9-27-18 79
  20. Looks Like the Christine Ford Letter is a Big Fraud 78

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