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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. A.G. BARR Testifies Live Before Jerry Nadler's House Judiciary Committee on 7-28-2020. 367
  2. America's Frontline Doctors Capitol Hill Conference 291
  3. Beirut hit by massive explosion wounding several and damaging buildings 278
  4. The U.F.O. skeptics are in denial 273
  5. Dr. Anthony Fauci Must Be Fired (2005 Chloroquine Study) ....updated 209
  6. Mysterious seeds sent from China to Utah 190
  7. Docs Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell 187
  8. YES! Republican resolution to ban political parties who supported slavery, et al 163
  9. Trump Wins 2020 by a Landslide, not even Close... 156
  10. Hey Suburban Voters, Joe Biden's Housing Policies Will Ruin Your Communities 151

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -28- 127
  2. The IDs of the Parties involved in the 2007 Nimitz UFO Video Leak are Known!!! 124
  3. Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested 97
  4. I've solved the Seth Rich / DNC Email Leak case.. and I can prove it. 92
  5. Silent No Longer 89
  6. Trump orders that illegal aliens NOT BE COUNTED in allocating House seats under 2020 census 80
  7. ATS Memory Lane... Do you remember? 79
  8. They Are Coming After Tucker Carlson's Family Again 78
  9. Update - OBAMA and BIDEN Targeted Donald Trump and Michael Flynn for Framing-Entrapment. 75
  10. URGENT ATTENTION The Time is Now to Save ATS! 73
  11. America's Frontline Doctors Capitol Hill Conference 71
  12. A frozen alien found in Antarctica? 69
  13. Bernell Trammell: Black Trump Supporter Shot to Death in Milwaukee 66
  14. BOOM Biden Suggested Using Logan Act Against Flynn 65
  15. New Jersey Voter Fraud Incident Reveals Democrat Plan for November 65
  16. YES! Republican resolution to ban political parties who supported slavery, et al 65
  17. Seattle Police union leader sounds the alarm - They are coming through the door 63
  18. Dr. Anthony Fauci Must Be Fired (2005 Chloroquine Study) ....updated 63
  19. Seattle is getting sued for allowing CHAZ/CHOP 62
  20. AOC demanding that Goya foods must be Boycotted because the CEO made pro-Trump Speech. 62

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