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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. BREAKING: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, multiple aides shot at Congressional baseball practice 1913
  2. Live: Jeff Sessions Testimony on Russia & President Trump Before Senate 6/13/17 2:30pm est. 472
  3. Breaking: US Navy destroyer takes on water after collision off Japanese coast 435
  4. Tower block on fire in London 429
  5. D.C. and Maryland to sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath 425
  6. Van Slams Into Pedestrians Near London Mosque Leaving "Number Of Casualties", Driver Arrested 393
  7. North Korean torture victim, Otto Warmbier dies. 362
  8. This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing 349
  9. Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE — 298
  10. Dear Leader Holds Court so Minions Can Kiss His Ring Publically 286

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Jim Marrs needs our positive thoughts right now 261
  2. A Complete List of All 149 MKULTRA Subprojects 152
  3. Loud Bangs heard in Manchester UK 130
  4. New Study - Transgender myth exposed - a mental disorder. 120
  5. victoryofthelight Twitter feed ... WTF 119
  6. New images shows something unimaginable HUGE is buried beneath ancient Baalbek 119
  7. Reports of Possible Terror Attacks in London 114
  8. The Trump Russia story is NONSENSE the real story is the corrupt Clinton Foundation 112
  9. BREAKING: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, multiple aides shot at Congressional baseball practice 112
  10. **BOMBSHELL ALLEGATION** Comey buried 47 hard drives with proof of Obama spying on US citizens. 108
  11. I'm Beginning to Fear that the Left is Going to Snap 107
  12. PAY DIRT!! The Real Reason President Trump Fired Comey, and A lot of People Are Gonna Love It! 103
  13. Lets go through Comeys testimoney in detail 92
  14. New Predator Species Caught on Camera 91
  15. Clinton body count redux in one "info-graphic". 90
  16. Harvard Study Reveals HUGE Extent of Anti-Trump Media Bias 89
  17. The first world war 7000 years ago? 89
  18. Donald Trump, More Powerful Than You Think! 89
  19. DEAR CNN: Circulation Of FALSE Information To SABOTAGE A Presidency Is A FELONY 88
  20. Yellowstone Quake Swarm Ongoing- Produces M4.5 Quake 88

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